Yes folks, it's the 1st of May and we're still waiting for Spring, in a North wind, with driving rain, amid the heart_breaking silence of the lambs.

In London shops are boarded and all police leave has been cancelled as the capital's streets fill with anticapitalism demonstrators and potential troublemakers.

The Moon's South Node now straddles England's 8 Capricorn MC, the tropical Mars/Chiron conjunction in 28 Sagittarius has hit her tropical UranusconjunctSidereal (public/historic/sociocultural) Sun while squaring her Pisces Moon, and Sidereal Uranus is on her Venus at the end of Capricorn. Draconic Neptune is heading for England's Draconic Ascendant in early Scorpio. We are collectively anticipating Trouble, and it is axiomatic that What You Foresee Is What You Get! ... WYFIWYG! Our one hope lies in the penetrating rain; heaven's hose has been turned on the mutinous crowd and may rein in its passions to courteous and entirely legitimate protest.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


At 5h00 pm BST on April 25th the UK Cabinet in Westminster gathered for a hastilyconvened Policy Decision meeting. A small milkwhite calf had been found alive, huddled against her dead mother under a pile of culled carcasses, and rescued by the farmer and his family. Bottlefed and petted, the miraculous survivor was named Phoenix, and within hours her pretty face and liquid eyes were meeting the gaze of every family in the land. She had become the symbol of every innocent victim in this horrible, unending epidemic of footandmouth  not only of the millions of creatures suffering and slain, but of the farmers and their rural communities whose lives were, if not ruined, then changed for ever.

As the meeting began, Venus was setting! The MarsChiron conjunction had been cleared by the IC in the past halfhour, and the MC was closing on the Moon's Nodes. The Moon in the 9th, approaching sextile to Venus, was just 6' from Saturn in 0 Gemini. Shortly it would reach 2 and 3 Gemini, aligning with the Sidereal Mars/Chiron.

You will find the chart's asteroids interesting  Agnes ( = agnus, lamb ) in 10 Cancer is not only still close to the Moon's North Node, its close conjunction with Farmer, Varuna, Veteraniya and that approaching MC (with Shearer), but conjunct England's IC opposite her culminating Sun. Bacon is right at the IC. Brown  Nick Brown the Agriculture Minister  aligns with the Sun/Mercury and squares Neptune and Gunhild (holding a gun...) from Scorpio. Fini (finished) is about to set. Phoinix herself is in an interesting pattern; at 22 Leo opposite Uranus in the 5th, she exactly aligns with the Draconic Moon/Saturn, vividly describing how her orphan image shocked a nation through a medium of entertainment.

When you look at the helio positions of the asteroids, Phoinix the little white calf (not bull this time!) is in tight conjunction with Tauris square WhiteRabbit and just separated from the square to Saturn  alone, but escaping death.

The decision reached in this meeting  which the asteroids clearly describe as focussed on the livestock, environmental conditions and farms, culling and veterinary involvement in general  was to "refine" the culling policy, relaxing movements of hungry, muddy cattle between pastures, permitting slaughter for food of healthy animals, opening up some of the closed tourist areas, but continuing the preventive culling of sheep and pigs.

Today we have had 5 new cases reported; but the spread of footandmouth seems to be slowing down  please God.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


The trial of Barry George, suspected of murdering Jill Dando the TV presenter, began on April 23rd (time unknown) with a brief hearing at the Old Bailey in London. (Proceedings began in earnest on the morning of May 4th 2001.)

On May 1st, The Jill Dando Centre opened its doors for the first time according to BBC's "Woman's Hour" which went out at 10h00 am. Its object is to research and improve crime prevention and detection.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Signs of Life in the Media

On April 22nd at 22h00 BST (I assume London) in the first episode of the new ITV comedy series "High Stakes" (very starry with Richard 'I don't believe it!' Wilson, and Jack Shepherd  a Scorpio I used to be at Drama school with!) the whole joke centred on one of the Bank's junior fundmanagers' enthusiastic use of astrology to play the markets and net a cool£14million!!! "Steven Clay"s first entrance with his extraordinary news was at 22h11 BST. He wanted to call his fund "Star Performer". Lots of fun, and quite nice for us as it was only the people who were made to look totally silly, not astrology for a change. (Though they needed to brush up on their astronomy!) Wilson's character "Bruce Morton" was apparently an Aries, totally incompatible with the Bank's Chairman "Nicholas Quinn", Shepherd's Capricorn character  and I must say this comes across rather well. Promising!

