At 18h10 UT on March 19th 2011, we had a 'SuperMoon'. This happens when a full moon occurs with the Moon at or close to perigee, at her nearest approach to the Earth. This one was special, as perigee was only about an hour off the time of the lunation. It was much commented on in the media, including a piece online in Universe Today, citing Richard Nolle's predictions ( - unusually quite a fair and balanced commentary.

My take on this is that the lunation has to be angular to have the greatest impact on a locality, and here in the UK this major astronomical phenomenon lined right up with our horizon, placing intense focus and potential strain on all our interrelationships, including that between Government (setting Sun) and people.(rising Moon). The fact that the Sun was also approaching its conjunction with Uranus implies shocks, surprises and changes of attitude and direction. We have a budget coming up .... be prepared for anything!
More to the point, the dwad has to be added to see the picture in more depth. And this turns the sky pretty dark. Dwad Pluto, Saturn and Chiron all join to impact the Full Moon and Uranus from the Descendant. The period following the lunation thus holds a great deal of drama, pain, constraint, major changes, and some steep learning curves.

We have just joined with an international coalition to bomb Libya's Gaddafi into democratic submission; and as usual the UK is being manoeuvred onto the front line of attack. Where is this taking us, I wonder?
There is rich story-telling in the asteroid belt: rising at Virgo 28 is asteroid Nemesis; setting is asteroid Victoria with sidereal Miles (soldier). Tropical Libya, 3 Pisces, is right on the sidereal 7th cusp. On the 28 Gemini MC is a conjunction of Populus and America opposite sidereal Hybris. On the sidereal IC is tropical mischief-maker Loke; precisely on the sidereal MC is tropical Pyrrhus. In the dwad, Jupiter and the Ascendant are conjunct.
Is right on our side? Are we justified in any optimism? Are we winners? Or do we just think we are? In this situation a pyrrhic victory is horribly likely. Even though T Pluto is close to the IC at Libya's SuperMoon, and is right on Gaddafi's draconic 7 Capricorn Sun bringing him face to face with his karma, (and the lunation hit his Neptune-Ceres/Jupiter-Mercury T-square) I can't imagine anyone coming out of this without serious damage. The dwad Sun in Aquarius highlights issues of democracy and human rights, but with the arrival of Spring the Aries Sun is also Aries in the dwad, and will tend to act less reflectively. It will be interesting to see how things go every 2.5 days as the dwad Sun moves from sign to sign, impulse to impulse, idea to idea.

The air strikes, initially inflicted by France, are reported to have begun at 16h45 UT on March 19th, under two hours before the full moon. In the chart at Tripoli, Mars has not long set, and the horizon is held by the sidereal oposition of Saturn and Mercury. The sidereal Desc is conjunct tropical Ceres/Neptune .. there is much grief and chaos in store.
Pointedly, the global motives for this punishment are pinned to the angles by the asteroids: Demokritos rises at 24 Virgo and conjoins the draconic MC, Paine (revolutionary author of 'The Rights of Man') is setting at 24 Pisces, conjunct the draconic IC. United Nations conjoins the sidereal IC, and sidereal Bellona (war) is on the tropical Midheaven with draconic Mars. This major conflict has deep idealogical and spiritual roots. Karma is being worked out on all sides. If a new world is trying to be born, it seems that surgery at this point has become inevitable, God help us.

(Muammar Gaddafi born June 7th 1942 at Sirt, Italian Libya according to Wikipedia.)