Anders Behring Breivik
Where do these people come from? What nasty corner of the etheric spawns or shelters these souls? Why is such ruin visited on the innocent as has just happened, last Friday evening, July 22nd 2011, in the peaceable country of Norway? One maverick man has coldly, deliberately taken the lives of at least 76 people, creating misery for hundreds, maybe thousands more who knew and loved them.

The general public were the targets of Anders Behring Breivik, and specifically young people including girls and women. In his horribly distorted mind this massacre in the heart of Oslo and on a tiny holiday island was supposed to start a 60-year war that would eventually drive Islamism out of the West. Uranus is also part of the transiting picture: it has reached Aries 4 and squared brutal Pluto from the IC as the gunman set about the slaughter.

Q-Charts, Returns and Progressions
Do look at the remarkable Q-charts for Anders Breivik. I have no birth time for him yet, but when you set up his nativity in Oslo on February 13th 1979 for the times of the bomb and the shootings respectively, at 15h26 CEDT his Jupiter rises - and sidereally the position is Cancer 7, in orbs of tropical Pluto's opposition. At 17h25 CEDT his Mars has only just set. In his precessed Solar return for February 2011 not only does the sky look alarmingly like his own with Sun/Mars and Mercury/Ceres all in Aquarius, but Jupiter sets. At the actual moment when the bomb rocked Oslo Jupiter was again angular, setting as Mercury culimated opposite Neptune at the IC, reflecting the delusional ideology that planned and implemented the attack - and also that much of the time this man was laughing with delight at his strategic success. The 2011 Returns are dominated by a Grand Trine of the Aquarius stellium with Moon and Saturn; he knew how easy it would be to carry out his carefully-laid plan. The SR for the bombing Q-chart has the nodes at the MC/IC.

It is quite extraordinary how these Q-charts behave. I have just progressed Breivik's Q for the shootings, and on his birthday in 2011 there is an exact and grievous opposition of Saturn and Ceres across the Asc-Desc. From this pattern you can also see that 9 years ago his p. Sun went into his South Node (more about that below); it was around this time that he founded an anti-Muslim group which he claims to be the restoration of the original Knights Templar. He considers himself a Christian crusader and a hero!!! Whatever happened to "Thou shalt not kill"? Whatever happened to "Love thy neighbour as thyself"? His lawyer considers that Breivik is insane. Hard to disagree!

The Dwad

It is profoundly helpful to translate any chart into its dwad - that special and precise variant of the 12th harmonic that follows the sign-sequences of the decanates - and in Breivik's case you will not be surprised to find that behind this cold, political Aquarian is a Sun-Scorpio, and that this inner Sun forms a T-square with Pluto and Jupiter. The Anders Breivik you cannot see, who lives behind his eyes, is in love with cataclysm. In the dwad of his Q-chart for the moment of the bomb blast that started his campaign of terror, this T-square exactly configures the dwad Ascendant. In the same dwad chart the Midheaven draws to itself the Moon and Ceres at the end of Sagittarius, promising the grief of mothers robbed of their children. Ceres and Uranus were at the IC in coelo as he began his hour of mass murder. Breivik's second Q-chart, for the shootings, moves the radix Moon to conjoin Saturn, the dwad Moon to 11 Capricorn right opposite Uranus, and again in the dwad the Moon's Nodes onto both his meridian and horizon. He is reported as insisting that what he did was "gruesome but necessary".

Sidereal - the bigger picture

This is horribly echoed when we place his sidereal chart around his tropical Q-chart for the start of the shootings. This gives us insight into the character and actions that bring him to public attention - indeed, how he instinctively combines his private self with his public life at a key moment in time. Now we can see how his setting Aquarius Sun flanked by Mars and Mercury/Ceres conjoins the tropical Dragon's Tail. This is always the picture of someone whose present life is strongly connected to their past, and who risks losing everything if the S.Node karma is bad and they insist on repeating old destructive patterns. Breivik's pull to repeat a quite probably idealogically violent past is extremely strong at this moment, and exacerbated by the unpredictable sidereal Uranus at the tropical IC, with the sidereal Moon/Saturn and Dragon's Head in Leo on his tropical Q Ascendant. The exhortation of Leo to love has been utterly over-ruled by his maverick world-view and compulsion to act it out.

Reflex Action

Take the Reflex chart, too. (For those of you new to this term of mine, I find it a quicker and easier way to refer to Contrantiscia!) Outstanding here is the direct contact between Chiron and the Sun, which occupy two corners of the 24+ Aquarius-Leo, 5+ Taurus-Scorpio rectangle. This is the classic sign of a maverick individual who will risk self-destruction in following their own uncharted path or taking a sometimes desperate leap of faith. Such people are very difficult to socialise. Many are utterly benign and set a wonderful and unique example to the rest of us; a few like Anders Breivik are extremely dangerous. I understand that he may be charged with crimes against humanity, which carries a far more severe penalty than others that might be levelled against him.

Faulty Wiring?
We need also to see what is going on in his heliocentric chart. I have never been able to settle my mind on the essential nature of the helio pattern as it suggests two main possibilities: 1 - it reflects the real hidden agendas of the person, the authentic motivations, and thus something about their moral status. 2 - it certainly has a lot to say about in-built physiological conditions, and thus potentially about the 'wiring' of the brain and nervous system. Maybe both. Bear both in mind.
Breivik's helio chart has an opposition of Saturn to Pisces Mercury, and a fixed square between Aquarian Mars and Uranus. If the patterns refer to his genetic make-up, then he would seem to have a brain that is soft- rather than hard-wired, responses and thought-processes that are uncritical, suggestible, chaotic, and which can only structure themselves around fantasy. It would mean that his reactions would also be unpredictable, his responses habitually at risk of being violent.
Or all this may go deeper, expressing the real state of a being whose chaotic and fantastic ideas obsess him, who reacts in unexpected ways and can deliberately lash out at society when angry; all this then determining the physiology of the body into which he incarnates. Maybe. We all tend to think and talk a lot about the things symbolised by our Helio Mercuries.

The Pied Piper of Utoeya
Whenever I hear a survivor tell how Breivik lured the youngsters with smiles and lies I keep thinking of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Referring to the legend in Wikipedia I find that in 1284 when the events are supposed to have happened the transit of sidereal Pluto was in Capricorn 10-12. !  So close to the current tropical position! Or the tale may be a mis-remembering of 'The Children's Crusade' of 1212, which in turn may be a confusion of various semi-related facts. I recommend you read the online articles - you'll see what I mean. But a Christian assault on Islam! I had no idea until just now that this idea might be behind the story. Did it influence Breivik at his mother's knee? (Which he hadn't entirely left.)
That progressed Sun in his South Node back in 2002 is very telling - it suggests that he may well have gone through an incarnation during the Crusades, that it has got stuck in his psyche, and left him with a set of cruel and deluded ideas. Modern Knights Templar are genuine Christians, kind, inclusive and actively charitable. So are their ecumenical brothers the Freemasons. I am relieved that the Oslo Masonic Lodge has summarily expelled Breivik for violating everything this humanitarian brotherhood stands for. What he has done in coldly, deliberately taking the lives of over 70 people in pursuit of his insane and intolerant vision is both totally anti-Christian and utterly inhuman. No democratic, charitable group could tolerate such a perpetrator of evil in their midst. And because he still thinks he is right, he won't change. His shocked and bewildered family need our prayers.

So now we wait to see when the trial will take place; probably not until some time next year according to the BBC today. Breivik's Q-chart Solar Return for February 13th 2012 places Saturn firmly at the IC as the Sun sets. This will be a very high-profile incarceration.

July 28th 2011.