And after last month's nice surprise in ITV's new comedy "High Stakes", now we find MercedesBenz' current advertisement on UK TV also availing itself of astrology  albeit their own slick spin on the 12 signs versus the mass of mobile humanity, and their own 76 models. Not so much blowing their own trumpet as their own trombones?...

Also ...

In the closing moments of ITV's twoparter "Perfect", starring Michelle Collins as an abused, immature late 30something addicted to divorceless white weddings, she is leaving Court in a taxi. She catches the limpid eyes of the taxidriver in the mirror, breaks into a slow smile and says, "You must be a Virgo!" "No, actually I'm a Leo" he replies (convincingly) trying to keep the aforementioned eyes on his driving. "Then you must have Virgo rising!" she responds winningly, her own eyes bright now with more than the sorecentlyshed tears. "Are you an Astrologer, then?" enquires the hapless prey. "No, I'm a nurse." " A NURSE!" There is no Part 3  but the viewer can deduce the rest!

The episode began at 21h00 BST on Monday April 30th (take London), and finished at approximately 22h30.


A far from happy experience was had by the Astrological Association's President, our good and dear friend Roy Gillett, who was invited by UK's Channel 5 to participate in what should have been a legitimate and useful test of applied astrology. And, effectively, was Had.

Here follows, with his blessing, a copy of Roy's response to the perpetrators of a disgraceful media scam:

"New Zodiac or Old Debunking"

Channel 5's documentary presentation "The New Zodiac", made by Pioneer Productions of London W6 hit a new low in misrepresenting astrology to the public, bias and unfair tactics. Below are reasons that show this clearly.

1) The two astrologers involved in the programme, Russell Grant and Roy Gillett, were interviewed and filmed but not informed what were to be the main thrusts of the programme. Consequently they were afforded very little opportunity to explain particular points or to answer apparent criticisms. As astrologers are all too aware of public, media and "scientific" misapprehensions, both astrologers would have been more than happy to clarify matters, thus preventing errors on the part of Channel 5. In contrast, an astronomer and a psychologist, both of whom were sceptical of astrology as they had little knowledge of the subject, appear to have been consulted at every stage and to have helped in determining the plot and development of the programme. In support of this are two documents:

a) A letter written by Pioneer researcher Alex Williamson, written on 25th January 2001, which shows that Roy Gillett's contribution was "in the can" on that date. Roy received no further communication from Pioneer from then on.

b) Copy of an email distributed around the "skeptic network" in the third to fourth week of March, which shows clearly that Tony Youens, the programme's selfconfessed "con artist" knew the content of the programme in advance of its screening.

2) As a result, the editorial commentary throughout was sceptical. Views contrary to what astrologers would claim were carefully explained, honoured by the commentator and illustrated by expensive graphics. In contrast, the astrologers' answers were confined to snippets, edited from long, wideranging interviews, during which the astrologers were given no indication of the programme's true intentions, or what the viewer would be seeing. While the viewer could sit back and absorb elaborate and painstaking, albeit erroneous, criticisms of astrology, he/ she was given very much less time to grasp much more information about how astrology really works.

3) With all the "authority" of his massive telescope in the background, the astronomer was allowed to claim astrology could not work, because the planets moved around the sun. The astrologer would have answered that we live on the earth, whose movements are determined by the solar and star systems, but he was not allowed to comment.

4) Worst of all, the astrologers were not allowed to answer the main thrust and actual title of the programme  the alleged "New Zodiac"!! If they had been, they would have advised viewers that there is nothing new! Astrology has always taken account of the precession of the equinoxes. It is the basis of astrology's view of the main aeons in the grand sweep of history. In fact, Indian astrologers have used the socalled "New Zodiac" for thousands of years  it is called the sidereal zodiac. The eastern sidereal and western tropical zodiacs have validity and important complementary relationships with each other. The planets move in the same cycles, whichever zodiac you use. Having misinformed and confused the public about this very important subject and compounded their error by offering  to supply a "new" zodiac, for a fee, Channel 5 has a duty to commission a programme that explains what the astrologers would have explained  had they been asked. We would be happy to cooperate in the making of this programme

5) The programme's second attack, using the socalled Barnum Effect to assess astrological readings, seems reasonable enough, until you know how the pseudoexperiment was arranged and think through the implications fully.

