What a day!

What a day!

Warm one.

bit too warm!

Lovely sunset.

sea's on FIRE!

What a magnificent sun!

Isn't it rather big?

Sorry-I can't look into it

No of course. No sunspecs.

But you're right. It does seem big...

Isn't it growing? It should be going down by now .... sun's over the yard arm!

I could do with a G+T...

And it's hot.

It's very hot.

Good God that's not the Sun - that's a bloody explosion!


There's a massive cloud! Turn round. Turn round. Get down.

Where can we go?

I don't know. There's no cover. No caves. It's a mile back to the town..Oh God. Seaweed. Sand.

Bury yourself. .Help me.


I can't. My hands hurt.

More than your hands are going to hurt in a minute. Get into the damp sand.

I'm trying.... oh that's better .... are you ok?

I have no  idea. We're in God's hands.

Should we pray?

It may be a bit late for prayer. ok. 'our Father ...'