Yet again, greetings to you all, my friends, for the New Year and the mathematically rather than politically correct New Millennium!

This will be the second issue to carry an instalment of the Fisher Database Index. As it is quite extensive, this time I haven't put it in the body of the bulletin, but attached it as a Rich Text Format (.RTF) file, which is universally accessible and both quick and safe to open!

The complete index of thousands of timed charts  many unobtainable elsewhere  runs to nine volumes, and David has given me permission to publish the complete set in instalments with Small World over the coming months.

* Each entry is accompanied by an index  number; all you have to do is select the charts you want. send the names and numbers to David with the appropriate remuneration and  if in the UK  a DL or A4 sized Stamped Addressed Envelope.

* David is asking for 50 pence each for the first two items, then 30 pence each for the next five, and 20 pence each for any further items, rising to a maximum of twelve requested at any one time  a maximum total payment of £3.50.

* For this you will receive date, time and place of birth with timezone and coordinates, death date if applicable, positions of Lights and Angles, and the source of the data.

* David Fisher's address is: 2, Hudson Avenue, Notton, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF4 2NY, UK.

Should you prefer to phone, his number is: 01226726429 (+44 1226726429 from overseas.)

There is much fun to be had, scanning in the celebrity names with an occasionally wayward OCR engine; so creative are some of its offerings that I would swear it's a budding HAL. You may enjoy these:

Epic Idle, Cordon Jackson (especially Downstairs?), Nato Hari ... Cites C. Healey (the plot thickens!) Thelonius Hunk (very flattering), Jo Crimond (very holy...!), Tsar Peter I ("the Crest") (apt), Sonny Bong, Tom Jun15  lull (close  Tom Jones' birthday is June 7th! but hardly a lull!!!  which is Hal Jnr's spin on 1011), Sporis Personlilies (delightful variant on Sports Personalities) and Lack London.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

This past year was variously known as Y2K (Bug apparently swatted), year 2000 (not, however, in Saudi Arabia), The Millennium Year (Domed to failure!), the End Time (nostalgically of a few careers, tragically of numerous lives and the hope of Peace, triumphantly of Slobo's wrecking regime), Jesus' 2000th birthday (wronnnggg!), 00 (once our financial and astrological institutiuons got their act together) and MM  a murmur of relish at the end of every new film and TV program but frequently unshared by now we embark on MMI, and Windows on the soul of the ME generation  as if our increasing narcissism didn't have enough encouragement. This New Year the media are abuzz with literary prophecy just as they were 17 years back; for George Orwell substitute Arthur C. Clarke; for "1984", "2001"; for Big Brother, surveillance, and human slavery, instead the wakeful red eye of Hal and the final triumph of the human spirit over a threatening technology. This begs several questions  is the technology as threatening as all that? Are we puny humans up to such a triumph? And would it be one? And would it be final? On the day Pluto semisquared Sun a couple of papers reported that two scientists had succeeded in stopping light in its tracks for some nanoseconds before restarting it again. Mastery of such a process, harnessed, would usher in the age of the quantum computer. Processing so lightning fast and refined would no doubt lead quickly to such a sophistication in logging and manipulating DNA and materials down to the atomic and even subatomic level that everything that even now remains in the realms of science fiction would rapidly become an accepted part of everyday life. Even the display technology is racing toward the day when thanks to sprayon silcon diodes, you can wrap your favourite boyband video round your little finger. A microphone has been developed by NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, that is so tiny and so sensitive that it can hear a single cell growing. It may be sent to other planets to listen for the sounds of bacteria swimming! Think of the changes we ourselves have seen in our relatively short lives, how the pace of change has accelerated .... and how interestingly this corresponds with the arcane prophecies that the vibrational rate of the Earth and its inhabitants is destined to rise as we approach the New Age...

The Age of Aquarius

... And are we there yet?

A commentator on the radio this afternoon has just observed that we are, as a global race, evolving and changing to meet the needs of the new technology.

