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Small World - October 2010 (Capricorn; i-dwads)

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Small World is supposed to be my blog - and I haven’t been blogging for some time! But what can you do when life keeps you too busy with other things? I have been scanning everything in my ‘back catalogue’ and preparing it for this website, a task still on-going, and getting involved in our family’s genealogy, a fascinating pastime that also means rooting through piles of old photo albums and becoming an expert in Photoshop! Plus the BBC of course - who now want me back in Coventry in the week of the Blitz anniversary to attend a Tea-Dance at which the actual tea will be made in the massive replica urn that the One Show made for the film about my Dad!

It’s time to share a few thoughts, mainly about our friend Pluto as he moves further into Capricorn. Clearly I can’t make any sensible observations about the rest of the world (or any at all? You may ask!) but I am hugely enjoying the spectacle of self-indulgent, sloppy and greedy low-grade Sagittarian culture all over the UK having to give way to Capricorn’s insistence on thrift and discipline.

What are we getting?

* More and more people complaining about lousy grammar and spelling especially in  public places and social documents.
* Far less emphasis on our precious ‘rights’ and more talk of responsibilities.
* The daring suggestion that far from exploiting them, employing children (fairly) may  actually solve a lot of boredom/frustration/self-worth problems and prepare them rather well for adulthood.
* Absolute insistence on not wasting anything any more!!! So, massive recycling projects, delight in thrift shops, sewing-your-own clothing, cooking with left-overs and cheap cuts of meat ... the list is growing.
* Return to school uniforms; wearing them improves self-discipline and public behaviour.
* Re-discovery of traditional values considered for several decades to be merely old-fashioned. Along with this lots of nostalgia, history programmes all over the media, and our new obsession, genealogy (very Cancer-Capricorn.)
* Along with the sense of individual responsibility, the refreshing encouragement to intervene in public situations where bad behaviour disturbs the peace or anyone’s safety is at risk.  No more passing by on the other side for fear of inconvenience or being sued! ( May I now smile at someone else’s child now, please?)
* Vis a vis the above - the hope that adults may be regarded as trustworthy again, and that children may once more respect (and where necessary obey) their elders. As astrologers we know the importance of archetypal structures; and as a society we desperately need a return to the proper authority-structures of the family. Neither pets nor children are supposed to be the boss.
* Gerontology is coming on apace; knowledge of the aging processes, both physical and psychological, is rapidly increasing and I would anticipate far deeper understanding by the time Pluto leaves the Senior Sign.
* Surgery is now learning to take advantage of a fresh understanding of the effects of extreme cold on the human brain and body. Chilling the brain to a point of suspended animation between life and death enables some critical time-consuming procedures to be carried out to rescue a patient who would otherwise be at immediate risk of death.
* All the old Rockers are coming back!!!

If you have noticed other changes and developments and want to add them to the list, do use the CONTACT ME form!

Now. The other thing.

I had a really bad night this week - one of those where your brain won’t shut up and get off to sleep. I had been wrestling with a problem, and the problem is this: often when a planet or point is about to move into a new sign, there is a period of preparation, of anticipation. The phenomena associated with the new sign begin to appear while still at the end of the old one. This happened with Pluto/ Capricorn, it is happening with the Aquarian Age (not calendrically due yet), and it has been happening with my progressing Moon.

Being a Moon/Cancer I am somewhat sensitive to its changes, as you can imagine. So when it shifts signs, I really know the difference, just as I know the difference in the transiting Moon sign and have to change the colour of my clothes to feel right! (This is how you learn the colours of astrology.) But there is always this short run-up where the signs seem to overlap.

Was it a 12th-harmonic phenomenon? No. The end of a sign in Harmonic 12 is always Pisces. The Dwad, then? No. There is a discrete break between the end of one sign and the start of another - eg the end of Sagittarius is Scorpio, and then Capricorn begins with itself. So what was going on? Something was!
Then I thought: In astrology things often go in the opposite direction. We have retrograde planets, the backward movement of Precession, Reflexes over the cardinal points, converse progressions ... is it possible that Dwads could work in the same way?????

How would it look? Well, going back to Sagittarius, the normal dwads would run through the sign thus:
SG - CP - AQ - PI - AR - TA - GE - CN - LE - VI - LI - SC.
If we ran them backwards, it would look like this:
SG - SC - LI - VI - LE - CN - GE - TA - AR - PI - AQ - Capricorn!  And there is the anticipatory Dwad!

