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Sign Language 08 - Genesis and the Zodiac; a new Pope.

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Life, the Multiverse and Everything


Sometimes, a cluster of haphazard images jockeying for attention fuse surprisingly into a fresh idea. Recently for me there was an intensifying synchronicity of Scotland, Keswick, Auroras, and life in the Multiverse. It peaked on BBC2 in the Garden of Cosmic Speculation (in Scotland) with its designer Charles Jencks (married to Maggie Keswick) instructing a bemused Melvyn Bragg (who frequents Lakeland Keswick) in the mysteries of the Fibonacci Series; I was reminded  that it was some years since I last looked at that wonderfully organic sequence of numbers, the key to cosmic growth, that begins 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 ... and goes on infinitely adding its last two digits together until the logarithmic spiral of life takes its last turn and completes another form.

If that sequence of numbers, inextricably related to the Golden Section (1:1.61803) is not only found in shells and branches and sunflowers and pineapples but the very manifestation of universes, then our astrological matrix must also form a set of terms within its language.

So let’s apply the Fibonacci numbers to the Wheel we all know and love:

In The Beginning ...

1. First point of Aries. Seed-point. Beginning. Logos. As a natural fractal - astrologically the 12th harmonic - no more and no less than entire unto itself. One God, “the Father, the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen.” GROUND ZERO OF OUR BEING.

1. Again. 1 + 0 = 1... the first whole degree: still part of a single Light, but as a fractal, the first thought of 12°, of Cosmos. “The only Son of God, eternally begotten of the Father, God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten, not made, one in Being with the Father. Through him all things were made.” DAY 1.

2. 1+1=2, still fractal Aries, at 24°, therefore still part of the Godhead - “the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life, who proceeds from the Father and the Son. With the Father and the Son he is worshipped and glorified.” A point of Light, of Mind, has become a Trinity. DAY 2.
Now, still in radix Aries, we enter the pre-creative phase of the Trinity:

3. 2+1=3. The fractal of 3° Aries, 6° Taurus, generates undifferentiated fiery matter (DAY 3)

5. 3+2=5 Aries, whose fractal is 0°Gemini, an outbreath of  fiery gases (DAY 4)

8. 5+3=8 Aries, its fractal of 6° Cancer coalescing fiery liquids (DAY 5)

13. 8+5=13 Aries, fractal 6° Virgo, creating differentiated fiery materials (DAY 6)

21. 13+8=21 Aries. Its fractal, 12°Sagittarius, distributing volatile fire - the light of swirling galaxies, the light and life of the Spirit throughout the Cosmos (DAY 7)

This ends the Aries phase, the Big Bang!

Next - Creation...

34. 21+13=34 or 4° TAURUS - becoming 12th-harmonic 18° Taurus, fixed earth, forming consolidated materials, “the earth without form, and void” ( DAY 1)

55. 34+21=55 or 25° Taurus, which is 0° Aquarius, fixed air. “And God made the firmament ... and God called the firmament Heaven.” DAY 2

89. 55+34=89, or 29° of hot, moist GEMINI,  fractally 18° Pisces, to make mobile atmospheres with rain and seas conducive to plant-life. “God called the dry land earth, and the waters...seas. ... The earth brought forth vegetation...” (DAY3)

144. 89+55=144, or 24° Solar LEO at fractal 18° Capricorn, light and measurement. “And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years. ... And God made the two great lights, the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night; he made the stars also.” The young earth is still hot, but cooling into continents and erupting into mountains. (DAY 4)

233. 144+89=233, 23° SCORPIO, fractally 6° Capricorn. “So God created the great sea monsters ... and every  winged bird.” Distinct oceans, forests, volcanoes, deserts and polar icefields - the habitat for the dinosaurs and their descendants. (DAY 5)

377. 233+144=377,  17° ARIES of a whole new cycle! Fractal 24° Libra introduces the mammals and “creeping things” “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God ... ” (Aries!) “...male & female he created them” (Aries-Libra.) (DAY 6)

610. 377+233=610, or 250°/10° SAGITTARIUS of this second cycle. Its fractal is 0° Leo - so the 7TH day, the day upon which God rests from his labours and is blessed by Him, is of course SUN-DAY.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Solar Fire 6
Here I must take the opportunity to thank the folk at Astrolabe for the latest upgrade to Solar Fire, now at version 6 “DeLuxe”. There are so many great enhancements it would take a whole article to discuss them, but one is dear to my heart, and has been on my wish list for years! Yes, at last Solar Fire allows us to work freely with the Dwad, because now there is instant access to a Vedic module that gives you the choice of all the important subsidiary charts including the familiar Navamsha and my favourite Dwadashamsha. Ordinarily these would require one to be working in the Sidereal zodiac - but when one of these Vedic charts is selected, you are immediately given the option to remain working in the Tropical (or indeed Draconic) zodiac. You can also Composite two Dwad charts. This is one delighted astrologer!