a) The critics knew that the experiment was taking place, but not Roy Gillett, who was told he was just giving an example of how he did a reading and that the clients would be asked their opinion. Dr Chris French (sited authoritively in the Grand Hall of Goldsmiths College), who suggested the pseudoexperiment, was allowed to speak about it, both before and after, as was Tony Youens the selfconfessed "con artist". The impression given was that Roy Gillett and consultant astrologers in general unconsciously used similar techniques to the "con artist".  However, Roy was not allowed to comment on Tony's performance, or "con artists" in general. Indeed, Roy only found out about the trick, when he was shown a copy of Tony's bragging email  see 1(b) above.

b) The basic rules of scientific research were broken: for a test to be valid, there must be agreement in advance as to the design of the experiment, as to what constitutes a proper result and that the test be carried out in isolation. Presumably Dr French would not submit to such a loaded test in his own field of expertise; thus it is surprising that he appeared willing to have Roy Gillett tricked into such.

c) As a result, the test devised by Dr French and Tony Youen makes a crucial logical error, which would make most people's lives impossible, if its apparent findings were true. It goes like this: "A "con artist" can make people believe he is an astrologer. This means that astrology is worthless. "con artists" have successfully made people believe they are doctors, therapists, psychologists (even Dr French's brand of it), financial advisers, solicitors, priests, journalists, politicians, government officials, trade union officials, social workers, farmers, business people, teachers, bus and train drivers, computer technicians, etc. etc. This means that medicine, therapy, psychology, Dr French, financial and legal advise, religion, politics, the civil service, trade unions, social work, farming, commerce, schools, buses, trains, computers, indeed all things in our lives are worthless. Or is it more likely that selfconfessed "con artists" and those who employ them ought to be discounted as worthless?

6)All of which explains why the astrologers in this programme were not given parity with the sceptics and were denied an adequate or equal chance to comment on the points raised. Just a minute's comment by one of them on the not "new zodiac" and the Barnum pseudoexperiment would have made the main thrusts of the programme unsustainable. The astrologers may also have pointed out a similar programme, made by the BBC some six years ago in their  "Heart Of The Matter" series, covered the same points. Was Channel 5 aware that it was repeating old material, old gambits and old arguments?

7)  Astrology is an easy target. The public knows mainly the sun sign columns, which everyone admits are superficial and generalised. Serious astrology is entirely selfsupported, while governments and businesses grant billions of pounds to finance scientific and other research  and some of these funds find their way into the coffers of opinionated debunkers rather than true researchers. The highly advanced and complex knowledge of astrology is not taught at school. So, it is a simple matter to combine the sun sign information the public do know with a few snippets of scientificsounding misinformation to ridicule the profound wisdom that the public seeks, but find it difficult to find. Do Pioneer Productions and Channel 5 aim to be no more than lackeys to such cheap tricks and public disinformation?

8) The Association would be happy to cooperate in programmes that would restore the balance. Below are two suggestions.

a) A truly original television documentary would study and judge astrology on its own grounds, merits and aims, divorced completely from spurious irrelevancies dreamt up by those who have not yet had the time, inclination or opportunity to examine the subject properly. Points to be debated by astrologers and sceptics would be asked and answered facetoface. Sceptics would then have the opportunity to have their misapprehensions dispelled and their anxieties allayed  if they were willing and open to this. When this happens a good astrologer will always win the debate. This seems to be what the "skeptic" subgroup are afraid of.

b) A programme, or series of television programmes, which examine the role of science and academic expertise in our twentyfirst century world is long overdue. This could consider the strengths and weakness of making judgements solely on the basis of constantly changing empirical research and so called "expert" opinion. It would look at the part this plays in medical research, antibiotics and diagnosis and has played in the BSE and Foot and Mouth and ecological crises.  Such a series could consider those scientists, who oppose state funding of religious schools and see religion as "inferior", even unnecessary knowledge. Are they trying to indoctrinate the public into making decisions solely from a simplistic material science view of reality? It could investigate academics, who are so desperate to debunk astrology that they will use tricks and misrepresentation to cloud the public mind.   Similar "tests" could be applied to their area of expertise. "Twentyfirst Century Inquisitors" or "The New Bigotry" are possible titles for this last programme.

Roy Gillett  President Astrological Association of Great Britain  18th  April 2001.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I had a reply from JeanClaude Bragard, Producer of "Son of God"

"I'm sorry we couldn't give more airtime to astrology  I wish we had 6 hours in which to do the series  there were so many things we had to leave out. ...

You are of course right that MMolnar's views  though about astrology at the time, are from an astronomers' point of view.

The 7BC Pisces conjunctions was indeed the previous theory to hold sway, but

MMolnar's is now regarded by most astronomers as the better theory. ....

