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Small World - February 1999 (Deaths; I*DA horary; great data.)

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Greetings, planetoidal friends!

... what do we call ourselves, we Small Worlders? Suggestions please, as inventive as you like! This is going out via the new AOL4.01; at last we have an alphabetised address list and much less faffing about to edit things. Also we can put pictures in our email like the beautiful blue world now heading your bulletin, and this lovely tree, all green and summery and perfect for teaching the ramifications of Interdimensional astrology! But those of you without similarly graphic email won't see it. It will still be dreary winter. Ah me!

No weddings, but a Funeral.

A lot has happened here since the New Year issue. Most significantly, Gerard's old mother has died at nearly 99 ( born on Valentine's day 1900.) We were with her all the previous evening; she passed peacefully into the arms of the angels at 05h45 on January 17th in the Herne Bay convent, exactly six years and 5.5 hours after the passing of my father. He and I shared a south Node on her Sun... At that moment, the Mars/Saturn opposition was exactly up and down the Meridian; and Gerard's Sun_degree was rising. For the second time in my life I spent my birthday making the rounds of doctors, undertakers, registrars etc at a Kent seaside town. My own chart has "Seaborg" conjunct the Sun (with my familiar name, "Pamjones"); it actually does mean "a town by the sea." And while we're on the subject, hugging my 17 Sag. IC from 16 and 21 Sag are the two asteroids for my home here in Faversham, an old brewing town _ "Brewington" and "Feuerbach"! (Faversham means fire_ or fever_ town. Gunpowder was milled here for generations; and people's health suffered when the creek was less savoury than now!) omygodthisisamazing ... I've just thought to check out "gun" asteroids as well, and there's "Gunlo(a)d" at the IC snug up against "Feuerbach" at Sag 21!!! And my father was a salesman all his life. Right on my Desc at 20 Pisces (etc!) is "Repsolda" (get it?) and at the IC again in 18 Sag is "Mercator" (the merchant.) The fact that I went on to become an antique map colourist in my 20s and now a huge fan of SolarMaps is also connected _ through the Mercator projection _ and his name was Gerardus!

You still haven't bought your asteroids?

...but back to Mother...

I have learned a lot of good astrology from her passing already. We have never known her birth time, for obvious reasons, and this was an opportunity to discover if it was possible to rectify the chart at all. For the first time, too, we had access to documents _ Mother's marriage certificate, the date of her husband's death, the record of vaccination prior to her first flight overseas.

You will remember the success we had with the "Q" charts, and my recent (belated!) discovery of the Lunar phase returns; applying the knowledge of the way these work, more graphically describing events and relationships in a life than almost anything else, I started by checking 14/2/1900 for the four times when Saturn was on an angle during the day of James Crane's passing in Blackburn. This happened at 02h30, 10h45, 19h00 and 22h43. As it closed an opposition to the Moon towards the latter end of the day, the two later times were favourite, even though experience had shown me that all four were real possibilities for a natal birth_time, according to the rules of Quotidians.

To cut a long story very short, all four times were re_checked against family charts and other known and dated events to see which consistently threw up the correctly descriptive planet(s) on angles. There was in the end no contest: my first favourite, 19h00 (now tweaked to 19h05) won easily, and proved itself finally by collecting the right asteroids on its angles as well as working vividly when all its dimensions were plotted. Her natal full moon in draconic straddled the tropical meridian _ draco Moon at the IC, home, family and roots her entire focus, and greatly constrained by the conjunction from Sidereal Saturn that obliged her like so many other Lancashire mothers to go out to work to support the family, hard up as they were. Here indeed was one of the last of the old Lancashire "Weavers", named "Anna", nee "Morando",married to "James", with sons "Gerarda" and "Johnson". Definitely destined for life in "Rockwell Kent" at "St. Peter's" convent. Closely related to a "Pamina". Her life filled with her love of singing and dancing... "Orpheus", "Chant", "Dancey", "Terpsichore" ( Draconic Sun in Gemini on the MC came out whenever she had the chance to perform; she adored being the centre of attention!) All align directly with Sun or angles either in coelo or across dimensions. And the Lunar phase returns prior to known events also confirmed this evening birth through their clarity of description. So do the Solar Arcs and progressions, checked last of all.

