Charting and Data services


I will produce any astrological chart, astro-map or data report and either email or post it to you, without analysis, at a cost of £5 plus £2 per A4 page including UK postage if required.


Draconic Ephemeris: custom pages from the Michelsen Draconic Ephemeris can be ordered at £1.50 per year including UK postage.


For personal asteroid lists, please supply the names and themes important to you to guide my search, and add £20.


NEW! -


My Solar Fire database of about 3,000 towns, villages, cities and districts in the UK (except Northern Ireland) is now available. You can buy the entire database on CD for £50, or request data for specific places. If you are a Solar Fire user I will email you data of up to ten locations free of charge. If you need printed charts, these will cost £5 per A4 page plus £2 postage and packing. (Up to six location charts per page.)



I also have a limited number of copies of The Draconic Chart (Flare 2013) for sale at £20 each.


To order, please CONTACT ME, and select Buy From The Shop.


I am able to accept payment by cash or cheque.