Habemus Papam                                    
Those of you who were unable to glue yourselves to a TV this April may like to have the data for the Roman Catholic Church’s first new Papacy for 23 years. Times are all CEDT. The frail John Paul, born at Wadowice, Poland, on May 18th, 1920,  had died at 21h37 on April 2nd (official email from the Vatican) as Solar Arc Saturn/Uranus hit his Sun. His funeral on April 8th (Solar Eclipse day), which famously put back Prince Charles’ carefully-elected wedding to Camilla till the 9th,  began at 10h00 am, ending with the Pope’s burial in St. Peter’s at 13h00. Following the Conclave in the Sistine Chapel,  we know from The Tablet’s Margaret Hebblethwaite, who repeatedly checked her wristwatch, that the first rather ambiguous white smoke was seen at 17h50 on April 19th. On live TV the bells rang at 18h02, the proclamation began at 18h42, and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was named as Pope John Paul II’s successor at 18h44. His inaugural public Mass on Sunday April 24th, attended by a reported 300.000 souls packing St. Peter’s Square and surrounding streets, was scheduled for 10h00am, the all-important moment being the laying-on of the Pallium, the pure wool garment marked with crosses and symbols of the wounds of Christ. This marked the beginning of Pope Benedict XVI’s pastoral ministry, and took place at 10h50am. A minute or two later he received the Fisherman’s ring, as successor to St. Peter. As the long service was ending, the Moon was eclipsed at 11h55, with priestly Jupiter at the IC of Rome, and Chiron - mentor and redeemer - setting.

Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI was born at Marktl, Germany (48N15, 12E51) on April 16th 1927 (data from the Vatican website), but as yet I have no birth-time for him. However, true to form, there is a magnificent Q-chart on his birthdate when we enter the time the Pallium was laid on his shoulders; this was always going to be the hour he reached the pinnacle of power in the Church - Pluto rises as Jupiter culminates!

(Chart 01 - PopeBenedictXVI-Qpallium)

And  here are the Solar Fire Dwad charts  - first, a bi-wheel with the Dwad at the centre to show you how vividly it amplifies the inner meaning of the moment when the expectant crowd heard the thrilling words “Habemus Papam!” Not only do we find in the Dwad the spiritually and ecclesiastically important Jupiter/MC conjunction, but its ‘setting’ Moon/Mars aligns directly with the radix Jupiter, ASC and South Node, announcing a Bishop who will be called to give of himself tirelessly in his ministry to the Church’s people. Note, though, the 2° conjunction of MC with Saturn in the radix chart; this Aries  is an aging leader, and his Papacy may hit the buffers rather sooner than anyone except his more progressive opponents might wish.

(Chart 02 - HabemusPapam+dwad)

The second biwheel, again with its Dwad at the centre, shows the moment on April 24th 2005 when Benedict received the Pallium, the moment that from his own chart means most to him personally. Jupiter is not the star of this show, but instead it is the Lunar Eclipse and its square to Chiron in 3° and 4° of fixed signs which are highlighted by the Dwad Ascendant, an image of a life lived in public and dedicated to teaching, even possibly suffering with Christ as St. Peter and others have done before him. See how this mirrors the Lunar Eclipse chart itself! Once again the radix has Saturn on an angle: barely 3°conjunct the Ascendant. This may be a short Papacy - or at least one which will encounter major stumbling-blocks in only a couple of years’ time. (2010 - It has done: the scandal of paedophilia among the international Roman Catholic priesthood is still crucifying the church under this papacy.)

(Chart 03 -Pallium+dwad)

Next time we’ll take a closer look at Dwads, and I’ll show you further reasons why I think they are so important.

* * * * * * * * * * * *