I cannot for the life of me  and despite all the calendrical theories any one of us is capable of trotting out at the drop of a hat  shake off the most powerful, the most overwhelming sensation that as from this New Year a clearlydefined chapter in all our histories has come to an irretrievable end. I'm not alone in this. A number of friends and contacts I've spoken to are feeling the same way. If we're right, then either there is a macrocosmic fiducial out there with which the start of the new century has coincided  or else the living thoughtprocesses (begun by 6thcentury Dionysius Exiguus) that coalesced into a global cultural agreement that the last two millennia started on what we know as January 1st 0001 AD, themselves created a discrete span of spacetime whose boundary we have now crossed. Nearly as long as that last sentence ... !

There are supposed to be increasing natural disasters (check), 'wars and rumours of wars' (check), a rapture of God's chosen ... now do folk seriously think that 12 times 12 thousand virtuous citizens are going to achieve vertical takeoff unassisted by rocket fuel or even Zebedee's springs and disappear into the stratosphere? They truly already have their heads in the clouds! 'There is a material body  and there is a spiritual body' said wise old if somewhat sexist St. Paul. The 'rapture' is surely well under way. Have you recently counted the number of dear souls propelled without warning to their heavenly reward in Turkey, Orissa, Gudjarat, Ecuador, Mozambique, the Balkans, and everywhere there is unresolved famine, drought, flood, disease or war? Their departure is often mercifully swift; the pain for those who remain protracted and punishing.

In parallel with Earth's traumas, the Aquarian global society is forming and glimmering like a new crystal from a solution. Untidy fragments surround it, imperfections interrupt or cloud its beauty  but we are watching it inexorably grow. With the World Wide Web, the Internet, we have entered the Communication Age; before long the vestiges of our dependence on physical links will be gone, and only radiation and thought will connect mind to mind, 'machine' to organic, intelligent, quantum 'machine'. Spiritually, the Age of Obedience gives way to the Age of Companionship. Ethically, we are asked to use our developing intelligence, to 'engage brain', in the search for loving, considerate answers to alarming new social conundrums. Do we clone because we can? Do we genetically alter because we can? Do we change the climate because we can? Do we abolish night because we can? Do we abort because we can? Do we immortalise, because we can? Do we invade minds because we can? Do we put minds in machines because we can? Do we do, and have, and say, all we want, all the time, more and more, whatever the cost to our world and our souls, because we can?

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Forensic Astrology

Feeling not a little gratified at the moment, having correctly worked out a date from minimal information, and subsequently had it confirmed. Oh how such little things stroke the astrological ego!!!

... It pertained to Dr. Harold "Fred" Shipman, who has been in prison now for nearly a year of his multiple life sentence for the murder of fifteen elderly patients.

The whole case has blown up again with the dawning realisation that this man has probably been bumping off  people's loved parents and grandparents since the early '70s, even back in his first partnership in Todmorden in the north of England. In October 1999 there was a brief item in Small World on this case, which was just coming to trial. I was able to give you the dates when Shipman injected the fifteen victims, and their names, but could only have a stab at his possible birthdate  and got it wrong (not that it was too bad a guess in some respects.)

We now know his date of birth of course; it was January 14th 1946 in Nottingham, UK. Some days ago it seemed a good idea to have a crack at rectifying his chart  this would at least provide a speculative time to play with, and now there was a lot of detailed biography to help, as well as names which would be found among the asteroids.

One very important date  maybe the key date  in his life was that when his mother Vera died. But nowhere in all my cuttings, and nowhere in the book I had bought, could I track it down. The nearest I could get was June 1963 ... and then, crucially, that it had been a Friday, and she had died just after he came home from school.

So we have a shortlist of four Fridays  June 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th at somewhere around 4pm ... not much later than this, was my hunch, as the broadsheets had all published a startling graph to show that the GP had killed his ladies at home almost always between 2 and 4 in the afternoon.

I chose the 21st.

Why? Because Shipman was born with a SunSaturn opposition  and in the Sidereal this swings back to align perfectly with his end Sagittarius/Gemini nodal axis. Sidereal Sun in the Tropical South Node echoes the same contact between Draconic Sun and Tropical South Node in Hitler's chart: the life is branded by the corrupt, selfish  distortion and abuse of gifts that were meant to bless society.

