A Very Joyous Christmas to you all! May you find peace and fulfilment in 2001.


I am indebted to one regular subscriber (who may wish to remain private) for sending the following extremely helpful background information, which should clarify much for us all:

In Lois Rodden's data base on Bill Clinton, a 3:44 a.m. birth time was prevalent until late fall 1992, when Clinton's mother, Virginia Clinton Kelley, and others started speaking of 8:51 a.m. CST. Mrs. Kelley gave this time personally over the phone to astrologer Rob Hand, and sent a handwritten note to Lois Rodden verifying this data. A photo of Bill Clinton's birth certificate, showing a 3:44 a.m. birth time, was seen by a number of people, including astrologers.  It was contained in a Bill Clinton biography in the Arkansas State Library. Unfortunately, no one made note of the title, and by the fall of 1992, when hundreds of astrologers called to verify the data, such a book was not to be found.  It is interesting to note that the 3:44 a.m. time was being reported right through the spring of 1992, when it was not yet clear the Clinton candidacy was strong enough to beat the incumbent, President Bush.  (Clinton declared his presidential candidacy October 3, 1991.)  Could it be that the Clinton camp got wind of the astrological interest and fabricated a time that appeared better than the original? Some politicians are known to alter their birth times, especially when they know public prestige, status and electability can hang on them.  In India, where astropolitical forecasts are commonplace, politicians are known to be secretive about correct birth times.  In the U. S., President Ronald Reagan, for one, a longtime user of astrology, was famous for throwing off astrologers on this point. The October, 1995, issue of the magazine ‘Mercury Hour' printed a letter astrologer Rowena Wall (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , http://www.starflash.com/starstuff) wrote in June, 1995, excerpts of which I quote here with her express permission. The beginning of the letter: "Edith, (Edith Custer, the editor of ‘Mercury Hour')  I've been meaning to write for a couple of years now about Clinton's birth time. Ann Requa's letter (85/X/4) has finally prompted me to get with it. In January, 1992, when Clinton started his campaign, I asked my mother, who lives in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, to see if she could get his birth data.  She is, by the way, a double Virgo, and a retired accountant, and never forgets numbers or birth dates. A few days later she called me with this information: Born August 19, 1946, 3:44 A.M. CST, Hope, Arkansas.  I asked her how she got this so quickly and she said she had gotten her friend at the library to find it for her.  There was a book there with his Birth Certificate in it, and the time was on it.  This was apparently one of the official type biographies written about the Governor (of 12 years) of Arkansas.  I quizzed her several times about the time, and she had absolutely NO doubt she had written it correctly.  (If you knew my mother you would realize she just doesn't make errors in this type of thing.)  I subsequently gave this information to several sources, including WTPE (Welcome to Planet Earth) Magazine.  While this was going on, Clinton received the nomination and and was running hard.  It was at about this time that the 8:51 time started being used.  When Clinton got the nomination, I asked mother to go back to the library and get a copy of the birth certificate from the book.  When she got there, the friend at the library said they didn't have that book anymore.  Subsequent visits and calls were met with disclaimers of ever even HAVING the book by the supervisor of the area.  It is unfortunate that mother didn't get the exact title; all she knew is that it was a book about Clinton's life.  (Most states have such books about their governors, especially those who have served such long terms.) By this time, I had discussed this situation with a number of astrologers, and of course we all wanted the birth certificate.  I've been told HUNDREDS of astrologers have called the library in Pine Bluff along with the library in Little Rock trying to get a copy of the book that mysteriously vanished.  The Arkansans were mystified as to why these people would even want such information! Lois Rodden was given the 8:51 time at some point and this has been the time that has been used officially. Now comes Ann Requa with a statement that more closely matches the 3:44 A.M. time.  I would hypothesize that that the doctor was finished a bit after dawn, but the actual birth would be 3:44 A.M. Of course, even the 3:44 time could be off a few minutes. Now I realize that the "evidence" is gone, and of course this time would come into question.  But throughout the years, many leaders have lied or misled about their birth data, including Ronald Reagan who was most secretive about his.  Apparently leaders believe that if their enemies should have the correct time that they could use it against them.  Therefore, they don't make it available. If you will work with this chart, I think you will be surprised at how well it fits him; progressions to it also fit his life very accurately.  I know several groups that are using this and they find it to be most accurate.  I hope that you will at least give it a try.": the end of the letter. My thanks go not only to Edith Hathaway and Rowena Wall, but also to my friend astrologer Mikki Sligh for her logistical work on my little project here. To my mind it is too conspiracytheoretical to think that the Clinton team would have *already* doctored the birth time in the governor's biography, and many of us have already read on this group more than once that Bill's mother first gave 6:30 AM, second 7:30 AM (a time which allegedly Bill at least once also gave publicly), and third 8:51 AM certainly not *all* from birth certificate nor from clear memory! We could argue endlessly over which one of these times better fits Bill Clinton's true astrological circumstances. Stick with 8:51 AM if you wish, but I, for one, have not done so! Happy astrologizing, all! Yours in the Cause of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, Ben Mabry.


