Greetings to you, my friends!

Occasionally some data will come my way, or a fresh approach to a chart will suggest itself, or an idea need airing. Every so often I'll use this little bulletin to post them to you to explore or ignore as you please, and I promise to keep it short none of us wants to wade through sheaves of uninvited literature when there are more pressing reasons for checking our mail!

If you know anyone else who might appreciate Small World, let me know at the email address above, or indeed forward it to them; likewise, if you don't want to receive it do tell me, and I'll take your name off my list.

Its name reflects my inordinate interest in the minutiae of astrology, particularly the Dwads and the burgeoning thousands of named asteroids! I wanted to use "Minutiae" in the email address but there's another crackpot like me out there... so I worked fruitlessly through the shortlist till there remained just one, the date of the Nativity of Jesus, the Seventh day of the 5th month when the Dragon's Head was exactly at Zero Aries. Before committing this to Gaia's electronic synapses, natal 5th house stellium kicked in and invented a new game....


Let's do the numerology, I thought; and then, Why not give it a different spin? Instead of just adding the numbers of the letters, try multiplying them, removing multiples of 360 to get a final zodiac degree, and then see if there's any significance. Also, treat the number row as a single multidigit figure, reducing it the same way. And a third variant is to keep dividing the figure by 360 until a zodiac degree is left. I must say the results were intriguing! The above address by various means yielded the degrees of Jesus' Nativity Star (Aldebaran) and Sun/DESC all in midTaurus, his Taurus Mercury, and the degree opposite his Gemini Moon/Isis. Our Lady's Nativity treated the same way gave her Leo Sun/Mary conjunction, the Scorpio ASC shared by both of them (Sabian Symbol "a woman father of her own child"), plus Jesus' Gemini Moon and Venus all within a degree. "GOD" is 764, which minus 2x360 becomes 44, the degree of Jesus' Sun. "SUN" is 135, the centre of the Sun's own sign. "Son" in 15 Virgo is opposite "Moon" in 15 Pisces; "Lune" is Cancer 25, its dwad 0 Taurus, linking the Moon's rulership with its exaltation. Playing with personal names was absolutely fascinating and the bonus came at bedtime and the routine invocation of Hypnos, when it beat sheepcounting at every hurdle. Great fun for obsessives. Try it!


Regarding data: back in 1987 when I put Torvill and Dean in the Draco book I had their permission in a personal letter from Jayne. The data for Oprah Winfrey which she sent me on request privately is now public domain. Now however I find myself in possession of a celebrity birthtime which is sought by a number of friends, and I am in a dilemma. I would greatly appreciate your comments on this. The date, place and time of birth were all given to me personally by the mother of the person concerned while I was a guest under their roof . The mother has since died. I was there as part of an entertainment, but also gave a reading (unpaid) to the celebrity's partner. Subsequently I mailed a reading to the person concerned, which was unacknowledged. So far, for over ten years, I have kept this data in confidence. What are your views? Would you continue to respect the privacy of this information, or would you share it with the astrological community?


Saga Magazine ran an article in their January issue about the professional weather prophet, Richard Piers Corbyn he who has until recently been extremely secretive about the methods he uses for lucrative meteorological prediction. I wonder how close he comes to astrology? No birthtime of course, but we do have a date "I was born on March 10th 1947, (in Wiltshire) during a terrible winter with awful snow. I arrived on the day of the thaw. My father told me about it and I've checked the records. The west of England had gales, heavy rain and floods and, by coincidence, there was the Great Sunspot of 1947 on the sun!"

Weatherman Bill Giles was in the spotlight on a recent "This is your Life" born William George Giles on 18th November 1939 in Dartmouth.

If you missed the birthdata for the septuplets born last year, it was published all over the front page of USA TODAY 19th November 1997 in Des Moines Methodist Medical Center, Iowa to Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey. The births, by Caesarian section, began at 12h48 pm. They are Kenneth Robert, Alexis May, Natalie Sue, Kelsey Ann, Brandon James , Nathaniel Roy and Joel Steven.

