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in Tuition
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Below is a summary of the InterDimensional techniques I have worked on over the past 30 years, which will give you some idea of what you could explore.

If something here interests you and you would like to learn more through a talk, workshop, or personal tuition, please contact me using the link on the left. I will then get in touch with you and we can make all the arrangements.

For expenses, a night’s rest, and your usual fee I am happy to travel to talk to your local group anywhere within reason.

Personal tuition can be one-to-one, or in a small group of up to five people, usually here in Llandudno. This pretty Victorian seaside town has plenty of accommodation to suit all pockets (especially out of season) and good transport links. My fee per person will depend on the number attending; a five-hour Day Intensive would on that basis cost between £50 and £250.

* * * * * * * * * * * *



A Summary

Pamela A.F.Crane

DFAstrolS, DMSAstrol, DPCCH


Most of the following techniques are now available in all major Astrology computer programs.

For a full account of Interdimensional Astrology I must refer you to my Book, An Introduction to Interdimensional Astrology (Shoestring, 1994) ; here follows a summary of its main principles.


(e.g. Tropical Zodiac generated at the Spring Equinox Node; the Draconic Zodiac at the Moon's Ascending Node; the Oriental Zodiac of the Houses at the Horizon/ Ecliptic Node.)


(This rule includes the DWAD - a micro-zodiac generated at the nodal point of a Sign-cusp in its "parent" macro-zodiac, the RADIX, and which begins with the Radix Sign in which it is formed.

As the "parent" zodiac of twelve standing waves begins with Aries, the same principle applied in the opposite direction identifies the the Ecliptic Circle as a whole as ARIES - the Generator, the Creative Origin out of which the Zodiac springs, and thus as a manifestation or symbol of the Father. Within this circle is generated the TRIANGLE - the Three-in-one, the Trinity - of ARIES the FATHER, LEO the SON, and SAGITTARIUS the HOLY SPIRIT.

This triangle of the first, fifth and ninth signs in each of the Dwads creates the familiar DECANATES.


(i.e. There is discontinuity of characteristics at the nodal point where one Sign ends and the next begins. This is demonstrated by the missing Sign between any two Dwads; for example, the Dwad in Radix Taurus finishes with Aries, and the following Dwad in Radix Gemini begins according to the rule with Gemini, the sign in sextile. A Zodiac does not always behave like a spectrum with a gradual progression of meanings that overlap and blend into each other.)


(If two bodies in their respective zodiacs - macro or micro - are found in or very close to the same degree of the same Sign, they are "on the same wavelength", "striking the same chord"; if one is in the opposite degree,half the circle away, its resonance with the first has something in common with musical notes separated by an octave. Tight squares to an axis can also be strongly active. Again we have a division of the circle ( the "string" of the zodiac) by two, raising its "note" by a further octave. In music, the same note played on several instruments or sung by several voices is powerfully reinforced as they all resonate together. In the same way two or more planets or angles "playing the same note" on their respective zodiac strings (Tropical, Sidereal, Draconic, Heliocentric, Dwad etc) have their energies (their "voices") combined and amplified by the unison.

The image of fingers moving on a musical string and producing octaves of its original note is perhaps closer to reality than we have imagined; physics now teaches that every object bends its local space. So every planet and energy-point may interrupt the basic resonance of the ecliptic to make the music of the spheres.

Orbs of aspect to an axis should ideally remain within 5E on either side, and within 2E for squares. Clearly, the tighter the contact, the purer the unison of energies, and the more dramatic their combined action when triggered by progressions, transits or Solar Arcs for example.)

Putting all this into practice means working habitually with not just one zodiac at a time, but TROPICAL, DRACONIC and SIDEREAL together, plus HELIOCENTRIC - and sometimes with the GEOSOLAR - the zodiac generated within the calculated Radix chart from the position of the Sun - or the ORIENTAL, mentional earlier.