On the 21st June 1963 a New Moon fell on that very axis, on his sidereal Saturn/tropical North Node conjunction.... and conjoined by asteroid "AlmaMater", bounteous mother.

Next day I found a second biography of Harold Shipman, turned the pages  and found the date of Vera's death. June 21st 1963. Excellent!

By 5pm on the 21st  and this must surely be the time of death  Neptune (drugs) was rising in Scorpio as Saturn (mortality) still held the IC. Tellingly, asteroid "Vera" had just risen, with "Pax" on the Midheaven ... she was finally at peace after a long struggle with cancer. Sidereal asteroid "Fred" was home at the IC conjunct Saturn. "Paulina"  his sister Pauline  was setting and therefore present; and so was asteroid "Tea". Shipman habitually sent his patients to their eternal rest with their tea at their elbow.

If you look now at Shipman's own birthchart as a Quotidian, a 'Q' chart, set for the same time of day and same zone, 17h00 BST there is startling confirmation  for at this time (interestingly 4pm GMT!) the most powerful and lethal configuration in the GP's chart appears: exactly on the horizon lies the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Cancer, rising, with the Capricorn Sun and Venus setting ( killing of the mother by injection by the loving son) ; all square a conjunction of Chiron and Jupiter (the identity he claimed for himself, "the great doctor".)

Now, I don't think this remarkable 'Q' pattern was also his natal chart. A day's unremitting hard labour with Solar Arcs, progressions back and forth, synastry, transits, interdimensional patterning, books and cuttings, and by no means least the asteroids, ultimately suggested 08h40 am  because at this time all the jigsaw pieces finally clicked together and I felt I had a good working speculative nativity.

The resulting Dwad patterns support it well: tropically, a Neptune MC conjunction lines up with that Sun,Venus / Mars,Saturn, bringing his most sensitive axis into full prominence .. and adding that curious mystique and glamour that comes of notoriety and a saturnine refusal to speak about his case any further. The dwad Moon near radix Neptune adds to this sense that much remains to be known; and the radix Moon in turn, at 10 Gemini in the 4th, is closeknit with dwad Chiron/Pluto accurately picturing his profound inner pain from the early trauma, his mother's cancer and death. The dwad Libran Sun is also near the 8thhouse radix Neptune, and Chiron; a dwad Aquarius Ascendant tightly opposite dwad Jupiter and radix Pluto completes an image of himself in his mind as the benign medical magician who can make all things well, bound only by his own rules.

Remarkably, we find the same geometry in the Draconic dwad (though involving different signs); but it is in the Sidereal  where we map our place in society and in history  that the full force of this man's ambition and perversity hit home.

The dwad Sun and Moon are found in Scorpio in the radix 10th, opposite dwad Mars at their midpoint  which in turn conjoins intimately radix Uranus and Moon in 4th.  The dwad Descendant ties in tightly to radix Chiron in sidereal Virgo; and dwad Uranus from 0 Capricorn hits the 29 Sag/Gemini sidereal Sun/Mars,Saturn to double the likelihood that this man, whose relationships will revolve memorably around pain, is one who will also be remembered for writing his own rulebook on the control and sudden ending of others' lives. Lives which his skewed vision interprets as intolerable; endings which his arrogance perceives as merciful release.

If further evidence were needed, look at the Contrascia (which I prefer to the Antiscia, as they are the natural reciprocals, in the 360 degree wheel, of the radix positions.)

Here the Moon,Uranus,IC/MC alignment joins closely and unambiguously with the axis of Sun,Venus / Mars, Saturn; every time one of these axes is triggered by transit, progression or direction, so simultaneously is the invisibly connected other, that occupies the other two corners of their shared rectangle on the Ecliptic. Here is perhaps the most graphic pattern yet for the career bringing sudden death to loved elderly women and men at the point of a needle. You may also like to look at his Sun/Moon arc transform chart, at his sense of completion.

Do asteroids also support this possible 08h40 time? It would appear so.