Here follows, with compliments and seasonal greetings from David Fisher, the first volume of his database index.

The complete index of thousands of timed charts  many unobtainable elsewhere  runs to nine volumes, and David has given me permission to publish the complete set in instalments with Small World over the coming months.

Each entry is accompanied by an index  number; all you have to do is select the charts you want. send the names and numbers to David with the appropriate remuneration and  if in the UK  a DLsize SAE.

David Fisher's address is: 2, Hudson Avenue, Notton, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF4 2NY, UK.

Should you prefer to phone, his number is: 01226726429 (+44 1226726429 from overseas.)




Jean-francois Champollion                                              0475

Bertrand Russell                                                                0200

A J P Taylor                                                                        0004



Eddie Albert                                                                        0554

Alan Alda                                                                             0073

Julie Andrews                                                      0321                                         

Lucille Ball                                                                         0282

Roseanne Barr                                                                    0249

Warren Beatty                                                                    0355

Richard Benjamin                                                              0434

Ingrid Bergman                                                                  0047

Bill Bixby                                                                            0493

Linda Blair                                                                          0494

Dirk Bogarde                                                                      0285

Kenneth Branagh                                                               0106

Jeff Bridges                                                                         0384

Charles Bronson                                                                0076

Ruth Buzzi                                                                          0455

Michael Caine                                                                    0288

Richard Chamberlain                                                        0385

Ruth Chatterton                                                                 0542

John Cleese                                                                        0324

Joan Collins                                                                        0013

Sean Connery                                                                     0014

Billy Connolly                                                                    0325

Jackie Coogan                                                                    0583

Bill Cosby                                                                            0290

Kenneth Cranham                                                             0326

Annette Crosbie                                                                 0217

Andrew Cruickshank                                                         0292

Jamie Lee Curtis                                                                0218

Bette Davis                                                                          0111

Geena Davis                                                                        0417

Robert De Niro                                                                   0386

Marlene Dietrich                                                               0255

Kirk Douglas                                                                      0256

Michael Douglas                                                                0017

Sandy Duncan                                                                    0496

Clint Eastwood                                                                    0087

Peter Finch                                                                          0295

Nina Foch                                                                            0420

Jane Fonda                                                                0222

Harrison Ford                                                           0188

Jodie Foster                                                               0189

Michael J Fox                                                            0159

John Clark Gab1e                                                     0423

Greta Garbo                                                      0358

Ava Gardner                                                     0547

Jill Gascoigne                                                  0161

Susan George                                                   0589

Whoopi Goldberg                                             0388

Katherine Hepburn                                         0390

Charlton Heston                                              0092

Dustin Hoffman                                                0334

Rock Hudson                                                    0228

John Hurt                                                          0028

Jeremy Irons                                                    0229

Glenda Jackson                                               0141

David Jason                                                       0118

Griff Rhys Jones                                             0163

Louis Jouvet                                                     0549

Diane Keaton                                                    0335

Kris Kristofferson                                          0441

Alana Ladd                                                        0521

Michael Landon                                               0059

Bonnie Langford                                              0303

Angela Lansbury                                             0230

Shelley Long                                                    0267

Mark McManus                                               0568

Steve McQueen                                                0032

Jillie Mack                                                       0597

Karl Malden                                                      0569

Chico Marx                                                       0570

Harpo Marx                                                       0481

Bette Midler                                                     0305

Marilyn Monroe                                               0097

Dudley Moore                                                   0234

Franco Nero                                                      0463

Paul Newman                                                    0343

Jack Nicholson                                                0235

Merle Oberon                                                   0399

Donald O'Connor                                            0535

Laurence Olivier                                             0002

Ryan O’Neal                                                     0400

Tatum O’Neal                                                  O345

Michael Palin                                                                    0099