THE TROPICAL CHART ( in my own terminology the GEOTROPIC or GT ) is the one with which we are all familiar, and expresses the "new creation", the "growing tip" of our self, the embodied and environmentally conditioned personality of the current incarnation and its consequent psychology. At this level of self we have maximum free will to shape ourselves through coping or failure. This is the "little" self which we must master at all costs, or become increasingly the slaves of our bodily drives and desires. Even when it is full of positive qualities, this Tropical identity is essentially selfish, and has always to be directed or monitored by higher levels of the will.

In synastry, contacts between Tropical charts show compatibilities or potential conflicts of interest, similarities or differences - but these do not in the end determine the strength, importance or longevity of a relationship even though they affect it; the stock phrase "This thing is bigger than both of us!" in fact holds the key - the strong relationships are the deep ones, based in the soul or in shared vocation, and to see them we must look to the other levels.


THE DRACONIC CHART ( the GEODRACONIC or GD ) is calculated by taking the Dragon's Head (Draco), the Moon's North or Ascending Node, as the first point of Aries. The formula is as follows:


This self is a vital core of strength for each of us, as it expresses all that is of current value that the soul has brought with it from the far and/or recent past into this incarnation to be used, or to be resolved (for there is karma here), and to be drawn on in times of need. Many of one's most deeply-held principles are found here, in what amounts to a personal belief-system and may even extend to an enduring self-image. As it is older and more central to the consciousness than the Tropical, this is bound to be true for much of the life, until the new experiences begin to lay down their own deep patterns in the self's core, adding to all that has gone before. Using DRACO in counselling restores meaning and purpose to lives that are almost cracking apart.

There is less freedom of will at this level - it is conditioned by the commitments made by the soul prior to the incarnation, which must not be neglected. This involves the more important relationships - between souls who have come back together to resolve old issues or do particular work together. Contacts between the Draconic charts will show the bonds and the kind of work to be done. SUN-MOON alignments (conjunction or opposition) are commonly found from Draco to Draco or from Draco to Tropical, as well as Tropical to Tropical, where there is or has been a marriage between the two.


THE SIDEREAL CHART ( GEOSTELLAR or GS ) is the basis of Hindu astrology, and is used by a growing number of Western astrologers. However, the nodal starting point of this zodiac is still a mystery, and only by much careful research has the Synetic Vernal Point (SVP) been established (the degree in the Sidereal Zodiac at which the Tropical Spring Equinox is found at a given epoch. ) This point is listed in the "Phenomena" section in the Michelsen and Rosicrucian ephemerides. Having worked to fine tolerances with this, the Fagan-Bradley version of the SVP, I am personally persuaded that it yields correct Sidereal positions.*** The AYANAMSA is the degree of the Tropical Zodiac where the start of the Sidereal Zodiac is found. AYANAMSA + SVP = 360E, so to find a planet or angle's GS position all you need to do is either subtract the Ayanamsa, or add the SVP.

The Sidereal chart and its alignments appear once again to describe the new self - but this is a greater self, no longer ego-centred in the manner of the Tropical but one that takes its identity from the role it plays in the socio-cultural whole, for which it may be remembered, even in some cases revered. Generally this is an unselfish level of selfhood, and freedom of the will is only exercised as far as it does not interfere with the person's current duty as a member of the human family. If his or her identity is entirely founded on this contribution to the whole, duty is pleasure; but if this is all the person lives for, then private life can suffer, and important personality or karmic issues may not be tackled when they should be. It can be seen from this how vital it is to live consciously - and conscientiously - at all levels of our being, even when one of the several identities is bound to predominate for much of the time.

It is worth remembering that nowadays the GS planets and angles are mostly a sign behind the GT positions, so to assume that all Aries and Scorpio men, for example, are ideally suited to military life or other areas of challenge or leadership is quite, quite wrong. This is why most tests of astrology and vocation fail so miserably ( and, alas, so publically as a rule! ) for in the above example only the body-self is cut out for such work, and the greater self is intended for the more sensitive pursuits of Pisces and Libra! The Taureans and Sagittarians are the ones in public life who have hidden strengths, with their Sidereal Suns in Signs of Mars. These days, the iron hand almost always comes in a velvet glove.... the wolf in sheep's clothing.