Those of you who are still new to the idea of using tiny fragments of orbiting rock and ice, of which thousands have now been tracked, numbered and named, may like to see them as an evergrowing encyclopaedia of names and ideas, of which a small selection is relevant to each one of us. In an age when the obsession with personal data is almost fanatical, the object of greatest desire the tiny and elegant PDA in which we effectively carry around the details of our entire private and public life, our work and our dreams, our contacts and our calendar, is it any wonder that the heavens have as usual provided astrologers with a celestial counterpart?

A stranger knocks on the door; we are presented with a speculative chart; we say, "Show me some I.D."

The angles and the Lights in every chart (often including the nodal axis) act as an I.D. wallet, a lapel badge, a filofax, a PDA. If you have the right time, and the right angles, the names of asteroids clustering on these axes should describe the people, places, ideas and attachments central to that individual's life. Conversely (and this is the only practicable way to approach asteroid work) when names of these allimportant elements in a life are sought in the asteroid database and their positions mapped, you should find them aligned in virtual 'phrases' on the main chart axes. If not, despite adding the radix draconic, sidereal, helio and especially the tropical dwad positions, then the time is certainly wrong.

At 08h40 on January 14th 1946, asteroid 'Doctorwatson' was rising with sidereal 'Hygeia', helio 'Paracelsus' and 'Goddard' (his best friend at school) setting. 'Paulina'  his sister  was at the IC, at home (with 'Nemesis'). Opposite, on the MC, the careerpoint, were 'Scientia' and 'Shipka' (the closest match to 'Shipman'). 'Counselman' is with the Sun... and so, for this "Dr. Death", is draconic 'Atropos' Draconic 'Christophe' (his son) and 'D'Arrest' are on the tropical Desc. Draconic 'Pillmore' / 'Darwin' / sidereal 'Hybris' and 'Hygeia' / 'VeraLynn' (his mother Vera) oppose close to the tropical MC / IC and Moon. With that Gemini Moon are helio 'Probitas', 'Silentium' and 'Requiem' with sidereal 'Pax'. Upright citizens deserve to rest in peace. Helio 'Tea' and 'Justitia' conjoin helio Mercury close to his IC where we also find sidereal 'Samuele' and 'Sara' his other children, and 'Signe'  Shipman did a lot of signing, of the many death certificates which eventually led to his conviction... tropical 'Signe', with draconic 'Autonoma' and 'Mercedes'  the maverick act of mercy  is in his fateful South Node. The same key asteroids recur in other interdimensional alignments. We have some I.D.

Finally, we even have the inceptional chart for Hyde, where Dr. Shipman killed so many of his patients. This was on February 18th, 1881, set for 0h00 UT, data courtesy of the late Harold Wigglesworth in The Astrology of Towns and Cities. Coordinates are 53N27, 2W04. Placing the composite of Hyde and the doctor between the two radix charts in a triwheel, we find (using 08h40 again) a highly significant conjunction of Chiron/Uranus straddling his Desc, Saturn between his angular Moon and IC, the Moon right on his Pluto, and an opposition of Jupiter/Neptune bringing inflated selfconfidence and narcotic relief to his Sun/Mars/Saturn. The C. MC touches Hyde's Moon; its Mars opposes Shipman's, and their nodal axes lie inverted to each other.

The pattern is at its most dramatic when we look at the Q chart  Hyde set up for Shipman's speculative time. The Moon is exactly setting opposite a rising Venus/Jupiter/Saturn conjunction ... now then! Here is something new for you. What I have recently found is the crucial importance of the Dwads of 'Q' charts  the accuracy becomes stunning. And here we find a tight conjunction of Capricorn Sun/Saturn/Uranus (conjunct Shipman's own Sun) all exactly square the Moon in Aries. For Hyde, Shipman means the sudden separation of elderly husbands and wives in aggessively accelerated death.


* * * * * * * * * * * *


No technology has so far been able to prevent an awful lot of British square miles (not kilometres please!!!) supersaturating into deep and persistent floods. Many major towns and cities have had the insurance companies wringing their hands along with the carpets and curtains. A triple confluence of the rivers Medway, Teise and Beult not many miles from where I live has drowned the little village of Yalding seven times since the Autumn equinox of 2000.