Sidney Poitier                                                                   0484

Su Pollard                                                                          0100

Yvonne Printemps                                                            0500

Vanessa Redgrave                                                            0065

Christopher Reeve                                                           0369

Steve Reeves                                                                      0407

William Roache                                                                0036

Mickey Rooney                                                                 0448

Susan Sarandon                                                                0371

Arnold Schwarzenegger                                                 0275

Tom Selleck                                                                      0309

William Shatner                                                               0574

Martin Shaw                                                                      0409

Martin Sheen                                                                    0350

Brooke Shields                                                                 0312

Alistair Sim                                                                       0372

Sissy Spacek                                                                     0352

Robert Stack                                                                     0375

Meryl Streep                                                                     0003

Patrick Swayze                                                                 0204

Shirley Temple                                                                 0005

Sybil Thorndike                                                                0468

Rudolph Valentino                                                            0377

Lindsay Joan Wagner                                                     0431

Julie Walters                                                                    0241

Dennis Weaver                                                                 0378

Raquel Welch                                                                    0379

Orson Welles                                                                    0243

Kenneth Williams                                                            0246

Robin Williams                                                                 0247

Nicol Williamson                                                             0179

Nancy Wilson                                                                    0491

Donald Wolfit                                                                    0410

Natalie Wood                                                                     0318

Joanne Woodward                                                            0380



Derek Appleby                                                                  0381

Luke Broughton                                                               0414

Donna Cunningham                                                         0254

Geoffrey Dean                                                                   0328

Zipporah Dobyns                                                               0586

Roger Elliot                                                                       0330

Rose Elliot                                                                          0516

Cyril Fagan                                                                        0439

Michel Gauquelin                                                             0156

Russell Grant                                                                    0138

Charles Harvey                                                0299

Suzi Harvey                                                       0300

Margaret Millard                                             0342

Marcia Moore                                                   0445

Lois M. Rodden                                                 0237

Alexander Ruperti                                           0502

Sepharial                                                           0408



Russel Louis Schweickart                             0537

John Watts Young                                           0540



Helene Boucher                                               0511

Richard Evelyn Byrd                                       0527

Amelia Earhart                                                 0457

Georges Guynemer                                         0548

Charles Lindbergh                                          0364

Umberto Nobile                                                 0398



Howard Hughes                                                0027

Ferdinand De Lesseps                                     0264

Peter Stringfellow                                           0178



Adolphe Charles Adam                                   0453

Luciano Berio                                                   0473

Luigi Boccherini                                             0412

Anton Bruckner                                              0079

Emmanuel Chabrier                                        0185

Eric Coates                                                        0053

Noel Coward                                                      0291

Claude Debussy                                                0356

Clement Philibert Delibes                             0561

Henri Duparc                                                    0419

Manuel De Falla                                               0477

Eric Fenby                                                         0562

Mauricio Kagel                                                0550

Henry Mancini                                                 0395

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart                           0062

Gustave Nadaud                                                0483

Giacomo Puccini                                              0197

Maurice Ravel                                                  0125

Richard Rodgers                                              0370

Camille Saint-Saens                                                        0348

Erik Satie                                                                           0201

Franz Peter Schubert                                                      0102

Stephen Sondheim                                                            0576

Robert Stolz                                                                       0538

Arthur Sullivan                                                                0353

Richard Wagner                                                               0316

Charles-Marie Widor                                                      0579



Fred Astaire                                                                      0322

Gower Champion                                                              0436

Bob Fosse                                                                           0517

Nadia Potts                                                                         0403



Bill Gibb                                                                             0565

Christian Dior                                                                  0418