Synastry between people who work together or who are thrown together by events, should always include the Sidereal; and it is essential in work on Mundane astrology, especially events and individuals of historic significance.

*** Further testing of different versions of the Sidereal with widely varying Ayanamsas has not, however, excluded them. It is more than possible that each is valid in a specific context that depends on its point of origin. There will be more on this subject, hopefully, before long.


THE GEOSOLAR (GSL) is calculated thus:


This is not the same thing as a sunrise chart; the overall feeling from this pattern is that of the unconditioned person, the spontaneous child, the self at its most free ... and selfish! It is fascinating to compare this chart with the actual childhood behaviours of the individual - and to see where they arise in adulthood. The phenomenon of "isolated and congested Suns" is highlighted here by the presence or absence of planetary clusters in Geosolar Pisces/Aries.

It must be pointed out that at all these Radix levels the geometry between the planets and angles remains the same; all aspects and midpoints remain the same, describing the fundamental dynamics in the psyche that run through all shifts of identity, all changes of experiential context.


THE ORIENTAL CHART ( OR ) is identical with the twelve Equal Houses, starting from the Ascendant, with this important difference - not only are the Houses treated as Signs, but planets have exact positions within these Oriental Signs as they would in any Zodiac. This is one of the most personal of all the zodiacs, and on investigation seems to show what the person actually wants - not what they feel moved to do (GT) or driven to do (DR) or obliged to do (GS). It adds detail to the picture painted by the Houses, of the main action taking place in chosen corners of life's stage. In practice, these choices vary very little throughout life, though they may express themselves in a variety of ways. Once a fifth-house person, always a fifth-house person! - although drawing may give way to sports, then to love-affairs, then parenthood, then to creative renewal or running a children's playgroup, for example. And the Signs through which all this activity is expressed will vary according to the dimensions of self which dominate at various times.


THE HELIOCENTRIC CHART ( HELIOTROPIC or HT ) seems to be the most "fated" of all the patterns, with the possible exception of karmic Draco. It could be seen as a pattern of blessings and curses on our lives over which the ego has little or no control, having no option but to accept and come to terms with it. It really seems to manifest for much of the time as basic good and bad luck.

But there is more to it than simple fate, because the hard aspects in this dimension commonly describe with painful accuracy our deepest flaws, and the easy aspects tend to match the parts of our nature that are problem-free and parts of our lives that always seem to work out well - often enviably so. Some of the flaws appear to be areas of inadequacy which reflect a lack of development and a need for experience and training; some are blocks which prevent us from being as kind and considerate as we could be; some are vicious corners of the psyche where old jealousies, fears and hatreds are still alive and well and sowing our lives and all other lives we touch with the bitter seed of violence. Some flaws are the remains of ancient greed for attention or power or sensual pleasure.

Here’s the theory based on observation so far - check it out and see whether it makes sense to you; your perspective may well differ.

What seems to happen to many people is that they behave so badly that in the end they are brought sharply face to face with their faults, and are so shocked and remorseful that they try very hard from then onwards to become a far better person. Once this will to change is registered in the deep heart of the spiritual conscience, the eternal Self which is most closely approached by the Heliocentric chart, the hard patterns cannot manifest any longer as sins. Instead, they are channelled into our lives as illnesses, disabilities or other personal problems that are as difficult to escape as that old self once was. This would seem to be the price we pay for our refusal to love. With the acceptance of Love, at last, and the hope of spiritual healing, material suffering must also be endured. The only relief from this is the act of Grace, an answer to prayer; and for many this will never come during the lifetime. Only when the body and the material world are cast away in death may the spirit at last spring clean and free from its self-made prison.