That's it for now enjoy!

Cheerio, folks! PamC

March 14th 1998

Hallo again!

OK, you've all seen the headlines! Ignore asteroids at your peril! By this new potential Doomsday some of us will if still around be geriatric and may not care less, but if you really want to scare the pants off yourselves check out the horrible Tsquare with SunEarth involving Pluto, Saturn/Chiron, Sidereal Mars, and a closing (therefore active) Helio Mars. In Northern latitudes Pluto culminates as Uranus rises around 6 to 6h30 pm. It is at its worst on October 30th 2028, echoing interestingly the configurations of 11th August 1999 and even 4th May 2000 (the Solar Return of Jesus) when the Sidereal Mars, Pluto and Chiron align with the Taurus eclipse stellium. NB "early 2000" is when the asteroid will make "a close pass"...

You may also like to take a look at the SunMoon square of August 4th 1999 this is another dramatic pattern which deserves our attention. It has had mine for years, as I had a clear dream donkeys ages ago in which the phrase came, "Gunboat Maryland, 4th of August". Burrowing in war books and phone calls to Janes' Fighting Ships failed to turn up any such vessel, but in 1995 I was shown ( do you want the story?) that August 4th was most certainly the birthday of Mary, mother of Jesus, in 24 BC at Nazareth, 10h52 GMT, nearly the same angles as Jesus (born 7th May 5BC, 16h23 GMT, Bethlehem) with asteroid Mary exactly conjunct her Leo Sun, helio Maria exactly conjunct Earth; and this 1999 pattern falls on her birthday, configuring her chart and that of Jesus. When you play the numbers game with "Gunboat Maryland" (vide last bulletin) it comes up with 4 Taurus the degree of the MoonJupiter conjunction that day before the exact Quarter. Coincidence? Warning? As ever, we wait and see!

I can't find my Comet Halley ephemeris, by the way anyone out there with a copy they could offer me?

I have a Useful Tip for those of you with Solar Fire 4 and haven't yet discovered this: you can actually save Progressed and Converse charts if you select one, then choose Chart, Locality, and reenter the chart's own coordinates! Not only does this save the chart for future fiddling, but gives you the exact reference date and time for the progression.

Many thanks to those of you who offered counsel on the privacy of celebrity data; I'm giving it a lot of thought.

Finally (for MediaWatch!) the Esther Rantzen programme is going to be repeated this coming Wednesday afternoon, March 18th, on BBC2; and the weirdest thing someone called Geraldine Douge has apparently interviewed yours truly on an Australian Broadcast Commission TV programme, "Compass" anyone out there know by what miracle of IT this occurred, and why noone at either ABC or BBC thought to let us know? Many thanks to the new friend who emailed me with the news! (You will have had my message by now, I hope.)

"They don't make diamonds as big as bricks" says my sage Saggy husband, and The Best Things In Life Are Free. Off goes another small but hopefully useful missive to you all partly as a Thankyou to all those other astrologers who share so much, and particularly to my late, dear old friend Al H. Morrison of New York whose generosity was unequalled.

More anon. God Bless! Pam

March 29th 1998

"Nothing is so beautiful as Spring

When weeds in wheels shoot long and lovely and lush;

Thrush's eggs look little low heavens, and thrush

Through the echoing timber does so rinse and wring

The ear, it strikes like lightnings to hear him sing;

The glassy peartree leaves and blooms, they brush

The descending blue; that blue is all in a rush

With richness; the racing lambs too have fair their fling."

I love this poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins! You should see the Wordsworthian host of golden daffodils, too, along the main A2 by the Fire station at Faversham (of which, more later on!) so glorious that at dusk there is still sunshine all around there.

In the bookshop formerly known as Phoenix, I came upon the biography of the Rev. Wilbert Vere Awdry, he who created Thomas the Tank Engine, Henry, Edward and Gordon the other steamengines, and the Fat Controller. His baby book, conserved by his family, gives us full and exact birth data: born at exactly 5h22 pm on June 15th 1911 at Romsey in Hampshire, England. He died in 1994 on 27th October.

