Well  here we are, well on the other side of our latest annihilation date and largely still alive to tell the tale ... (sorry to be incommunicado for so many months, but it was time for a sabbatical.)

As I write, the US Presidential election is in meltdown!  Asteroid 'Teller' is tellingly square Neptune...thousands of Gore voters are claiming ballot confusion, overseas votes aren't in, and nobody knows which man has the slender Floridian margin for victory! Most if not all of you will be well aware that the same Neptune is painting utopian pictures all over Al Gore's Descendant  but it's not far from George Walker Bush's, also! Now both these men's charts will have been analysed half to death by now, but I wonder how many have pressed on into Interdimensional territory?

If you do, you will be rewarded by a splendid sight  George W. Bush (who, with asteroid 'Walker' doing that right now through his rising degrees, is pushing his 'W' for all it's worth!) now blessed with a Sidereal Ascendant in Cancer 13, right on his crafty, patriotic 12thhouse Sun, and the Draconic Sun in unstoppable Aries right on the Tropical Midheaven. This is hit headon by his Current Draconic MercuryPluto on Inauguration Day, January 20th 2001. If you do a 'Q' (quotidian) chart for that day at Bush's birthtime of 07h26 the Sun is exactly rising, and loadshouldering Saturn on the IC. His father had Saturn on the MC in his own inaugural Q chart. Al Gore's natal 4wheel is by comparison undistinguished, the chart of an alsoran, even though he has intrinsically some excellent qualities. He just doesn't appear destined for the highest profile in the land. For that, Suns on Angles have everything going for them. But if you ever forgot which man was the Democrat, all you have to do is check out asteroid 'Demokritos'  smack on Gore's MC!

A check on Bush's direct and converse progressions for this year would support a victory: He has a direct conjunction of Asc and N.Node, with a converse conjunction of MC and N.Node! Time to do what you came to do. You're on your Path. And p. Jupiter has been stroking his natal Ic, now joined by converse Moon. What is more, by January 20th 2001 the transiting Node itself is nearly on his Sun.

If you then work a composite of his chart with that of the 2001 Inauguration on January 20th at Noon (the approximate anticipated time) you are presented with the c. Sun on his Midheaven and c. Jupiter on his Ascendant. What more can a presidential hopeful ask for?

Al Gore has none of this. Only the busyness of an angular Mercury and Moon in the progressions, and the dubious glories of a composite Sun/MC and Moon/Desc on Inauguration Day ... which of course are totally undone if the time slides away from Noon. Nothing more solid backs him up. Only his fleet of lawyers  good luck to them! He could save himself the expense.


Now, while checking out the inauguration Q's, I had a look at Bill Clinton's. Yes, there in 1997 is Saturn on the IC again. Not so in 1993, but on January 20th the Sun falls on his 7th opposite rising Leo Saturn, which will do nicely.


I said his rising Leo Saturn.

Yes, I know you have in mind a chart with Libra rising, universally accepted now, quoted as coming from his mother; but way back a time was given of 3h44 am which I used happily for ages until it appeared to be superseded by 8h51... and I have just fished it out of the file to doublecheck and this is what I get. There is nothing in the 8h51am Q chart. How do these two charts get on with Hillary, I wondered? First, a look at the composite  8h51 puts Pluto near the Asc, Jupiter near the IC ... but 3h44 gives the combined chart an exactly angular Sun, on the IC, the mark of prominence, riches and success as a couple. Add the two natal charts in triwheels with their composites, and you find at 3h44 a classic pattern for marriage, trebled: composite Moon on Bill's MC (she is his wife), composite MC on Hillary's Moon (he makes her a wife and mother), composite angular  Sun opposite her Moon (he is her husband.) And for 8h51? There is still the classic Sun/Moon of course, but not angular; otherwise Hillary's Sun near but not right on the composite IC.

BUT Hillary's data is not secure; she is also reported as being born in the early hours of the morning.

So let's take a look at synastry with Chelsea, whose recorded data is known. Only Bill's 3h44 chart has a Moon/MC conjunction (she is his daughter), and to put the cream topping on, her Desc neatly picks up his early morning Moon less than a degree away, while her birth brought Venus onto his Aries Midheaven. 8h51 cannot compare.

The Other Woman!

As for Monica Lewinsky, the composite with Bill at 3h44 develops an otherwise missing Wow factor: the conjunction of her Leo Sun with his Saturn and the c.Mercury is now also dazzlingly on his Ascendant; she drives an angular Uranus/Mars,Chiron right onto his MC. The c. Sun/Moon square is at its tightest. At 8h51 he has nowhere near this intensity of fatal attraction, which is perfectly dramatised by c. Pluto conjunct Asc at 3h44, and was bound to come unstuck with her Neptune at the c. IC.

And Gennifer Flowers?