Hubert De Givenchy                                                         0497



Woody Allen                                                                      0045

Frank Capra                                                                      0289

Jacques Yves Cousteau                                                   0186

Walt Disney                                                                       0085

Samuel David Peckinpah                                                0573

Ken Russell                                                                       0101

Steven Spielberg                                                               0176



John Logie Baird                                                              0248

Alexander Graham Bell                                                  0105

Guglielmo Marconi                                                          0396



William Bligh                                                                   0128

Dwight David Eisenhower                                               0158

Douglas Haig                                                                     0262

Bernard Law Montgomery                                              0169

George S. Patton                                                               0122

Frederick Von Paulus                                                     0446

Erwin Rommel                                                                   0273

Norman H. Schwarzkopf                                                 0202



13th Duke of Bedford                                                      0556

Alphonse Bertillon                                                           0557
(Pioneer of Anthropometry)

Eva Braun                                                                           0323
(Adolf Hitler's Mistress)

Louise Brown                                                                     0010
(First Test-tube Baby)

Isobel Burton                                                                   0415
(Wife of Arabian Explorer)

Stefano Casiraghi                                                           0131
(Husband of Monaco Princess)

Cheryl Crane                                                                    0514
(Murder Suspect)

Quentin Crisp                                                                 0585
(Homosexual, Cult Figure)

Henri Dunant                                                                 0134
(International Red Cross Founder)

Zelda Fitzgerald                                                          0458
(Wife of F Scott Fitzgerald)

John Charles Fremont                                                  0422
(Explorer and Mapmaker)

Patty Hearst                                                                 0023
(Heiress and Former Terrorist)

 Albert Hofmann                                                          0116
(Discovered LSD)

Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson                                     0480
(Wife of US President)

John F Kennedy, Jr                                                      0596
(Son of US President)

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross                                                 0393
(Physician and Consultant)

Charles Lindbergh, Jr                                                   0442
(Kidnapped Son of Aviator)

Jo Logan                                                                    0266
(Editor of Prediction Magazine)

Donald MacLean                                                             0340
(Diplomat, Soviet Spy)

John McLean                                                     0461
(Revolutionary and Educator)

Christina Onassis                                           0344

Emmeline Pankhurst                                      0346
(Campaigner for Female Suffrage)

Erin Pizzey                                                        0402
(Founder of Battered Wives' Homes)

Raine Spencer                                                   0374
(Stepmother of Princess Diana)

Marie Stopes                                                     0279
(Birth Control Pioneer)

Doris Stokes                                                     0313
(Medium and Spiritualist)

Gloria Vanderbilt                                             0489

Marjie Wallace                                                 0578
(Former Miss World)

Simon Wiesenthal                                       0208
(Nazi Hunter)



Ian Brady                                                                                   0213

Theodore Bundy                                                                       0286

Dean Arnold Corll                                                                   0543

Jeffrey Dahmer                                                                        0544

John Dillinger                                                                         0437

Prospero Gallinari                                                                  0021

Jennifer Lorraine Gibbons                                                    0224

June Alison Gibbons                                                               0225

Fritz Haarman                                                                          0532

Bruno Richard Hauptmann                                                   0389

Myra Hindley                                                                            0362

Reginald Kray                                                                          0029

Ronald Kray                                                                              0030

Henri Desire Landru                                                              0165

Charles "Lucky" Luciano                                                     0551

Jeffrey Macdonald                                                                   0365

Charles Manson                                                                      0341

Dennis Andrew Nilsen                                                           0001

Lee Harvey Oswald                                                                  0171

Peter William Sutcliffe                                                          0103



Leon "Bix" Beiderbecke                                                       0154

Adrian Boult                                                                             0284

Ian Carr                                                                                     0512

Pablo Casals                                                                             0214

John William Coltrane                                                          0456

Jacqueline Du Pre                                                                   0054

Oscar Levant                                                                            0394

Liberace                                                                                    0265

Charles Mingus                                                                       0572

Mason Williams                                                                      0452



Wilhelm Canaris                                                                     0011

Hans Frank                                                                               0518

Paul Joseph Goebbels                                                             0057

Hermann Goering                                                                   0137

Heinrich Himmler                                                                   0115