BUT!.. to apply to Precession of the Equinox through Pisces back into the top end of Aquarius, the degrees 27½ - 30 of Pisces with which the Age began could not be either the normal Aquarius dwad nor the new Aries dwad; the first 2½ degrees of the sign into which we are shortly heading if not already there, would be Pisces in both Dwads, and not anticipatory at all.
However, if it is not zodiacal sequence but actual movement that dictates the patterns of the Dwad, then the problem is resolved! The beginning of movement through a sign even if it starts in the last degree and works backwards, would have that sign as both of the initial dwads, and so would finish its travels, even in the first degree, with one of the two dwads anticipating the sign to come. This would put the modern world quite plausibly in the final,  Aquarius, reversed dwad of Pisces in the run-up to the full-blown Aquarian Age.
There are other implications to these putative inverse patterns; it would mean that every sign’s dwad had a unique energy-signature, a nosegay of zodiacal flowers. A trio of energies would comprise the radix sign, the direct dwad and the inverse dwad. So the first 2½ degrees of movement through any sign would express no other energy than itself. The 7th of its twelve sectors would have no other energy than the sign and its own opposite. The remainder would be, as it were, reflexes about the parent sign. So, here we go, and you read it here first!...

            AR/LI/LI - AR/SC/VI - AR/SG/LE - AR/CP/CN - AR/AQ/GE - AR/PI/Taurus

              TA/SC/SC - TA/SG/LI - TA/CP/VI - TA/AQ/LE - TA/PI/CN - TA/AR/Gemini

Already you can see the patterns emerging, that dwads 1,4,7 and 10 of a sign are all of the same quadruplicity as the parent. The others of course always carry either a ‘positive’ or a ‘negative’ pair of signs that repeat, swapping sides, after the halfway point. We have matching pairs 2 & 12, 3 & 11, 4 & 10, 5 & 9, 6 & 8. The 5th and 9th sectors combine the three signs of the parent element. On we go ...

Gemini:   GE/GE/GE - GE/CN/TA - GE/LE/AR - GE/VI/PI - GE/LI/AQ - GE/SC/CP -
                GE/SG/SG - GE/CP/SC - GE/AQ/LI - GE/PI/VI - GE/AR/LE - GE/TA/Cancer

Cancer:   CN/CN/CN - CN/LE/ GE - CN/VI/TA - CN/LI/AR - CN/SC/PI - CN/SG/AQ -
                CN/CP/CP - CN/AQ/SG - CN/PI/SC - CN/AR/LI - CN/TA/VI - CN/GE/Leo

Leo:        LE/LE/LE - LE/VI/CN - LE/LI/GE - LE/SC/TA - LE/SG/AR - LE/CP/PI -
               LE/AQ/AQ - LE /PI/CP - LE/AR/SG - LE/TA/SC - LE/GE/LI - LE/CN/Virgo

Virgo:      VI/VI/VI - VI/LI/LE - VI/SC/CN - VI/SG/GE - VI/CP/TA - VI/AQ/AR -
                VI/PI/PI - VI/AR/AQ - VI/TA/CP - VI/GE/SG - VI/CN/SC - VI/LE/Libra

Libra:        LI/LI/LI - LI/SC/VI - LI/SG/LE - LI/CP/CN - LI/AQ/GE - LI/PI/TA -
                 LI/AR/AR - LI/TA/PI - LI/GE/AQ - LI/CN/CP - LI/LE/SG - LI/VI/ Scorpio

Scorpio:   SC/SC/SC - SC/SG/LI - SC/CP/VI - SC/AQ/LE - SC/PI/CN - SC/AR/GE -
                SC/TA/TA - SC/GE/AR - SC/CN/PI - SC/LE/AQ - SC/VI/CP - SC/LI/Sagittarius

Sagitt:     SG/SG/SG - SG/CP/SC - SG/AQ/LI - SG/PI/VI - SG/AR/LE - SG/TA/CN -
                SG/GE/GE - SG/CN/TA - SG/LE/AR - SG/VI/PI - SG/LI/AQ - SG/SC/Capricorn

Capric:    CP/CP/CP - CP/AQ/SG - CP/PI/SC - CP/AR/LI - CP/TA/VI - CP/GE/LE -
                CP/CN/CN - CP/LE/GE - CP/VI/TA - CP/LI/AR - CP/SC/PI - CP/SG/Aquarius