I've kept a weather eye on the lunar and seasonal charts since I started astrology, even though I cannot pretend to the experience and expertise of my muchloved teacher, the late Jeff Mayo, who had an office crammed with research files on meteorological astrology. And it has been most helpful at times  notably in 1976, when I packed my home on my back and trundled off to explore Penzance from a campsite. A drought had parched our land for over two years with no sign of breaking; even huge deeprooted trees were dying. I looked at the Summer solstice, and the next lunar phase, and decided maybe a thick woolly and waterproofs wouldn't be a bad idea, unlikely as it seemed in the blistering heat and tropical breezes! As soon as I'd won the struggle with my tiny blue tent in a bare Cornish field the heavens opened. Home seemed suddenly much more attractive!

Back to autumn 2000 and the Libra ingress for the UK: as a temperature chart, I suppose the intimate trine between Sun amd Saturn is a partindicator of the uninspiring season to follow  but do look at that afflicted Moon in her own node, in her own sign  if you add the sidereal chart she swings onto the Gemini IC, and the Ascendant breathes on Draconic Jupiter and Tropical Uranus in windy Aquarius. Did we ever have storms! The quantities of rain exceeded any on record since the 18th century. Maybe here is a point worth making in favour of the "Siderealists": yes, always set up weather charts in the Sidereal ... but not instead of the Tropical, as well as!

This is not all. If you take a look at the asteroids we find something remarkable  asteroid "Flood" is precisely opposed to this malign Equinocial Sun, at 00 Aries 00! Just look

Libra Ingress of The Sun 2000  Asteroids

 * Aeolia  396                                                  14°Vi48                       Opp     Asc      1°35' A (wind)

 * Flood  4220                                                 00°Ar00 R       Opp     Sun      0°00' A

* Hundertwasser  6231                        16°Vi43                       Opp     Asc      0°19' S

 * Lake Placid  10379              27°Vi29                       Cnj       Sun      2°31' S

  * Riverside  4871                               03°Vi07                       Cnj       Mars    0°29' S (and the sidereal Sun)

 * Waterfield  1645                              24°Vi06                       Sqr       MC      0°34' A

 * Waterman  1822                              24°Vi18                       Sqr       MC      0°23' A

 * West  2022                                                  00°Li12             Cnj      Sun      0°12' A           

(the West country had a particularly bad time)  

The Aries ingress for the 1976 drought year (it was hot and dry in the Spring ) has Sun on the MC, Saturn rising in late Cancer... and the only weather asteroids configuring the Lights are "Secchi" (dry) conjunct Sun by less than 1 degree, and "Sunshine" opposite the Moon! The Solstice asteroids are unremarkable, it has to be said; but the chart had Saturn rising again (in hot Leo), with Pluto at the IC, suggesting further extreme and unpleasant conditions.

It is with interest therefore that one observes a rising Saturn for this latest Winter solstice, sidereal Pluto on the Desc, sidereal Uranus/Venus on the MC, sidereal MC with tropical Sun/Mercury, draconic Asc with tropical Neptune, and the draconic Cancer Moon at the IC. The tropical Moon is in Scorpio.

There are many echoes of the patterns for the astonishing winters of 1946/47 and 1962/63  the first, unsurprisingly, finds a Moon/Uranus opposition straddling the Meridian, while the Sidereal Moon/MC hits a Scorpio Venus/Jupiter. The sidereal Asc is opposite draconic Neptune.

The second has Sun rising, Moon culminating (in tropical Scorpio) again, this time opposite a draconic Uranus, draconic Asc also with tropical Uranus, and draconic Saturn near the sidereal MC. In both, Chiron also contacts an angle.

Both those historic winters are remembered for abiding extreme cold, and deep snows. This year has begun with far more good dry frosts than last winter (which was dank, tepid and miserable), and the delight of sweet blue skies and robins singing to the sun. There are fogs, too. And we have had the first proper snow for several years. In 1963 in London the first flakes of the Great Blizzard began on my birthday, January 19th. Well, it is now February, and in the SouthEast of the UK there has been no lasting snow  but there have been serious blizzards over Scotland and parts of the North, and so much more torrential rain has fallen that this is turning out to be the wettest winter since heaven knows when; it isn't the cold so much as the amount of wet!