As regards the comet  I'm very interested to hear you say that one appeared on May 7th 5 BC. I wasn't aware of this  are there records? MMolnar's theory is that comets or supernovas were not regarded as imporant by ancient astrologers.

In any event I hope one day there may be an opportunity to do a more in depth programme on the Nativity. We are trying to develop ideas to do so, but it takes time.  ....

As for everything ocurring in Aries, this is the nub of his theory, following his discovery of some 1st century coins from Judea which finally proved that Aries was the astrological sign for Judea. So  in his view  astrologers looking for omens about Judea would be looking in Aries. His whole theory stands or falls on this key assumption. And as far as I understood from his charts, on that day, Saturn was in Aries.  ...." to which I have responded:

" .... Thank you very much for your kind reply. I do mention in Chapter 17 of the Draconic Chart volume which I gave you in Manchester, that my information on the 5BC Bethlehem comet  as well as a great deal of supporting data for a Nativity in Spring 5BC  came personally from Prof. Colin Humphreys at Cambridge University. He has spent much time over many years researching both the Nativity and the Crucifixion (with Prof. John Waddington.)

The theories of pure historians and astronomers produce birthcharts for Jesus that simply do not work astrologically  surely you can see that if one is to accept the premise that astrology was fully functional in antiquity, it must continue to do so  and increasingly with our enhanced technology and perspective  in the modern world? It is desperately sad that so very few people are properly educated in astrology, and even they are treated with the flippancy of a sideshow by most academics and media.

If you were to help us fight our corner with a followup series on serious astrology, it would be a breath of fresh air, clear away many misunderstandings, and awaken a huge amount of public interest. I am convinced there is an audience waiting for this. ...."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

While we're on the subject of questionable media...

... a nice little daily programme on ITV, "Revealing Secrets", ran an item on one William Hope of Crewe (Cheshire, UK) and his Spirit Photography which was all the rage in the first couple of decades of the 20th Century. They actually showed a poster that gave the date, time and venue of one of his Lantern Lectures! Monday September 9th 1918 at 7h30 pm in Union Street, "Rayton", which I must have miscopied and is most probably Royton in Lancashire, UK.

Now this is interesting  I have just transformed the chart by the Balancer Harmonic you will find at the end of the bulletin, and look how it paints the picture! An exact Sun/Uranus conjunction in Taurus10th opposite Neptune in 4th all square a Venus/Mars conjunction in 7th, while a 5thhouse Sagittarian Moon, trine 9thhouse Chiron, squares a Pisces Mercury in 8th (itself in grand trines with Neptune and Jupiter in 12th.) Here in a nutshell is the charismatic wonderworker mystifying and electrifying a mixed audience with apparent proof of discarnate realities. Many are women, thoroughly enjoying themselves, open to persuasion, and likely to swallow any occult hocuspocus he can produce so easily and sell so fluently.

Do try it.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Thus thundered the Daily Telegraph and the Times on the 12th of April when it was revealed by David Asher and Nigel Holloway that explosions on an asteroid could blast its orbit into a deadly collision course with an enemy city during a spaceage war.

Using a computer model they steered asteroid 1998 HH49 to impact with Telford in Shropshire, England, economically wiping out Manchester, Leicester, Nottingham and Birmingham all at the same time. After October 16th 2023, the UK's prime manufacturing bases and living heart would no longer exist. Damage would extend beyond the British and Irish mainlands to the European Channel coasts.

A photo of Telford's Time Machine clock in the Telegraph's alarming montage shows it at 1h01 pm (it's daylight!), so my chart is set at this time.

Oh dear. How did they come to choose a culminating Sun/South Node square Pluto?

And how come, according to Solar Fire, my Times Atlas, and my AA Touring Guide, Telford never even existed???

That mystery was eventually solved by an intense scrute of said Atlas and a brand new road map  what is now Telford New Town was once a scattering of more evocative communities including Wellington (of Duke and Boots) and Oakengates (which Solar Fire knew all about!) Sadly I don't have the town's inceptional data  can you help? All this tells me is that it's 33 years old this year and it is doomed at 55!

Looking at the dwad is just as dismaying  the Nodes and Meridian now line up along the Asc/Desc with Uranus "setting", and Chiron squares all this drama from the 4th ... along with the radix Sun/S.Node/MC square that Pluto which now collides with the "setting" Uranus. Not exactly a day to look forward to. What was that about WYFIWYG...???