So I am now feeling very confident that we can realistically offer rectification to people whose times of birth are quite unknown. This approach has worked exceptionally well on Mother's chart, and of course on Gerard's (as related in the last Small World.) If you haven't tried these techniques do have a crack at some of your real challenges with them and see if you don't get somewhere at last!

Dwads in Transit

Another spin_off has been the amazing activity in the transiting dwad. I knew transits to natal tropical dwad positions were powerful vide my friend who lost half her family when T Saturn hit her dwad Sun at the same time as her husband's radical Sun opposite.

Checking the faithful Raphael over breakfast, I found to my utter astonishment that on the morning Mother left us, these rapidlymoving positions had almost precisely placed Pluto on my p.Sun, Uranus opposite Gerard's natal Sun, and last but by no means least, Saturn on Mother's Sun, backing up the current eclipses. This is important; these are, again, direct alignments, which you would not find if you only finetuned into the 12th harmonic. The dwad, mapping as it does onto the same framework as the decanates, is a very special layer of energetic information.

Interdimensional Horary?!?

Cries of HERESY! do I hear? Of course horary works beautifully and simply by its welltried and ancient rules. Yesterday a friend asked me, at a gathering in his house overlooking Faversham Creek, whether he should go out and buy a very tasty, gleaming, exdemo company car that was on offer at a local showroom. Aha, this is a horary question! I cried gleefully, and come the evening I got on with it. Well, there was this meeting of querent and quesited in the 11th house gathering, and there was the awful closing Tsquare between the querent and the significator of the coveted car, full of Neptunian nasties in the 8th house. I rang him. "Er I don't do many of these", I said, "But I would be careful! It looks as if it may not be all it's cracked up to be. Someone may be trying to rip you off in some way." Brief silence, then "You are brilliant!" "No" I explained, "astrology's brilliant. But why?" "Because I looked it up on the Web, and they are asking over £2000 more than it's worth."

OK. Today he'll have made up his mind one way or the other, and I haven't heard yet.

But the point is that if you add the draconic and sidereal levels to this pattern (13h54 GMT 24th January 1999) they show you what the question is about. Draco Mercury is close to the tropical IC, and sidereal Mercury close to the tropical Desc with Neptune, the misleader! 2 degrees from the Sun. So all that radix 8th house Sun Neptune Mercury stuff goes onto the sidereal, public, angle. He would have had the car for work and work would be paying for it. But all that was being squared by the opposition of Moon/Saturn/Mars, in turn lined up with the draconic MC/IC.

The dwad of the querent's significator, the Moon, is conjunct his Sun, identifying him exactly; the dwad of the Asc itself is exactly conjunct the IC, showing that the querent is in his own home.

Then there are the asteroids. Remember when we had our scary old well inspected in the summer? And the house name etc kept appearing in all the appropriate places? Well here we go again.

"LeCar" is rising, and draconic "Urania" conj. Chiron, opposite "Rhoads", "Ernestina" (his name in drag!), and that sidereal solar trio which now includes "Pamjones". So, in the frame, so to speak, is an encounter between Ernest and his astrologer friend Pam regarding a road vehicle. Squaring the axis from the draco IC and sid. "Feuerbach"/Moon/Saturn is "Autonoma", opposite Mars. He's all keen, she's going to wax cautious over this auto! "Carr" is opp. Mercury. Money is heavily at issue, as that fidgety Mars is also conjunct "Pounds" in coelo, and "Mony" is at the MC ... with "Maritima", too, adding to the location of the question. From the wider field of the sidereal, this same MC/"Mony"/"Maritima" lines up beautifully with tropical Sun/ Pamjones/ Chemin (on the road again...)/"Riverside" (the creek)/and Neptune opposite "Carmen", draco "Pamina" and sid. IC. Twice more the location is spelt out: "Brewington" on the draconic Desc, and "Feuerbach" on the sidereal Desc.


But the question still got answered without them. Glorious stuff, this astrology.

And a fleeting media event...

Far more simply, at 16h20 gmt 14th January 1999 there was an interview on BBC Radio 4 with a man who was challenging Esperanto with his own polyglot language, "Europanto". It was only a short slot little more than a few soundbites but draconic "Zamenhof" conj. "Europa" was setting on the Desc. with the tropical Sun and Sidereal S. Node. The draconic is here very active: in its dwad we find "Zamenhof" also with the MC, and "Europa" only 1' of arc from the Sun. Interestingly, the helio sidereal "Esperanto" (the highest level humanly conceivable, touching the cosmic) is on the tropical MC in late Pisces almost exactly squaring helio tropical "Europa". Remember that where draconic is active, we have spiritual vocation coming into play, karmic obligation, group commitment etc, and with the sidereal a public, social, and/or historic function.

