Pluto hits Japan

If you chanced to read the Small World entry for June 2010 on TheHolyTwelve website, you may recall that I noted the vulnerability to up-coming Pluto transits of anyone or anything born or begun on or close to the 1st of each calendar quarter - ie 1st January, April, July and October...

I said,
"And we haven’t even got to the transits of Pluto over the New Year point ... that is going to wallop every country, every town, every organisation that has chosen to start its collective life at the beginning of January, in early April, early July or early October. The list is massive. It includes many countries of the EEC, and Britain of course, the Queen (draconic Sun) and many of our institutions, already running into serious fiscal and environmental trouble. The USA and numerous countries around the globe are on Pluto’s hit list. The transits over the archetypal Cardinal Points have begun to shake the world out of its complacency - but we ain’t seen nuttin’ yet!"

I have just been online to look at the cities and towns destroyed by the magnitude 9 quake off Honshu. What has happened there is heart-breaking.

Sendai City - founded 1st April 1889.
Sendai City - official city status 1st April 1989.
Fukushima City - founded 1st April 1907.
Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant - commissioned 26th March 1971.
Minamisanriku Town - founded (in a merger with another town) 1st October 2005.
Minamisoma City - founded 1st January 2006.
Soma City - founded 31st March 1954.
Miyako City - latest merger - 1st January 2010.
Rikuzentakata - founded 1st January 1955.
Ofunato City - founded 1st April 1952.
Natori - town founded 1st April 1955; city status 1st October 1958.

Checking the newspapers and Wikipedia, I have found more:

Ishinomaki - founded April 1st 1933, expanded 1st April 2005.
Yokote - founded April 1st 1951, expanded 1st October 2005.
Mito - founded 1st April 1889.
Shirakawa - city founded April 1st 1949.
Sukagawa - city founded 31st March 1954, expanded April 1st 2005.
Iwaki city founded October 1st 1966; designated a 'core city' April 1st 1999.
Ofunato - founded April 1st 1952.

Only a few of the most affected places were not founded or merged on the 1st of a civil quarter.

Pluto is currently transiting in 7+ Capricorn, very slow now, and nearly stationary. This suggests that even more than Mars, whose effects are often strongest 2 degrees before its exact aspect, Pluto's impact can be very strongly felt up to 3 or 4 degrees beforehand. There will be pressure on all 1st-of-the-month degrees until 2014, when Pluto finally leaves 10 Capricorn and moves on to the next set of targets. Note that Christchurch, New Zealand was named (in advance of settling) on March 27th 1848, so its 6+ Aries Sun is now being squared by a ruining Pluto. New Zealand's own Sun is at 1+ Libra, squared by Uranus at 8 Capricorn - so doubly hit by both Pluto and the square from the Moon's Nodes.

This year we have Partial Solar Eclipses on 4th January and especially 1st July 2011, as the Moon's North Node moves back over the Capricorn-Sagittarius cusp. This Nodal position means that draconic Pluto is square its tropical radix from the cusp of draconic Pisces-Aries, and inflicting additional (karmic?) damage. As I write in March 2011 it stands at 8 Aries, and will hit the following Suns by hard aspect at the end of this month and the beginning of April.

Other places and institutions in the Pluto firing-line (among many others) are:

1st Public Electricity (Lighting) - 26th September 1881, London, UK. Sun at 3 Libra opp. Mars at 1 Cancer. Pluto has already revolutionised the UK's approach to electricity generation and use in the home.
1st scheduled passenger flight - 1st January 1914 (USA)
1st Telephone Directory - 1st January 1880 (the 2011 edition is radically changed in the UK)
1st UK Census - 29th June 1801 (the 2011 Census 'form' is as big as a magazine!)
1st Weather satellite - 1st April 1960
999 Emergency Service, UK - 1st July 1937 (changes are already afoot to try to stamp out abuse of the service.)
Arlington, Virginia - 1st January 1932
Australia (swearing-in) - 1st January 1901. (floods - fires - cyclones ...)
Automobile Association, UK - 29th June 1905
BBC, 1st Transmiussions - 30th September 1929 (already in the throes of massive economic cuts and reorganisation.)
Big Ben - chimes first broadcast - 31st December 1923
Blackpool Illuminations (UK) - 1st lit on 26th September 1925 (and currently being drastically
pruned by the cash-strapped Council).
Brighton, Sussex, UK (Incorporation) - 1st April 1854.
Charles becomes Prince of Wales - 1st July 1969, Caernarvon, UK
Chesapeake, Virginia - 1st January 1963
Cheshire county, East and West, UK - 1st April 2009
China (Republic) - 1st January 1912
China (Communist) - 1st October 1949
Coca-Cola 1st sold - 29th March 1886
Coca-Cola bottle launched - 1st July 1916
Dalai Lama's exile from Tibet - 31st March 1959. He is currently arranging for his succession.
Dearborn, Michigan - 1st April 1833
Edison Lamp Company - 1st October 1880
Eiffel Tower inaugurated - 31st March 1889
Electric Chair adopted, USA - 1st January 1889
Ellis Island, NY, Immigration Center - 1st January 1892
EURO currency - 1st January 2002
Evolution Theory 1st presented - 1st July 1858
Falkland Islands, UK sovereignty - 1st January 1833
Freedom of Information Act, UK - 1st January 2005
Greenwich, UK (London Borough status, grant of Arms) - 1st October 1965
Guildford, Surrey, UK (charter) - 1st July 1488
Haiti - 1st January 1804
Health & Safety at Work Act, UK - 1st October 1974
Health & Safety Executive, UK - 1st April 2008
Heathrow (London) Airport, Terminal 5 opened - March 27th 2008
Hong Kong, returned to China - 1st July 1997
Human Rights Act - 2nd October 2000
Identity Cards, UK - 30th September 1939 (recent plans for ID cards are being scrapped)
Istanbul (named) - 28th March 1930
Kosovo - 30th September 1991
London - Greater London Council - 1st April 1965
London Eye - 1st April 2001
Louvre Pyramid, Paris, France (opened) - 29th March 1989
Lyme Regis, UK (charter) - 1st January 1283 or 1284
MacDonalds (burger chain) - 1st October 1974
Manchester (City) UK (Council grant of Arms) - 29th March 1853
MENSA - 1st October 1946
Mercedes car named - 31st March 1901
Model T Ford (1st mass-production car) - 1st October 1908
Money Orders - 1st October 1792
Morecambe, Lancashire, UK (Incorporation) - 1st October 1928
Nashville, Tennessee - 1st April 1963
News Of The World (UK paper) - 1st October 1843
New York City - 1st January 1898
Newfoundland, 10th Canadian Province - 1st April 1949
Nashville, Tennessee - 1st  April 1963
Ottawa becomes capital city of Canada - 31st December 1857
Patent Office, UK - 1st October 1852 (temporary) and 29th December 1852 (permanent)
Penicillin - 30th September 1928
Pentecostalism - 1st January 1901
Port Talbot UK Borough Council - 1st January 1986
Rome becomes capital city of Italy - 2nd October 1870
Royal Air Force, UK - 1st April 1918 (already facing cuts in the economic crisis)
Royal Albert Hall, London, UK - 29th March 1871
St. Louis County, Missouri - 1st October 1812
Stoke-on-Trent, UK (Incorporation) - 1st April 1910
St. Pancras Station, London, UK - 1st October 1868 (has just finished total refurbishment)
Teeside County Borough Council, UK -  1st April 1968
Territorial Army, UK - 1st April 1908
Texas, USA - 29th December 1845
Tower Bridge, London, UK - opened - 30th June 1894
Trades' Unions legalised in UK - 29th June 1871
Turin Shroud; new evidence for authenticity broadcast on UK Channel 4 - 30th December 2009 at 20h00 UT
Tuvalu (tiny and low-lying Pacific island) independence - 1st October 1978
UK and Eire join the EEC - 1st January 1973
UK Diplomatic Service - 1st January 1965
UK Fishing limits extended - 1st January 1977
UK Police Force (1st patrols) - 30th September 1829 (currently facing massive cuts and reorganisation in the economic crisis)
United Kingdom - 1st January 1801
Universal Time (UT, decided by IAU) - 1st January 1956
Value Added Tax, UK - 1st April 1973 (recently hiked to an unprecedented 20% in the economic crisis)
Virginia Beach, Virginia - 1st January 1963
Western Samoa (Independence) - 1st January 1962
Westminster Cathedral, London, UK - 29th June 1895 (foundation stone). 28th December 1903 (Daily Mass begun), and 28th June 1910 (consecration)... venue for wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, 29th April 2011.
Worcestershire, UK (newly constituted) - 1st April 1998
Worksop, UK (Incorporation) - 1st October 1931

It is interesting to note that a number of key USA charts, including the Declaration of Independence, fall between the 2nd and 4th of the 'cardinal months'. This implies that where the rest have been obliged to lead, the USA will surely and very shortly follow - for good or ill.

Much Pluto activity is ultimately beneficial, as its spiritual message is readily heard by the more discerning 'movers and shakers', moving them to show initiative in re-making global culture, hopefully for the better; and the trials that it brings to the mass of humanity tend to force changes of values, attitudes, behaviours and habits which will in turn offer the world a fresh lease of life. Volcanic in nature, Pluto's impact is surrounded in time by foreshocks and aftershocks like the geological disasters we have been experiencing year after year. We are warned of the consequences of our actions, and if we continue to make the same mistakes we have to be jolted out of complacency. And the jolts can be very cruel, whether globally or individually. But we then have the chance to wake up, and to change our ways. In some cases it will literally be, "Change, or die." The historians among you may like to research what happened on previous transits of Pluto (the definitive Mover and Shaker!) through these 1st-of-the-month degrees. Whatever happens, whether tragedy or temptation,  Pluto's events will critically test the integrity and vision of every person or community involved.

Pam Crane, March 13th 2011