Aquar:      AQ/AQ/AQ - AQ/PI/CP - AQ/AR/SG - AQ/TA/SC - AQ/GE/LI - AQ/CN/VI -
                 AQ/LE/LE - AQ/VI/CN - AQ/LI/GE - AQ/SC/TA - AQ/SG/AR - AQ/CP/Pisces

Pisces:      PI/PI/PI - PI/AR/AQ - PI/TA/CP - PI/GE/SG - PI/CN/SC - PI/LE/LI -
                 PI/VI/VI - PI/LI/LE - PI/SC/CN - PI/SG/GE - PI/CP/TA - PI/AQ/Aries.

Now it is a matter of staring at nativities and elections and horaries and events, and all the permutations of progressed and directed charts, to see if these small bundles of energy specific to movement through each twelfth of a sign actually tell us something convincing, make any sense or none at all!

Let me know how you get on.

And then of course there are the precise degrees...!

I can offer a few examples - but their apparent significance may just be a fluke. We won’t know till the work is properly done. This will involve some sleight of eye and brain, as although we can now put dwads with radix charts easily courtesy of Solar Fire and other brilliant programs, we shall have to work out the inverse dwads for ourselves and map them by hand.

I tried my two (consecutive!) husbands.
No.1 has the Sun at 10 Gemini o1, in the 1st house.
This Sun therefore has a dwad ‘bundle’ of Gemini/Libra/Aquarius, and specifically 0 Libra 12, 29 Aquarius 48. None of these degrees hits anything in the radix - but he is one of the most Airy individuals you could care to meet. His Moon is interesting: radix at 7 Capricorn 20 in the 8th, its dwad is 28 Pisces 01 and its inverse dwad 01 Scorpio 59. It relates very well to both his wives, as I am a Sun Capricorn with a triple-watery Moon, and wife No.2 was a Sun-and-almost-everything-else-Pisces with rising Scorpio and Scorpio Moon, who was a nurse specialising in haematology.
No. 2, Gerard (who is always happy to be an astrological guinea-pig, bless him!) has two Moons. Makes him sound like Dr.Who with two hearts! How so? Because of his much-written-about two-stage birth. Head came out of mother at 00h35 with cord round neck; no midwife turned up - better things to do - so only fully delivered, cord disentangled and cut, life saved, when the negligent woman eventually appeared at 07h12.

1st Moon: 0 Pisces 53, dwad 10 Pisces 46, inverse dwad 19 Pisces 14. And this is a man who has the tenderest, most idealistic regard for womankind that I have ever come across. He has a special love for Our Lady, mother of Jesus. He first married a very Scorpio wife - with a distinct lack of tenderness; then he got me, with my decidedly liquid Moon.
2nd Moon: 4 Pisces 15, dwad 21 Aries 10, inverse dwad 8 Aquarius 50. Fascinating - his dwad Moon right opposite his first wife’s dwad Sun, his inverse Moon on her dwad ASC. Surely this isn’t ‘mere’ coincidence? Then I turn up with my draconic Sun opposite this Moon, dwad ruler Ceres plus draconic ASC in late Aries, and busy astrologising Aquarian Mercury on his Moon’s inverse dwad.

Gerard’s Suns (! What was that about two hearts?...) are respectively at 22 Sagittarius 04 and 22 Sag. 21. The dwads are therefore 24 Leo 52 and 28 Leo 14. Both conjoin his radix Jupiter (already trine and in mutual reception with his Sun.) These are also on my Dragon’s Head/Chiron conjunction. Sun 1's inverse dwad is 5 Aries 08, and Sun 2's at 1 Aries 46. Both conjoin his own Dragon’s Head. For over 20 years he has been the dedicated Bishop of our small church, and all his life consciously following the spiritual path with tremendous integrity. Ever enterprising, he will fight for the truth, and blaze trails for the lost to follow.

The Sun in Jesus’ chart is a combination of radix Taurus and dwads Libra and Sagittarius - most fitting for this holiest of men who reaches out to everyone, offering spiritual riches and joy. The inverse dwad Sun at 8 Sagittarius is on his Mother’s dwad Ceres. Mary’s inverse dwad Sun is 14 Taurus, the very Sun of Jesus’ birth.

Quite a bit here to think about.

Shall we call this the i-dwad?

* * * * * * * * * * * *