At 8h51 there is zilch. At 3h44 they are staring fatefully at each other, as rapt as Narcissus by the pool, destinies locked by their shared Leo Ascendant, their shared Aries MC, brandishing respectively Flowers' setting Sun and culminating Moon. He made her feel powerful ... and as good as married! C. Sun conjunct S.Node and square Pluto decreed otherwise. When Saturn hit their c.Moon in its square to the fateful early Leo axis, she was not a happy bunny, and no help to the US President at all.

Both women, in a Q chart for 3h44, acquire an angular Saturn. He can only bring trials!

Another country

Saturn has been passing over the same degree sidereally this year, and returns to it in 2001; this is the time that Bill Clinton has been working so hard, and so far in vain, to restore the hardwon peace to the Middle East. Neptune, tropical, undermines his efforts, ruins his dreams, from its opposition to his committed Leo Saturn/Asc.

If you check the two Q charts for the original Middle East Peace Accord and the Irish Peace Deal, at 3h44 both charts have the N.Node on the IC signalling that for Bill Clinton this day marks an especially important contribution, something he was born to attempt and hopefully achieve. 8h51 again cannot match this.

His Current Draconic for his election in November1992 puts Jupiter on his natal Descendant with the Moon on his birth Sun.

(Current Draconic, for those of you who haven't met it yet or have bought a copy of "The Draconic Chart" and not tried it out, simply means replacing the Moon's True Node in the normal natal chart with the currently transiting N.Node, and doing a Draconic chart with it. It yields extremely important Directions that move the chart around at the same rate as the transiting Nodes.)

Methinks we may have been victims of Misinformation ...


An Island is a chunk of land entirely surrounded by water. Neptune Rules OK. I suppose Neptune Rules UK... well he certainly does these days! Poor Britannia no longer rules the waves because Neptune waives the rules and all our boundaries are dissolving in rivers of rain and mud. There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune, and a small fibreglass firm is about to make it very big in domestic floodproofing! It also leads on to horoscopic fortune, as we are privileged to observe the wonders of the Sidereal chart at work. Remember Ron Davison's words to me in the tea queue? "I think it's something to do with History". Yes, folks, the flood god is laughing unnoticed in our faces! On the Capricorn Sun of the UK, and William's England, and our Queen's Draconic Sun, and for that matter the new century, the new millennium, the execrable Dome, the EEC, and all things beginning at the cusp of the year ... is Sidereal Neptune, swamping almost every riverside city in our islands, inundating cottages, retirement homes, toyshops, flats, supermarkets, cathedrals, offices, luxury pads, garages, railways, factories and farms rich and poor without discrimination. It's going to rain again on 11th, tomorrow. Hard. It will be Full Moon at 7h26 am here as Neptune sets, and Kent is in for a drenching. I'll keep you posted.

Neptunian chaos rules over the UK transport system as not only floods but sudden, urgent countrywide railtrack repairs are throwing timetables into disarray, and thousands of hauliers and farmers and other disgruntled roadusers protest the everrising price of fuel. This is also happening in Australia, whose Commonwealth birthdate was 1st January 1901.

Our North Sea fishing limits were last extended on January 1st 1977  and now there is an international row brewing over the fish stocks, with our favourite cod almost fished out of existence, our national dish in jeopardy!!!

As for the Millennium Dome, on 9th November the whole enterprise was officially slammed for its basic unfeasibility and mindboggling mismanagement, while eight out of a reported twelve merry men are behind bars for trying to steal the de Beers Millennium Diamonds from the Dome exhibit at 9h40 on Tuesday morning. These sad individuals must have watched too many crime caper movies; the fantasy of pulling off the hugest, most famous diamond heist in history disintegrated with the bulldozed doors as a battalion of armed police jumped them. And it could have been legendary  as the gang rammed the Dome, Pluto and Chiron rose opposite setting Jupiter, conjoined by Draconic Mars on the Descendant. Sidereally that filthy rich horizon lined up with the Scorpio Sun, and the Moon lay on the Sidereal IC. But our friend Neptune, draconic in Libra, spoiled the whole party from the Tropical MC. The day before, the multimillion pound dazzlers had been replaced by fakes.

Even all the ballyhoo of the Millennium has fizzled out like a damp squib. Amid the chimes, the crowds, the singing, the fireworks, the same sidereal Neptune in Capricorn bathed the Sun and the IC of every nation with the fragrance and imagery of its sweetest dream. That night the world felt spiritually united; every human heart was full of hope.

Now look at it.

Neptune. Disappointmnent.

But it's our fault; we are too weak to realise the Vision.

Scientists and other pundits have gloated quietly over the inevitable failure once again of millennial prophecy to prophesy  yet they should think again. Although the world is just as sweet and sour, as full of love and war as it always was, we have inexorably driven ourselves to an unprecedented brink, which was graphically pictured in the extraordinary, hence epochal stellium of May 4th/5th 2000. Serious floods have been prophesied for this epoch by seers and scientists alike over the centuries. In the UK we are beginning to reap the whirlwind.