It is necessary to add that some relatively unblemished souls may incarnate with difficult helio patterns to work with as a voluntary challenge, a willed burden that may either be needed to provide others with the opportunity to grow through help and caring, or to lift some of the karmic weight from the world. Also that some of the errant behaviour described above may in fact result from innate hormonal/metabolic imbalances rather than spiritual ignorance or downright wickedness. The issues in the Helio chart are very important, and central to our basic viability and vitality as whole beings; they do tend to marry with our fundamental physiological makeup with which the personality is supported or hampered. Therefore it is crucial not to make hasty moral judgments, but explore the physical and attitudinal issues here with discernment, honesty and care. I do believe however that at the Heliocentric level, we can "know ourselves as we are known"; deep in the heart of our own spiritual truth, we are under the gaze of God.


ALL THESE LEVELS INTERACT through axial alignments, sympathetic zodiacal resonances. The dimension from which such an axial contact comes, shows the area of self that is making itself felt. A study of violent criminals has turned out to be most interesting in this respect, as time after time clusters of "malign" planets collected around angles; yet different levels would be emphasised, showing how one man could have chosen to live a better life (GT), another was making a mess of his karma (GD), one needed to be remembered no matter what the cost (GS), another was driven by his fate to face the awful darkness in his soul (HT).


AT EACH LEVEL a precise description of the individual is given by the DWAD and (where possible) its refinement the SUPERDWAD.

As in the twelfth harmonic, to calculate the Dwad, each chart factor is multiplied by twelve and converted back to degrees and minutes of longitude - but its Sign is found visually from its original, radix, sign position; every 2½E of the "parent" sign becomes a micro-sign, and the sequence (as explained earlier) starts with the parent sign itself. Aries starts with Aries and ends with Pisces, but Taurus starts with Taurus and ends with Aries, Capricorn starts with Capricorn and ends with Sagittarius, and so on.

For example, a Sun in 22E21' Sagittarius will now fall in its LEO sector;

12 x 22E21' = 268E12' = 28E12' Sagittarius... however, it is not now in this sign but in 28E12'LEO.

(The Dwadashamsha option in Solar Fire’s Vedic module will do all this work on any chart for you.)

The Dwad is very powerful in its description of the specific interests and character of person or event; transits, progressions and other directions to the Dwad from radix planets and angles, and vice versa, are an important element of fine-tuning, and the use of selected asteroids from the available list of many hundreds will show you quickly and clearly just how accurate these descriptions are. For example, musical asteroids in the charts of singers, composers and other players are always very strongly placed, and in the charts of comedians and humorists the asteroid HILARITAS combines dramatically with the Lights and Angles.

The Dwad seems to show us the idea behind the form - it is often less obvious, less immediate, but on closer acquaintance it introduces us to the deeper, subtler but far more specific characteristics of the person or the phenomenon. The inner self, the consciousness of personal identity emerges to add depth and detail to the broader picture given by the radix, in any and all of the Dimensions. To study any chart without adding the Dwad is to risk generalising at the expense of necessary accuracy. The more refined and particular you can make your analysis, the more relavant it is going to be - and the more testable, in this critical age.

It will be appreciated that reasonable accuracy is needed for Dwad work; to study the Superdwad, time and place must be very close to exact, otherwise error-free work is impossible. Accuracy in the Radix to the nearest minute of arc creates a margin of error in the Superdwad of up to 1¼Eeither side. If you can work to decimal minutes, this will be improved ten-fold.


TO SUMMARISE - The authentic spiritual Self (HELIOCENTRIC) manifests through the incarnate personality (GEOCENTRIC) with a Role to play (SIDEREAL), Karma to resolve (DRACONIC) and a body/new identity (TROPICAL) to work through, master, and learn from - all of which are essential facets of the whole Identity, and whose activity is focussed and encouraged by the HOUSES. The RADIX chart at all levels describes the self at its most material, most dense, most general; the DWAD at all levels adds specific detail of the real, subtle self. the mind, the idea animating the form.

There are still further dimensions and details - but those above form the essential structure.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The Root of the tree from which all growth initiates and continues, and which anchors it in the life of the world around it, is the Helio chart. Even if the tree is felled, life can begin again from its root if it is healthy. If it is diseased or inadequate, life will always be a struggle, even in optimum conditions.

