Jeff, John and Ron -
All gone.
Mayo, Addey and Davison.
Charles Harvey and Charles Jayne;
Al H. Morrison.

The quiet teachers,
The mercurial out-reachers,
The wired-world explorers,
Sacrificing self for us.

Walker, Elliot, Woodruff
Achieved enough
And they are gone
To the real
With Jim, Howard, Neil -
Lewis, Sasportas and Michelson.

The men of presence,
The laid-back and the intense,
The spiritual mothers,
The many unforgotten others.

Rudhyar, Ruperti, Ebertin
Have now been
Where all is known
And Moby Dick is, Johndro, Maurice Wemyss
To whom we are dreams.
Ingrid Lind. Ada and Ivy. Margaret Hone.

Jacob, and Olivia, and Michel -
Schwartz and Barclay and Gauquelin -
Shine on where all is well
With our wise-women and our starmen.

Now we are the teachers,
We are the out-reachers;
They before, beside us, behind us
Invisibly remind us.

     * * * * * * * * *