Adolf Hitler                                                                               0026

Joachim Von Ribbentrop                                                        0066

Ernst Roehm                                                                             0037

Albert Speer                                                                             0203

Joseph Terboven                                                                      0506



Mary Stevenson Cassatt                                  0435

Paul Cezanne                                                    0156

Salvador Dali                                                     0157

Edgar Degas                                                      0219

Maurits C. Escher                                            0221

Paul Gauguin                                                    0135

Eric Gill                                                              0297

Vincent Van Gogh                                            0298

Duncan Grant                                                    0424

Augustus John                                                  0094

Leonardo Da Vinci                                           0193

Hew Lorimer                                                     0443

Edouard Manet                                                  0269

Henri Matisse                                                   0060

Jean-Louis Meissonier                                   0571

Joan Miro                                                           0426

Yoko Ono                                                           0367

Enrico Prampolini                                            0404

Mel Ramos                                                         0447

Odilon Redon                                                     0405

Pierre Renoir                                                    0501

Georges Pierre Seurat                                    0067

Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec                           0205

Suzanne Valadon                                              0450

Andy Warhol                                                     0242

Harry Woolford                                                0507



Immanuel Kant                                                  0566

Jean-Paul Sartre                                              0349

Hippolyte Taine                                                 0504




Paddy Ashdown                                                 0074

George Brown                                                   0078

Winston Churchill                                           0051

Edwina Currie                                                   0293

Nicholas Fairbairn                                           0546

William Gallagher                                           0588

Douglas Hurd                                                    0263

Neil Kinnock                                                     0058

Norman Lamont                                                0337

Nigel Lawson                                                     0338

James Ramsay Macdonald                              0339

John Major                                                        0268

James Maxton                                                   0445

Thomas More                                              0170

Enoch Powell                                               0196

F E Smith                                                                            0175

John Smith                                                                        0277

David Steel                                                                         0069

Norman Tebbit                                                                  0376

Shirley Williams                                                              0042

Arthur Woodburn                                                            0539



Brian Mulroney                                                                0428



Jacques Delors                                                                 0476

Glenys Kinnock                                                                0142



Georges Clemenceau                                                       0052

Edith Cresson                                                                    0327

Charles De Gaulle                                                            0296

Francois Mitterand                                                          0033



Conrad Adenauer                                                             0210

Helmut Kohl                                                                      0096

Helmut Schmidt                                                                0467



Francesco Cossiga                                                           0584

Aldo Moro                                                                          0462

Benito Mussolini                                                              0063

Sandro Pertini                                                                  0600


New Zealand

Robert Muldoon                                                                0599



Lech Walesa                                                                      0041


United Nations

U Thant                                                                               0487



Cecil D. Andrus                                                                0524

Calvin Coolidge                                                                 0109

John Ehrlichman                                                              0421

Geraldine Ferraro                                                            0587

Gerald Ford                                                                        0223

Shirley Ann Hufstedler                                                   0459

Edward Kennedy                                                                0336

John Fitzgerald Kennedy                                                0095

Robert Kennedy                                                                0191

George Moscone                                                               0553

Richard Millhouse Nixon                                                0098

Dan Quayle                                                                        0124

Franklin Delano Roosevelt                                             0274

Theodore Roosevelt                                                          0308



Samuel Rutherford Crockett                        0529

Albert Schweitzer                                           0276




Empress Elizabeth                                           0545



Princess Alexandra                                        0580

Princess Anne                                                 0181

Sarah Armstrong-Jones                                0281

Princess Beatrice                                           0104

Prince Charles                                                0012

Princess Diana                                                0084

King Edward VII                                               0112

Prince Edward                                                  0294

Queen Elizabeth II                                           0019

Princess Eugenie                                            0331

King George III                                                0564

King George VI                                                0162

Prince Harry                                                    0190

King Henry VIII                                               0091

Princess Margaret                                          0233

Edwina Mountbatten                                        0366

Louis Mountbatten                                          0061

Zara Phillips                                                    0347

Queen Victoria                                                0280

Prince William                                                0007

Duke of Windsor                                             0044

Andrew, Duke of York                                    0008

Sarah, Duchess of York                                 0151



King Louis XIV                                                0120

King Louis XVI                                                0031



Kaiser Wilhelm II                                           0245



Emperor Akihito                                              0471



Prince Albert                                                   0319

Princess Caroline                                           0184

Princess Grace                                                0360

Princess Stephanie                                         0278



Tsar Ivan IV ('The Terrible')                                                0533