Most satisfyingly, asteroids Edward and Henry are conjunct his Mercury (4ge15) within a degree, and Thomas is 5 deg from opposition at 29sc16...but this is right opposite Awdry's Sidereal Sun in Taurus, and in the helio chart Edward is found at 25ta31, Henry at 27ta55! Sidereal Pluto links with Tropical Mercury from 3ge50, and the Sidereal Desc picks up Draconic Mercury. Sidereal Mercury in midTaurus joins an impressive lineup of Draconic Sun in Jesus' own Trop/Draconic Sundegree, 14 Taurus, tropical Saturn/N.Node, and the helio Saturn/Jupiter opposition from midTaurus to Scorpio. Quite apart from a typical clergyman's pattern, I reckon we've found the Fat Controller!

Notice the strength of the Sidereal again in a man famous for his writing, a public figure both in this respect and as a minister of the Church. There is more fun to be had with Mercury: the pivotal helio has it in steamy Pisces, Tsquared with Earth in the Galactic Centre area and the late Gemini Pluto; helio Mercury/Mars=tropical MC; dwad geo Mercury breathes in Neptune's ear in 21 Cancer, and to get up yet more steam the dwad Sun is in 11 Pisces with Chiron and the IC. The Fat Controller is securely identified again in dwad geo Saturn conjunct Jupiter!

We nearly lost Faversham last weekend. Its old name was Feversham or Feuersham, referring either to its unhealthy air(!) or maybe to its longterm and very hazardous industry, the manufacture of gunpowder. It was incorporated with Moon con Jupiter in Aries semisquare a rising Uranus ... So it had a fire. If the Fire services hadn't arrived so quickly at the old tearooms on the Marketplace, the whole centre could have gone up. My town was born on June 4th 1252 at 0h00 LMT, and on March 22nd unfortunately its daily converse MC stood face to face with radix Mars and the progressed nodes at the same time as daily progressed Asc squared p. Mars and DPMc squared a p. MercurySaturn opposition. Asteroid Feuerbach, just past the Sun, was heading into Faversham's Aries S. Node and its sidereal position on the town's Pisces (Brewing) Ascendant! The blaze is said to have started in a buildup of lint in a tumbledryer "just before 5 pm"; in any event, at 16h45 the god of fire, sidereal Agnia, was on the tropical IC and closing on the town's DPAsc as p. Mars rose in 16/17 Virgo, and then at 16h57 Fireman literally arrived on the Asc in 19 Virgo with transiting Sidereal Mars on the Desc. Two days later, the DconvMC joined Jupiter, DconvAsc met Mercury, and the whole drama was splashed over the local paper's front page in record time!

On April 19th in Turin Cathedral the Holy Shroud goes on public display from 7h00 am, after an initial unveiling and private Church ceremonies the previous day. Writer and researcher Ian Wilson who once doubted its authenticity is publishing a new book on April 13th completely reversing those earlier conclusions. I've done a lot of staring at Shroud data (times of key photographs, TV and radio programmes, etc), using asteroids to establish the identity of the image on the cloth. Every time, the person of Jesus the Martyred God has been described in these tiny "words" tagged to the Angles and Lights. This time for public display is some of the best data we've had; and the chart is unequivocal. The interplay of asteroids and the Dwad, always so descriptive, affirms the Shroud as that of the crucified Jesus. Asc 6 Taurus is joined by dwad Yeshuhua in 9 Taurus; dwad Asc and radix Christa are conjunct in 12 Cancer (opposite the previous day's Moon); Yeshuhua radix at 8 Aquarius is on the dwad IC in 9; and the Yeshuhua/Christa midpoint lies between the 12thhouse Aries Sun and Saturn (the lightimage of the mortal body.) I am trying to find out when the ceremonies begin on the 18th.

I must stop now before risking overload! You must tell me if ever you find the bulletin too long; I'll be as concise as I can, as promised.

Happy Spring, everybody!

God Bless, Pam