* * * * * * * * * * * *


From Arizona, Michael C. Heleus writes,

"As Uranus neared my Sun in '98, I found the insideoutside balancer angle of 79.3837 degrees (try that and its multiples in charts)."

I've been applying myself to this, taking an Harmonic approach. Divide 360 by 79.3837 and you have the 4.534936th harmonic. (Solar Fire will accept input to 6 decimal places.) Divide again, and you have at your disposal the 9.069872nd harmonic.

Now, it is pretty obvious that we are nestling up very close here to the 9th harmonic and its relations  but just try comparing the straight 9th H chart  and the 4.5th H chart  with Mike's "Balancer" as a harmonic series and you may be quite startled at the increase in precise description of something crucial in your life and your nature that gives both substance and meaning.

Adding the "Balancer" angles themselves to your software will limit you to aspects of less than 180 degrees, so the only multiple is a 2x Balancer. A semiaspect is so close to the Novile that unless you are doing some astonishingly precise stuff ( as MCH is with Astrosonics ) there is little point in looking for it. I favour the Harmonic approach very much  the results so far have been extremely interesting.

*In future, this will be referred to as the 'BH' chart.

Mike adds:

"I have finally managed despite big odds to get a token site up at"

so take a look at his work; it is extraordinary stuff from an extraordinary mind; some of you who tick the same way will understand and appreciate  what he has spent the last three decades researching and developing.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Dateline May 2nd 2001:

Luciano Pavarotti on trial for tax evasion! (claims constant travelling entitles him to claim for heavy expenses)

Delicious asteroid pattern! Pavarotti conjunct Venus in Aries, Luciano(tesi) conjunct Jupiter in Gemini; the Venus/Jupiter, Luciano/Pavarotti Midpoint in tight square to Neptune which rises in his Qchart for today (remember  the current date (& optionally place) set for the natal time (& optionally place.) Also in his Qchart, Saturn at the IC!

Pavarotti's Daily Converse chart is something to behold: the Sun and Mercury (square a Moon/Jupiter conjunction on his natal IC) culminate for maximum exposure, as the slings and arrows of Mars rise in Scorpio opposite the outrageous fortune of setting Uranus. The transit of Uranus has already hit the tenor's natal Desc, and it's even sitting on the 7th at his 2001 Solar return. This is one it seems he has always had to go through. On the angles of his Daily Progressed chart, Marconia  and Lucretius Carus are to be found  the media spotlight again, and Enormous Expense! Let's hope it all proves to be a constructive wakeup call and not a sad disintegration. Either way, the Leorising ego is in for a severe bruising this year.

In view of MCH's Balancer  do look at Pavarotti's 4.534936th harmonic  especially at the centre of a biwheel with the radix chart around it. What a stunning pattern! My own works well, too, in this format.

Next, do the same thing, this time with his Converse Daily chart for his birthtime today, May 2nd 2001, again in a biwheel, BH of the Converse with the Converse. What drama! If you don't have a program that allows custom harmonic input, then do it by hand  it's worth the effort.

Here we go again! Is there no end to the surprises and glories of this heavenly language? The more we discover, the more there is to be found. It is a perpetual delight!

The great tenor's data, for those of you who don't have it: October 12th 1935, at 01h40 CET in Modena, Italy. (supplied to Frank Clifford by Grazia Bordoni, from the Birth Certificate.)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Here's a nice little snippet

I have a newspaper photograph of a printout of an email that was supposed to be utterly private, but which went all around the world! As it involved a solicitor, and I don't think the term is used in the USA for a legal representative, I'm assuming London, the date December 7th 2000, the time 16:12.

It was sent from Clare to solicitor boyfriend Bradley, thanking him for a very intimate compliment. He then decided to swank by forwarding it to his best mates  and off it went to the entire wired world!

Here we have asteroids Clara and Bradley cosying up in 14 and 17 Libra in the lovers' 5th house, conjunct sexy Mars (naturally!),  trine a culminating Uranus in Aquarius and sextile a Sag. SunPlutoChiron trio that has just set (maybe another location corrects this to the 7th cusp), identifying a bloke on an ego trip having fun by publishing (Chiron in one of its lesserknown roles) stuff that ought to be secret.

The Aries Moon in the 11th has been impulsively indiscreet  and is heading rapidly to a square with 9thhouse Capricorn Venus ... Oh woe is she! How she wishes she could swallow her words!

Now this is what I call 'panning out'! .....

This same April day was trumpeted as "Another Bad day For The Royals". Do you really need to see the DPA's for our Queen? Can't you imagine?