Jean-Martin Charcot                                                              0250

Albert Einstein                                                                         0187

Alexander Fleming                                                                  0113

Sigmund Freud                                                                        0114

John Scott Haldane                                                                 0090

Richard Krafft-Ebing                                                              0164

Hans Adolf Krebs                                                                    0534

Joshua Lederberg                                                                   0522

Peter Mitchell                                                                          0482

Louis Pasteur                                                                           0034

Alan Mathison Turing                                                            0240

Johannes Van Der Waals                                                      0469

Cedric William Arnold Wilson                                            0470




Tito Gobbi                                                                                  0478

Luciano Pavarotti                                                                    0123



Charles Aznavour                                                                   0433

Gilbert Becaud                                                                         0472

Cilla Black                                                                               0283

Marc Bolan                                                                               0048

Elkie Brooks                                                                            0049

David Byrne (Talking Heads)                                                0183

Glen Campbell                                                                          0559

Karen Carpenter                                                                     0080

Cher                                                                                           0215

Rosemary Clooney                                                                  0513

Nat "King" Cole                                                                      0216

Ray Davies (The Kinks)                                                         0515

Neil Diamond                                                                            0016

Lonnie Donegan                                                                       0086

Bob Dylan                                                                                  0055

Judy Garland                                                                            0160

Don Estelle                                                                                0438

Sheena Easton                                                                           0056

Bob Geldof                                                                                  0088

Andy Gibb     }                                                                          0359

Barry Gibb     }                                                                         0259

Maurice Gibb} the Bee-Gees                                                  0260

Robin Gibb   }                                                                          0261

Jimi Hendrix                                                                             0024

Roger Hodgson (Supertramp)                                                0520

Buddy Holly                                                                               0117

Whitney Houston                                                                      0140

Julio Iglesias                                                                             0460

Janis Joplin                                                                               0363

John Lennon                                                                              0119

Ju1ian Lennon                                                                          0143

Annie Lennox                                                                            0192

Kenneth McKellar                                           0523

Madonna                                                            0194

Liza Minnelli                                                    0195

Jim Morrison                                                   0121

"Boy" George O'Dowd                                   0383

Roy Orbison                                                      0271

Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)                           0464

Edith Piaf                                                           0172

Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)                           0465

Elvis Presley                                                     0064

Helen Reddy                                                      0536

Jerry Reed                                                        0406

Del Shannon                                                     0038

Nina Simone                                                     0575

Frank Sinatra                                                   0126

Bruce Springsteen                                          0239

Jake Thackray                                                 0354

Roger Whittaker                                             0006

Hank Williams                                                 0209

Lena Zavaroni                                                   0071




Ian McCafferty                                                 0552

John Pennel                                                      0499

Bob Richards                                                    0485

Dave Sime                                                          0503

Cornelius A. Warmerdam                             0432



Muhammad Ali                                                 0152

Primo Carnera                                                 0528

Marvin Hagler                                                  0519



Gary Kasparov                                                  0392



Geoffrey Boycott                                              0212



Tommy Armour                                                0525

Bill Casper                                                        0560

Nick Faldo                                                         0332

Jack Nicklaus                                                  0397


Horse Racing

Eddie Arcaro                                                     0411

Bob Champion                                                  0108

Pat Eddery                                                         0220


Ice Skating

Dorothy Hamlll                                                 0591


Motor Racing

Bobby Unser                                                      0488



Stephen Hendry                                                                 0139



Matt Busby                                                                         0050

Pat Crerand                                                                       0416

Kenny Dalglish                                                                 0110

Asa Hartford                                                                      0479

Pele                                                                                      0368

Paolo Rossi                                                                        0449

Bill Shankly                                                                      0310

Graham Souness                                                               0373

Gordon Strachan                                                               0177



Boris Becker                                                                     0382