The Crown of the tree with its unique annual growth of leaves, flowers and fruit is the Tropical chart, whose life of individual growth then adds a layer of experience to ...

The Trunk of the tree - the Draconic - which carries the memories and strengths of all previous growing seasons.

The tree as part of the Forest is the Sidereal chart, contributing to the ecosystem, the collective life, and affected by its experiences.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * *



Use of the Transiting Dragon's Head produces the Current Draconic, where the radix chart is zodiacally related to that point, producing a very powerful and important new set of Directions concerning Karmic events or stages in soul-growth.

Placing transiting planets and other points in a Draconic zodiac based on the Moon’s North Node in the natal radix chart produces the inverse of the above, the Personal Draconic. Work needs doing on this to see how it relates to or differs from the Current Draconic in its meaning and effects.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * *


This is the term I have adopted to comprise the under-used techniques of Antiscia/Contrascia. It is a more useful term (and easier to pronounce!) because it describes the phenomenon of planets and other points reflected across a significant axis as if this were a mirror. The axes generally used are the Cardinal Points of 0 Cancer/Capricorn, 0 Aries/Libra respectively, and as the latter axis also generates the Parallels and ContraParallels as well as creating with its paired Reflexes reciprocal degrees that add up to 360, this is the axis I far prefer of the two.

Study of a chart’s Reflexes reveals defining characteristics that you know should be present, but are often unaccountably ‘missing’ from conventional analysis. You miss a huge amount of information if you don’t check Reflex connections between charts in Synastry. I cannot stress the importance of these points strongly enough, and find the rectangular symmetries displayed thus across the ecliptic utterly fascinating.

It is possible to portray a nativity purely as a plaid of uniquely-combined colours filling the Ecliptic circle using this property of all zodiacs. When shown to the chart’s owner, the colours are always recognised as favourites.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * *


Here is another vital technique that I believe would be of immense help to many astrologers, especially those specialising in Synastry and often struggling with missing or vague birth-times. Learn this simple approach to chart comparison and you will find light cast in many a dark corner of relationships. I call these charts Q-Charts as an abbreviation of Quotidian Charts, since the idea stemmed from the use of one’s birth-time to create a chart, known as the Quotidian, for each day that passes and thus understand the personal meaning of that day.

All you need is to set up one chart of a loving, warring or collaborating couple for the corresponding birth-time of the other(ie with time zone corrected to match so that both are synchronised to UT, or BWT, or JST, or whatever) - and then see how the planetary energies are distributed. If A at B’s time has a Venus/Jupiter conjunction on the 7th cusp, you can be certain that B’s presence in her life is a joyous and rewarding one. If Saturn is on B’s MC at A’s time, A is going to bring some heavy stuff into B’s life - maybe serious career responsibilities, or constant belittling and frustration, or just plain misery, among other possibilities. You get the picture. I have found people with couple issues greatly clarified and helped by this.

It means that if one of the pair has no birth-time, the other time can legitimately be used - and even other times that are significant to that person, such as the time they clock on every day, or the time they always rehearse for the next gig. If both times are known, these extra charts show clearly what each will come to see in or associate with the other, and so what the fundamental nature of the relationship will always be. The insights can be stunning. A Composite of the two Q-Charts is also worth doing, to look deeper into the dynamics.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * *


The extension of the Draconic into Current Draconic directions and the Personal Draconic have alreadsy been mentioned; but there is more that can be done. While comparing Tropical and Draconic charts between two people will illumine the compatibility or otherwise of their material and spiritual natures, why not apply Draconic in a way similar to the Q-Chart? Why not do an Exchange?

In other words, we set up a Draconic chart for A but using B’s North Node as its starting-point, and vice versa. When I first tried this it seemed a wild idea - but Oh, how clearly peoples’ expectations of each other came into view! The Draconic/ Tropical energies within a nativity show whether we are likely to practise (Tropical) what we preach (Draconic.) Your chart pinned to my N. Node shows how I expect you to think, feel and behave - and if this bears no relation to your InterDimensional radix and threatens your integrity, then I should be on a hiding to nothing except disappointment. However!... having looked at some good test cases, it is also clear that the qualities thrown up in Exchange charts can actually be brought out in the other person, at least in terms of behaviour; expectations can indeed be met. In fact it even looks as though my presence in my partner’s life inevitably steered him in certain directions and significantly characterised our relationship. As he is ‘wysiwyg’ with the Dragon’s Head at the beginning of Aries, he in his turn cannot help but encourage other people to be fully themselves, with no other expectations whatever!