From Mike Burns:

I'm still happily exploring and experimenting with your wonderful approach to astrology, and I continue to use it mainly as a tool towards gaining a clearer perspective of the spiritual dimension behind my own simple experiences. You may be interested in one curious occurrence that happened this summer, which I find significant on a personal level. 

The background to what happened was that on the 30th July this year, our little dog died. He was 14, so he'd had a good innings, and a happy one... but his kidneys had given up. But of course with modern medicines and so on, it was possible to prolong his life a little. But it reached the point where he was suffering... and I was landed with the job of having to agree with the vet that the kindest thing to do was to let him go. Even now, I am grieved and upset when I think of my having to make that decision, even though I know that I would be equally grieved and upset if I had let him suffer unnecessarily by not giving the vet permission to deal with the matter as he considered best for doggy. Agonising.

Next day Eila and I went out for our first walk without doggy, both of us bursting into tears now and then. I wouldn't have believed how soft we could be over a pet  and he wasn't even technically our dog, but my Mum's. We had been landed with looking after him in his 3 last years of life.

On our way back from our walk, on the 31st July, at 2054 BST (give or take just 1 minute), I saw on the ground in the lane a white rosary! In a country lane in Wales!... I hadn't seen it when we had walked in the opposite direction; nor did Eila even notice me picking it up when I saw it coming back. A white rosary on the ground, quite near to our home... (A sign to comfort me?)

I've never ever ever come across a lost rosary before, I don't know anyone who has! Nor can I imagine who would carry one around in this area, nor lose it at that time, nor in that place... The odds must be millions to one against that happening. The stunning feature of the rosary  which is not an expensive one, nor new  was that in the centre of it, there figures an image of the mother of God, wearing her crown as Queen of Heaven, and holding baby Jesus. The wearing of the crown is significant. I don't know  maybe too it's an image of the Our Lady of Carmel? Possibly.

The chart of the moment is fantastic, in my view  Caernarfon, 2054BST, 3172000. My natal Moon position at 3.5 degrees of Leo was descending right then. Neptune is rising at 5 degrees Aquarius, conjunct with PREZIOSA & DOLORES, and opposite SOR (=sister).

The Sun was at 8, nearly 9 degrees of Leo, setting. But look at the asteroids REGINA and PORTA COELI bang on the Sun... "The Queen of Heaven". And at that degree.... surely the position of the Sun at Mary's birthday? The rosary is very much a Catholic rosary... with ROMANSKAYA ( = Roman Lady?) on the Descendant at 5 degrees of Leo.

For whom was this sign meant?... Maybe MICHEL at 10 degrees of Aquarius (9.5 degrees Helio)? An intercosmic message... dracoINTERKOSMOS was at 9 degrees of Aquarius; surely sent with love: dracoAMOR at 9 degrees of Aquarius. The message was sent by way of a rosary: dracoBUDROSA at 8 degrees of Leo. All of this was a religous message: dracoJupiter at 11 degrees of Aquarius too.

Venus was at 22 degrees of Leo, opposite my natal Venus, and at the degree of the Sun at the feast of the Assumption (and square to the Sun at Fatima)...REGINITA is close to Venus, as is ADOREA, and BIANCA (= white in Italian); dracoANGELINA is opposite as is helioDONNA.

The Moon is at 19 degrees of Leo directly opposite Uranus with dracoLA PAZ (= peace) at the same degree.

There's a large cluster of relevant planets near the mean/true node positions: ROMA, ROSEMARY, YESHUHUA, FLORENTINA, DE SANCTIS, ROSER, helioDEVINE, helioKASAN (the Mother of Kazan is an important icon for me... within a few weeks I was in the Cathedral of the Mother of Kazan, in St Petersburg, lighting candles before that very icon), helioVERITAS.