Now for the Commercial Break

Don't forget that any of you who read Small World can advertise your surplus goods here, in .........


... but as noone seems to be fundraising except me, there is nothing more this month (unless anyone is interested in two pristine sets of sherry glasses now utterly redundant in this almost TT household, or silver pastry knives and forks?

Alas, Poor Pluto!

...who is being demoted from full planetary status if a worldwidewebwide poll of astronomers so decree. "PLUTO TO LOSE ITS STARDOM" cried the headline in the Observer of January 17th under a photo of Clyde Tombaugh its discoverer and a very fetching impression of how the PlutoCharon system must look to a passing ufo. "Planet's fall is curtains for Clinton, say astrologers", claimed the subheading, having got its messages mixed as usual, quoting several of our most eminent oversuccinctly and I suspect sadly out of context, since Nick Campion mentions "Neptune's Presence", and correct me please if I'm wrong, Nick this sounds more like a comment on the changed orbital status of the two outer planets, Neptune having taken over as outermost for a celestial while. Well, good old Pluto is as active as ever. Look what it's doing to the sorelytried England Football Coach, Glen Hoddle! (now alas, writing at 22h45 on 2/2/99, exCoach.)

For those of you far from these shores and out of touch with these more provincial matters, the balloon went up on Sunday last under that agonising Tsquare of Mars/Saturn/Neptune joined by the Aries Moon. He had been so bold as to give an interview to the Sunday Times in which he attempted to explain to a selfrighteous generation weaned on Thatcherite materialism, slavish political correctness and halfdigested egalitarianism the concepts of Karma and reincarnation . Accordingly, the imperfectlyworded examples he offered were efficiently misinterpreted by all the media and gravely affronted those high of profile who claimed to speak for the disabled community. Press and TV have descended like piranhas on the poor man, who has struggled defiantly on with hardly any support, reluctant to resign, and insistent that his views have been totally misrepresented. He's just an ordinary guy. He has no academic or rhetorical skills. He is straining to express ideas that are difficult enough even for the learned and fluent; and in a dreadfully hostile climate. Eventually I tracked down his birthdate (no time/place yet) to October 27th 1947, where we find asteroid Karma tucked between Venus and Chiron in midScorpio (opposite Jesus' Sun) square a tight cluster of Mars/Pluto, Renate (reborn) and NewMan. All these are already under fire from transiting Uranus, and the sidereal transits of Pluto are hauling previously private beliefs painfully out into the public domain.

More bits of data

A most encouraging report on breakthroughs in research into Homoeopathy was broadcast on BBC radio on January 28th 1999 at 07h45 gmt; it seems that in Utrecht the signal of a potentised substance has been recognised as remaining in the water, and in LA succussed water has been shown to develop solidlike structures. All of which points insistently to very advanced physics, where to my mind the possible answers have always potentially awaited us. The potentised astrology of the Dwad and Asteroids triumphs again! For Ultrajectum, the old Latin name for the city of Utrecht, sets opposite the rising AquarianSun (in a lovely angular procession of Neptune, Mercury, Asc, Sun, Uranus), Angelina for Los Angeles is tightly conjunct the Sun, and to describe the academic work on homeopathic signatures left in resonant magnetic fields we have the dwads of Academia, Signe and Bach lined up tidily with radix Magnitka, Herzen and the Moon across 272829 GeminiSagittarius.

The UK media were less than helpful with the shocking Earthquake in Colombia (confusingly, in Armenia!) on January 25th '99; so I chased up the US government contact/website (www.neic.cr.usgs.gov/neis/bulletin/99EVENTS/ and was given precise time and epicentre coordinates:

18h19m17s UT, at 4.29 N, 75.68 W. NB!!! these are decimal coordinates and need converting! This is what I have 04N17 24, 075W40 48. You can see how close it was to the city pretty well right underneath it.

Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys Jones announced their formal engagement at 10h00 am gmt on January 6th '99 now, was it in London? I forget. Bother.

I have been collecting birthdates of people who lost their lives in the Lockerbie tragedy, whenever visible on screen. Does anyone have access to a full, dated list?