Bjorn Borg                                                                         0129

Althea Gibson                                                                    0531

Steffi Graf                                                                          0226

Suzanne Lenglen                                                              0567

John McEnroe                                                                   0232

Lea Pericoli                                                                       0401



Eamonn Andrews                                                              0320

Isobel Barnett                                                                    0075

Stanley Baxter                                                                   0555

Rory Bremner                                                                   0107

Marti Caine                                                                        0287

Roy Castle                                                                          0081

Ronnie Corbett                                                                  0082

Barry Cryer                                                                       0253

Jim Davidson                                                                     0133

Kenny Everett                                                                    0020

David Frost                                                                         0357

Dustin Gee                                                                         0563

Benny Hill                                                                          0025

Fred Housego                                                                     0227

Ludovic Kennedy                                                               0302

Ian McCaskill                                                                    0231

Norris McWhirter                                                           0167

Ross McWhirter                                                               0168

Spike Milligan                                                                  0270

Bob Monkhouse                                                                0306

Miriam Stoppard                                                               0149

Ian Tough         }                                                                0314

Janette Tough  }   the Krankies                                        0315

Tracy Ullman                                                                     0206

Alan Whicker                                                                   0070



Jean Anouilh                                                                     0508

Guillaume Apollinaire                                                     0581

Jeffrey Archer                                                 0182

William Archer                                               0454

Jane Austen                                                      0153

Richard David Bach                                         0509

Charles Baudelaire                                         0127

Arnold Bennett                                                 0046

Georges Bernanos                                           0492

John Berryman                                                0526

James Blish                                                      0510

Karen Blixen                                                    0211

Robert Elwood Bly                                            0474

Irma Bombeck                                                  0558

Pierre Boulle                                                    0495

Andre Breton                                                    0413

James Bridie                                                    0009

Rupert Brooke                                                 0077

Elizabeth Barrett Browning                          0130

John Buchan                                                     0582

William F Buckley                                          0541

Barbara Cartland                                             0155

Agatha Christie                                               0251

Jean Cocteau                                                    0132

Arthur Conan Doyle                                        0252

Jilly Cooper                                                      0015

Nigel Dempster                                                0083

Alexandre Dumas                                            0329

Dorothy Dunnett                                              0530

Thomas Stearns Eliot                                      0018

F. Scott Fitzgerald                                           0333

John Galsworthy                                              0387

Robert Graves                                                   0022

Graham Greene                                                0089

H. Rider Haggard                                             0440

Lionel Ramsey Hale                                        0590

Thomas Hardy                                                  0361

Victor Hugo                                                      0093

Christopher Isherwood                                   0593

Juan Ramon Jimenez                                      0594

Samuel Johnson                                               0301

Georg Kaiser                                                    0595

David Herbert Lawrence                                 0166

Hugh McDiarmid                                             0144

Hugh MacLennan                                            0425

Richard B. Matheson                                      0498

Guy De Maupassant                                         0304

Francois Mauriac                                            0145

Andre Maurois                                                 0598

Henry Millon De Montherlant                       0427

Vance Packard                                                 0429

Dorothy Parker                                                0272

Sylvia Plath                                                       0035

J. B. Priestley                                                                   0146

Marcel Proust                                                                  0147

Erich Maria Remarque                                                   0430

Ruth Rendell                                                                     0198

Arthur Rimbaud                                                               0199

Andre Roussin                                                                 0486

Victoria Sackville-West                                                 0148

Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve                                   0466

Anthony Shaffer                                                               0173

Peter Shaffer                                                                    0174

George Bernard Shaw                                                    0311

Mary Shelley                                                                    0039

Percy Bysshe Shelley                                                     0068

William L. Shirer                                           0040

Edith Sitwell                                                     0351

Josephine Tey                                                  0505

Leslie Thomas                                                  0577

Jules Verne                                                      0150

Alan Villiers                                                    0451

Joseph Wambaugh                                          0490

Herbert George Wells                                    0207

Oscar Wilde                                                     0244

Tennessee Williams                                       0317

Colin Wilson                                                    0043

William Butler Yeats                                     0180

Emile Zola                                                         0072


End of Volume 1.