We can legitimately expect transits to Exchange charts to bring all such issues into focus.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * *


The Composite Chart, formed with the midpoints (or ‘half-sums’) of corresponding planets and points in two charts is interesting in itself as a dynamic structure - but even more so when mapped back onto each of the two radices to search out alignments of planets and angles. This provides another vivid perspective on what two people mean to each other, what chords they literally strike in each other, and whether they are on the same wave-length or not. Reflexes are involved in this, of course, in the sense that a Midpoint becomes an axis across which two people mirror each other.

But it is not just people to whom Composites apply. Great insight can be gained into the meaning of events and developments for individuals through mapping the Composites of their natal charts with transits or progressions. The significance of Eclipses, treated this way, becomes even more pointed. I recommend use of a three-ring wheel as it helps to bring the key contacts between A, B and Composite into focus.

...And MidPoint Synastry...

It is worth mentioning the fascinating view you get of inter-personal dynamics when you look directly at the mid-point structures generated by a pair of charts. If A’s Sun, for example, only sits at the midpoint of a couple of B’s planets, then A is not essentially going to turn B on - particularly if the midpoint impact of all A’s other points is just as weak. But B may make loads of midpoint patterns with A’s chart, so A would be utterly galvanised! Here you would have the makings of a typical one-way relationship, A’s enthusiastic response nothing to B but an embarrassment!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * *


Eclipses have been known for their significance for millennia; but there is more we can do than simply compare the Eclipse chart with a nativity or set up the Composite. It is clear, for example, that when working with public figures their Sidereal nature is usually dominant over the Tropical - and this implies that transits of all kinds, including vital Eclipses, should be examined not just for Tropical aspects to a nativity but also virtual conjunctions or oppositions from the Sidereal degrees. You will find these appearing over and over again in this context.

Pre- & post-natal Eclipses reward more detailed analysis also. This is achieved by setting up both the Eclipse chart and the nativity in the Dwad; the resulting patterns can turn out to be remarkably descriptive of the personal developments to come.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * *


You are probably very familar with Secondary Progressions; but not everyone takes advantage of the cosmic fact that the phenomena of Time radiate from any given point in many directions, many dimensions. So at the very least we need to study not just the Direct progressed patterns but also the Converse. Some are more vivid than others - Secondaries are a case in point, where events are marked that would seem more like appointments kept than opportunities to be taken. Tertiaries (‘mean’ NOT ‘true’) seem especially eloquent when Converse, but Minor Progressions seem only really to speak Directly.

Progressed Stations are very important - charts should be set up for these, and the life-epoch noted. It was the late Al H.Morrison of New York who pointed out how life would come literally to a turning-point when the True Moon’s Node went from retrograde to direct or vice versa - and other planetary stations are important also, each in their own context.

Progressed Ingresses are also worth looking at, particularly the regular, rhythmic sign-changes of the progressing Moon. Work needs to be done in all these areas.

***Absolutely invaluable are the Daily Progressed Angles, where the progressing MC is advanced not just by a degree or so a year, but by 361 degrees a year, thus a approximately a degree a day, with the ASC being adjusted according to the native’s current latitude. Use these daily patterns in conjunction with the daily Quotidian chart to keep track of opportunities and hazards.

Returns do not only have to be Solar; any planet and any Node can also return, and make its periodic statement about the next phase in your life according to its nature and context.