In the October'98 Small World, there was a longish piece on the murder of Lin and Megan Russell. With the fresh asteroids from Mark Pottenger, we have two more crucial names Linda and Megantic. I have checked these against the charts of the last sighting and the possible time of the attack, adding for good measure Megaira and Hack. Once again, the names are found in the same sensitive area of midVirgo: draconic Linda (16 virgo 46)and Sidereal Megaira (15 virgo 41) on the tropical MC of the attack, sidereal Linda on the draconic MC of the attack, tropical Linda and draconic Megaira conjunct in 28 and 29 Pisces, sidereal Megantic at 9 virgo 22 on the MC of the last sighting and draconic Hack on the Asc at the same time. This is an extraordinary buildup, especially considering all that has been seen earlier.

Journey Into Space!

At 12h53 on February 4th '99 the News on ITN announced (to my intense glee) that the Russians had launched a Space Mirror from the MIR space station, and that the sunreflecting sails had tangled in Mir's antennae, bringing their deployment to an abrupt halt. All the little hibernating beasties can breathe a little easier, including me, now that the threat to sweet sleepinducing darkness has retreated at least for now. Why me? Because exactly six years ago on February 4th 1993 I woke at about 4 am remembering what I assumed was a vivid dream of the Sun coming out at night, yet surrounded by darkness more like a huge moon. At breakfast the news came through that there had been an experiment during the dark hours with a prototype space mirror, which had cast an uninvited cone of light across our somnolent latitudes, and appeared for all the world like a big bright moon. So did I dream? Or was I out there?

The interesting bit comes when we look at the patterns six years ago, the asteroid Sunshine was at 20 Leo 22 right on the ChironSaturn opposition, trying ineffectually but annoyingly to overcome the Dark; this time Sunshine was at 20 Aquarius 56 close to the Moon's S. Node! Forget it, folks; bad idea. Unhealthy to disrupt Nature's ancient rhythms!

The long anticipated international Space Station was launched from Cape Canaveral (28n24 20, 80W36 18) at 08h36 GMT on December 4th 1998 with all the hopefulness of the Draconic Moon/Venus/Jupiter Tsquare on the Tropical angles but Saturn setting...! But maybe this was just the rocket?

Earlier in December '98 on the 10th the Royal Society announced publicly the achievement of the first complete genome, that of the nematode worm, which apparently carries a number of the same muscle genes as we do.

Back on October 1st '98 at 0h00 in London, Sky launched Digital Television on the already saturated viewing public. Guess what? Asteroid Skytel was in 11 Aries 08 right opposite Mercury, and the Moon in Aquarius in the 7th was tucked cosily between Uranus and the setting Neptune. Cancer rising heralds many TV dinners...

While we're on the Media, the Internet crashed disastrously on July 17th 1997, at 02h30 (I assume EDT) through a fault somewhere in Virginia, USA. This info courtesy of BBC 2's recent, fascinating series on the Net's history in "Web.Dot.Com" that went on air from London at 19h30 on October 19th 1998.

And still in the air, Frank Whittle born 1st June 1907 patented the Jet Engine on January 14th 1930. Its first (commercial?) flight was on May 15th 1941.

Another technological snippet: Cartwright patented the Power Loom on April 24th 1743. Apropos of this, we're back to Gerard's mother again! She had all these ancient policies, including one taken out with the Blackburn & District Power Loom, Winders, Warpers and Weavers Association. Which is utterly extinct. We have spent hours on the phone and letterwriting just to see if there is the faintest trace, but even the Rechabites couldn't find it! So much for the famous Lancashire cotton industry. It has gone the way of the Dodo.

A happier future was assured to Robert Towneley's experiment on Lancashire's Pendle Hill (of Witches fame!) on April 12th 1661: he set out successfully to measure rising and falling air pressure against its volume, and this led to "Boyles Law" of 1663. Regarding the time, I can at least assure you it was in daylight! And as you can get very lost and cold on Pendle if the weather goes haywire, and as it is a hefty climb up and down, it must have been toward the middle of the day.