There is another small but significant cluster near my MC/IC natal axis, and nodal axis at ca. 1012 degrees of Pisces and Virgo... ROSAMUNDE, ROSALIA, MICHELANGELO; and similarly CARMELMARIA close to my ascendant, as adjusted to my location at Caernarfon. 

DEVOTA and FIDUCIA and more widely AMATA  are all opposite my natal Sun....

I'll spare you any more... it just goes on and on... Oh, except to say that by the time the Sun reached Venus' degree in that chart, I was in a Carmelite Convent at Vespers  in Finland, on our way to St Petersburg, the only day we could revisit that Convent after many years, totally by chance (as regards my planning), and it turned out to be the day of the Assumption  And to my shame, it was not until the short Vespers service started that I remembered what day it was!!! (And since our previous visit, they had also put into their chapel one of the most beautiful images of Mary that I have ever seen).

By the way, yesterday I had to attend a court in the Midlands as a witness; the precise moment I was called to give evidence, you have MICHELA rising exactly opposite MICHELLE at 29 degrees Aries/Libra  with the draco positions of these asteroids matching my natal Asc/Desc axis. (And my Desc on the midheaven within a degree or so).

I never cease to be surprised that more astrologers have not taken on board this extensive cosmic vocabulary provided by all these 8000+ asteroids.

* * * * * * *

And of course it was George W. Bush...

After taking his and Gore's charts to pieces in the last issue, I for one was not chewing my nails as Florida and the Supreme Court tried to resolve the Presidential stalemate. It was going to be Bush all along.

And if you try my other Useful Tip for this month and make a composite of Bush with his 2000 solar return (which of his special bells is this crucial day ringing?), unlike Gore's fairly tame result, Bush has a Sun/Node conjunction square Pluto, with Venus, Jupiter andMars all conjoined on his natal Mercury/Pluto/Asc. Sound powerful?

Another surefire way of checking out a potential President is to look at his composite with the USA July 4th 17h14 chart. I studied a dozen or so incumbents and found that every one has a direct alignment of MC and Node either radix to composite, within the composite, or radix to radix. This often includes the Sun  which is more often than not angular by the same rules. (And it validates this USA chart!) G. W. Bush has an exact conjunction of Sun/MC/Node in his C. with the USA, as well as the USA's Node on his own Asc. On that axis we also find a Leo coupling of Mercury and Mars. Fighting talk!... alas, it has started.

Tecumseh's Curse...

In "The Other Dimension"  NCGR's Declination SIG newsletter  Leigh Westin has warned that like other Presidents elected in a Zero year in the epoch of Great Conjunctions in Earth, this one may be endangered. There is certainly a date to watch  toward the end of his term in late October 2003, when Bush's explosive lineup of sidereal Sun, draconic Mars and tropical Uranus/Node are hit by t. Pluto, draconic Neptune, and the sidereal Saturn/Chiron opposition. At the same time, Saturn is right on his and the USA's Sun with his sidereal Asc, and sidereal Mars is going over his Desc. Sidereal Uranus is on his draconic MC. We can only wait and see. And pray.

Leigh Westin's highly recommended book "Beyond the Solstice By Declination" is $25 + $4 shipping from Gheminee, PO Box 3874, Brookhaven, MS 396033874.

In closing, may I make a special request?

I beg those of you who have been passing on Small World  even with the very best of intentions  not to forward  the bulletin ( or anything at all! ) to anyone without forewarning and full consent. a) They are irritated and go off you and me, both  b) they mail it to all their contacts, and our onceunabused email addresses end up in some very unwelcome places. Then I, too, have to deal with a pile of unsolicited and sometimes dodgy mail.

I do try my best to respect the privacy and the wishes of subscribers. Instead of grouping all your addresses in one huge list which would swamp the Small World headers and publish them all over the globe, I list them in groups of twelve, one address going in "send" and the eleven  others in "copy", specifying blind copies.

Occasionally I send out trial issues; but as soon as a request comes back to cancel, the name is removed from the mailing list  just as it is if the bulletin is for some reason undeliverable. This is essential housekeeping.

Thank you for your help  and for your continued interest and encouragement!

God bless you all, Pam