The exit was totally unexpected. The vertiginous rush through a pipework of pulsing dark that seemed to caress every cell in her body, every spark of her soul, flushed her out in a huge tsunami of light into ... what? More light. Light that loved her. Light that invited the edgeless mind she had become to extend into it, fuse with it, disintegrate as a finite being into a dazzling infinity that was not just ineffable light but thought. The thought constantly waving through the light gave it form; she found that her own yearning met the love in the air and grew ideas, grew images that had their own life and swarmed to meet her. Her baby - still-born and now beautiful, smiling. her beloved parents unbent, striding to meet and embrace her. The longing heart of the husband left behind warming her, willing her to live on. All the homes she had made with him and loved now rising around her to take her in and prepare her for the greatest adventure of all. She was making her heaven.

* * * * * * * * * * * *