But Returns need not only be Tropical, or Direct. Converse Solars can be interesting for example - and more importantly the Sidereal Solar Return is crucial. You will have come across this perhaps as the ‘Precessed Return’, which is the identical pattern, the same date and time as the Sidereal SR, but displayed in the Tropical zodiac. Not to be over-looked! We all have our small part to play in the great scheme of things, and these Returns are often far more telling than the Tropical. Draconic Solar Returns, of the transiting Draconic Sun to the radix Draconic Sun, occur about every 11 months - not so straightforward to set up.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * *


Dwads have been discussed a number of times above. I can only reiterate their value in individualising any radix, subsidiary or affecting chart. This includes Relocation charts (riveting!,, small geographical shifts can dramatically change the angles, from comfort zone to hell-hole!) And also Solar Arcs - very different, and very interesting.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * *


‘Associate Angles’ is a term coined many years ago before I had heard of Parans (Paranatellonta) - apologies! ... and refers to two or more planets simultaneously occupying angles of the chart at a given geographic latitude, thus bringing their energies jointly into action. This is a phenomenon useful in plotting Relocation.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * *


Not all astrologers are convinced of the relevance or usefulness of the tens of thousands of tiny planetoids orbiting roughly between Mars and Jupiter, but once you have seen how often a significantly named asteroid is descriptively placed in a nativity, either InterDimensionally or in the Dwad, you may be persuaded to take them seriously as cosmic I.D. In my view, direct alignments of conjunction or opposition are the aspects that count, with - ideally - small orbs for such tiny bodies. Sometimes a very precise square or trine shouts to be noticed - so let it speak to you.


What we have out there in the Ecliptic is an exponentially growing thesaurus embracing almost any concept or identity you care to name. (It gives a whole new meaning to the title Encyclopaedia of Rock...!) What it means is that if you wish to establish the identity and principal interests of someone through their chart, a good look at the asteroids hogging the Lights and Angles will confirm or refute your expectations. On occasion the midpoint of a First name and a Surname will hit a sensitive point, identifying the native. You can get lucky and uncover multiple significant alignments involving several variants of a key name. But because there are so many now to work with, it is probably impossible to use them forensically to any great effect except in retrospect - sad, because the idea of crime-busting with loaded asteroids is so seductive!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * *

Could there be yet more? Watch This Space!

Meanwhile, enjoy these



Core values. The Sun
Counted from the Dragon's Head.
Trunk of an old tree.

Nodic arc - a fine
Anagram of Draconic.
And hears God ...!

(3 am 26/11/08)


Light streams from the Equinox
Nests, broken branches


The great scheme of things
One small world set in the stars
Tree in a landscape


I behind the eye -
On the twelfth step of Being
Life enters and leaves


Check for vital signs -
Faults glare, gifts shine in God's Eye
Hidden agendas


Squaring the Circle
Warp and weft of painted Light
Flying your colours


My time - flying hands
Turn up the deal of the day.
You are my transit.


Great expectations -
My riches under your Dragon
Turning to fool's gold


Striking a chord, you
Remind me of who I am
Joining of forces


Back to the future,
Forward to yesterday - I
Am a splash in time


All over the map
Shock arrows of energy,
Threes isosceles


Keep in formation
Pilgrim, join the dragon train
Onward and upward


Days of babyhood
Mapping my years creeping hands
Gathering planets


Both Angles flaunt a
Star, or a natal planet -
E is MC squared!...

(find the hidden anagram! 8/12/08)



From the Beginning
Were the Words. In lettered rock
God's Britannica




Raising by degrees
One circle to such heavens
Oh imagine spheres



Journeying, your world
Known from different angles.
New houses. New you




All my selves true child
Of the whole of heaven
Mind Squeezed to a pinpoint




The sign, the turned wheel
Unlocking vaults of the soul
With twelve keys of gold




Here's the score: play well
Or badly, the metronome
Ticks to the last bar.

(13/3/09 - 02h32! e. Sun/Uranus!)



Rewind history -
Somewhere on the wheel your time
Cradles the future

(13/3/09 - 02h48! e. Sun/Uranus!)



Under the weather?
Everything on edge? Only
Going through a phase!

(13/3/09 - 15h20! e. Sun/Uranus!)