Well, she was born on April 21st 1926 at 02h40 BST in London with South Node rising in Capricorn and Saturn on the MC ( and for your interest, her BH Moon, S.Node, Asc all conjoin on her radix Saturn/MC). On April 11th 2001 at her birthtime, her Qchart is weighed down with South Node rising in Capricorn and an exact opposition of MoonSaturn just past square to Uranus, still close to the Queen's meridian, and two days from her DPAsc. The converse, inescapable, DC(onverse)A's had just rolled Saturn and Ascendant together, six days after Uranus conjunct DCIC. T Uranus squares her natal Saturn, and before long will square the royal MC. For good measure, the Queen's Sun is conjoining natal Pluto square p.Mars and is nearly on Pluto progressed. To cap it all, her crucial Nodal return was at 4h00 am on October 13th 2000 (you can produce Nodal Return charts instantly with the Herschel program from Graham Bates)  Mars rises in Virgo square the Pluto/ChironJupiter opposition up and down the meridian, while a full Moon in Aries straddles the 2nd and 8th houses. Moon/Uranus=Mars, in quincunxes.

It must be horrendously hard for her to contain her fury when she and everything she solidly stands for is repeatedly threatened and undermined. But it is impossible to fight the Plutonic forces of essential or historic change. She has to put her own interests last, her subjects' first, duty and restraint over desire. Over the next year or five we'll see major developments at Buckingham Palace and/or in the history of Britain, since p.Sun/Pluto is rapidly followed by p.Sun/N.Node, and she will hopefully do as a spiritual duty whatever a Queen must do.

She had just laboured through the excruciating embarrassment of Sophie Wessex's PR gaffe and consequent resignation from her firm; now on 11th April the senescent actor and Pensioners' campaigner Tony Booth, onetime TV soninlaw of BBC's immortal royalist reactionary 'Alf Garnett' and now fatherinlaw to the Prime Minister of Great Britain, went on record to criticise the royal family as "arrogant, greedy, disreputable and stupid." What were we saying about negative Capricorn earlier this year? The Cancer N. Node urges empathy, the mothering and nurturing of a nation. Above all, it impels us to grasp the challenges and rewards of an evernascent future as we continually fulfil and let go of the past.

Well, it was April 1st...

I didn't manage to get this one in last month, more's the pity! ...

...A delicious spoof for April Fools Day adorned the normally solemn Business page of the Sunday Times! I quote:


The British Airways London Eye is going supersonic. After a large number of complaints that the wheel, which has unrivalled views over London, moves too slowly, the airline has sprung into action.

Prufrock reported in 1999 that the central spindle keeping the whole thing together was made by Skoda. Now, in a bid to speed things up, BA has commissioned a replacement hub from Ferrari's Formula One foundry in Maranello.

It will make the switch at 11 am today. Engineers will be testing the wheel, which will achieve speeds of up to 60mph for an hour this morning. If the exercise is successful and there is sufficient demand, BA will offer the faster ride for an hour each day.

Passengers will be asked not to take loose change with them for fear of injury and BA says the move will mean that more people will get to enjoy the experience. Kate gay, a BA spokeswoman says, 'We've wheeley got into a spin over this.' "

Naturally one must check out heaven's wheel for 11h00 BST on April 1st 2001 in London! South Node setting in Capricorn assures us that slowness Will Not Do, and the interdimensional pattern says everything! Draconic positions tell us what a person or situation is really about, and here we have a draconic Capricorn Sun in tropical 6th (grindingly slow piece of equipment) squared by a Moon/Asc conjunction in Aries in 10th, up in the sky in tropical sunshine with a great view and raring to go! The MercuryMars square in coelo is ever so busy; not only do we find draconic Mars and Pluto going into overdrive at the trop.IC, but sidereal (sociocultural) Mars on the draconic MC with sid.Mercury on dr.Jupiter to boot. Helio Jupiter lines up benevolently with the sidereal Moon/Asc/N.Node in Gemini to ensure that everyone has a really really fun time!

Asteroids to do with wheels and speed have to be spoken for, of course; at the ASC/MC midpoint is the conjunction of Swift and Ferrari with dwad Mars and Aeria. Conjunct Uranus, opposite the dwad of the Sun and Jack London ... and Blarney! , and neatly sextile Mars we find Sisyphus rolling along. Aligned with the radix Sun are Spinrad and Schneller (faster!).

It just goes to show how inextricably integrated our imaginations are with the Universal Mind!

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Until June, God Bless,