"No man can serve two masters .... you cannot serve God and Mammon."

If ever a zodiac sign underlined that statement it must be Taurus. We all know that the second sign with all its fixity and earthiness and Venusian charms is concerned with income and possessions, with getting and spending; but now  we have been shown that the Nativity of Jesus, who brought God more purely to Earth than any other incarnate being, took place with the Sun in Taurus, it is also emphasised as the Sign of Peace, of sweetness, of constancy,  of Love. And the degree of Taurus under which the Prince of Peace, author of that uncompromising statement, was born, is 14 TA 17. May 4th 2000 was Jesus' 2004th Solar Return.

This year every time I have turned on the radio or TV  I have repeatedly heard stuff like " Railtrack couldn't afford the ATP safety system; it had to pay its shareholders" (so 31 people are burnt to death and 400 badly injured at Paddington); "The disabled have to move into community care, away from their safe home and all its facilities"  because the NHS want to sell the site to private developers and make a heap of money. "The elderly are being forced to leave their retirement home/nursing home with its peace, friendships and security because the local authority will no longer fund it" or some similar excuse. "Farmers are having to sell their sheep at a loss and see the meat on supermarket shelves at 100 times the price they were paid". "A man had to visit doctors 22 times with his sore throat before they would believe he was ill. His throat cancer is now inoperable". "The local school has to close. It is no longer financially viable." "This factory has to close and the business sold," and thousands of dependent families lose their incomes, because it will be more profitable in this way to cut out British competition with a European product. Etcetera.

Over and over again you hear of vulnerable people being sacrificed on the altar of profit. Noone has priority over the Shareholder (except the Executive and the Board.) So the people who are thereby deprived of funding and therefore of their livelihood, whether individuals or organisations  hospitals, farms, libraries, schools, post offices, small banks, local shops, transport links, orchestras, sports facilities, sheltered accommodation, nursing homes, maternity wards, small businesses  are driven to fight for their lives, and so tempted to fall into the very trap that has swallowed their persecutors. We can all be persuaded to chase after Mammon when we get desperate  or even for the pleasure of the chase! The idea of the Big Win is so seductive. So many enticing getups and gadgets can be ours, such a glossy image, such selfempowerment, such praiseworthy selfesteem.

Remember Narcissus? Go take another look at him in the newly opened Tate Modern (officially by the Queen on 11th May 2000 11h06; public let in on 12th May "a little after 10 am".) See what Dali did to him. He didn't just turn into a pretty flower, and we certainly don't!

The biggest lottery win in American history has followed the Taurus stellium; after the draw on May 9th about 550 million dollars dropped into the lives of two people, only one of whom immediately came forward for his share. What will it do to him, I wonder?

"The labourer is worthy of his hire" said Jesus; and a long time before He came, another prophet reminded us that "the love of money is the root of all evil." Taurus gone wrong is the root, the polarity, of the worst of Scorpio. If you are wondering where Scorpio is in this stellium, take a look at spring 2000's opposing Sidereal conjunction of Pluto and Chiron. ... opposite Jesus' asteroid Yeshuhua on His own Descendant degree close to Siva and just 2 degrees from His Sun and the stellium New Moon. This also conjoins Agnia, the god of fire, and Nemesis. His other asteroid, Christa, conjunct FiveSparks, is sidereally opposite these and the Taurus Mars.

Motive is everything. Another of Jesus'  pointed sayings  "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." More than at any time in human history, for the sake of our souls and our world, we desperately need to cultivate a loving heart. "Whatever you do to another, you do to me." "As you sow, so shall you reap." Christ's teaching is centred firmly in unsentimental, selfless love and what we know as the laws of karma. If ever there was a time when the modest printed collection of  Jesus' stern but compassionate guidance should be reread by all literate people and introduced to the unchurched, it is now. We all need reminding of the things that really matter  and it's not Matter.

Denmark won the Eurovision Song Contest this year with "Fly On The Wings Of Love." It's a start!

New Moon in New Mexico

Let's go back to that stellium on May 4th, with its awesome Sidereal  therefore  culturally/historically significant  alignments.

There were destructive asteroids, including Siva and Yeshuhua (Jesus), lined up with the Chiron/Pluto conjunction, and this same conjunction was crushing the Ascendant at Los Alamos as the New Moon perfected. (It was late on May 3rd at the nuclear laboratory.) The patterns are reminiscent of those that blasted York Minster several years ago. "I can no longer stay the arm of my Son" said Mary to her visionaries in Bosnia in 1992. God loves  but like a parent with no options left open, may sometimes materially punish a child for its repeated wrongdoing.  Christ is saying, "I have become Siva, destroyer of worlds." Does that ring a bell? It is what J. Robert Oppenheimer said at Los Alamos, as he witnessed his own child, the Atomic bomb, overwhelm with killing light the sky and the desert.

It's a rather grim note to end on, but it does need saying. I promise to cheer you all up again next time!

Happy Remembrance Day,