More sad farewells

November 14th 1935 saw the birth in Jordan of one of this century's great men, king of that pivotal land since his succession on August 12th 1952. At 11h43 EET on February 7th 1999 in Amman, amid desperate grief, that quiet striver for world peace left his body for the higher Light. The next day (at 11h45 local time, and then 13h45 at the Palace) saw the greatest gathering of world leaders politicians, royalty, enduring friends, old enemies that may ever have been seen, as the nations paid their last respects to King Hussein, a man not only respected but loved. Three days before he died, my local paper ran a fullpage spread on his previous marriage to Antoinette Gardiner from Bridge, near Canterbury; she became Queen Muna, and is now the mother of the new King of Jordan, Abdullah. Only last year, friends of ours with their newborn son had stayed at the Palace, invited by one of the King's British staff. They too will be mourning.

Even closer to home, one week after Gerard's old mother passed on we were shocked to read in our local paper that our dear friend, who had been Faversham's Roman Catholic priest until his posting to Aberdeen a few years ago, had dropped dead at the altar in the University chapel ... while lighting candles for the Mass he would have been saying for Mother. He had written to us just three days earlier, saying that, God Willing, this was his intention for Sunday January 24th. God's will was otherwise, to take his shiny soul back home. So, two days before Mother's funeral, we found ourselves burying someone else we loved among many mourners at Aylesford Priory. Fr. Frank was a very private man, so I shall not publish his birthdata, only say that by the time we arrived, we had no choice of seats, and by one of those wonderful cosmic arrangements I found myself sitting next to a lady from Aberdeen who knew what time his death had occurred and immediately in front of the only local Roman Catholic astrologer I know!!! And I must add that once again the Qcharts we looked at a short while back added depth to the astrological picture: for at Fr. Frank's clock birthtime on his death day, the CQ, the transiting MarsSaturn, square Neptune, lay right on the Meridian. "In the sight of the unwise they seem to die, and their departure is taken for misery and utter destruction..." "...but they are in Peace; for God created man to be immortal, and to be an image of His own eternity." ... and there in the true Qchart, with matched zonetimes, is Pluto on the Ascendant with its promise of not just a death, but a resurrection.

* * * * * * *

Amidst all this, just to add to the emotional and mental turmoil, Gerard found the replacement car he desperately needed, and as it was very beautiful and we could just afford it with a lot of fiscal jiggerypokery, he was thrilled to bits. So the past few weeks have been one of the most extraordinary psychological rollercoasters we have ever experienced, and amid relentless pressure. Guess who took her eyes off her transits? And guess where they turned up when she spent one bedtime catching up? No prizes there it all was in the Draconic: for the duration of the worst of the switchback ride, transiting draconic Uranus bouncing over my tropical Asc and square Gerard's Sun.

* * * * * * *

Finally, the Pisces VenusPluto Sag. square had a lot of fun in the Sunday Times last weekend (Feb.7th): "Genes turn love rats into "monogamice" the release of oxytocin and vasopressin during bonding assures an addictive, jealous relationship with one mate, and fiddling with the hormones can turn this on and off. Would that we could turn on and off our VenusPlutos as easily!!! "Oprah walks out on 'death wish' television" though she had in fact just signed up for another 2 years... Data (from her to me via her research assistant by letter) January 29th 1954, 04h30 am CST, Kosciusko MS. ...No doubt about this chart at all. Everything interdimensionally is in place, describing her life and purpose, including the helio Mars tight to the MC in a painful tsquare with Neptune, Chiron and Uranus; the deep trauma of early, prolonged abuse has coloured her whole life. "Making left hand music" the announcement of the creation of the world's first lefthanded piano by lefthanded pianist Chris Seed, so that he could play Chopin properly! This is also generating brain research at Royal Holloway College. "The relationship that dare not speak its name" no, not what that used to imply, but Marriage! which is under threat by political lies, lack of support, and politicallycorrect terror of upsetting anyone bringing children into a less tried and stable relationship...Interesting and challenging article by Melanie Phillips. "Sugar in lowfat foods is hidden health threat" Hidden from whom? I learned all this in Biology at 15! How come the fact that too much carbohydrate (especially the fastrelease, processed stuff) converts to sugars, and too much of any sugar in the system is then laid down as fat, is suddenly news? My God, the wheat and sugar barons must be powerful, to buy academic and medical silence for so many decades! Our poor kids. The stuff tastes so good they don't want to hear that they've been conned. Remember the scifi story "Soylent Green"? It's no different. As a society we'll do virtually anything, listen to any lie, pay any price to protect our delectable craving.

So roll on Valentine's Day, roll on Easter! It's choccy time again!

Bless you all,