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Small world - November 1998 (more on the Russells & Stone)

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Happy (?!) Libra, folks ...

I hope you are not getting blown about like tumbleweed or having to shell out for a new Ark! Any weather experts out there? Certainly the new moon of October 20th was a miserable affair, in its unkind configuration with Saturn/Neptune. Interesting to see that the old god of weather and storm, none other than wise, bountiful Jupiter, is angular in the UK's west country where the worst of the havoc has so far been wrought. The helio Jupiter is tighter to the geo angle in each case, too. Worth looking at this more closely.

There are asteroids for weather; currently Wetherill (why not?) and Wild (it most certainly is!) are conjunct the angular Jupiter, and the New Moon pulls into its awful T square Britten (Britain), Hella and Poseidon. There are even more on angles, such as SURF, Pounds, House and Celsius. *** Of political note is the New Moon's conjunction with asteroid Israel at this crucial phase of its relations with Palestine.


I picked up a Daily Mail amongst other papers last Saturday Oct. 24th to read the post verdict reports on Michael Stone (of whom more in a minute.)

The bonus was a piece by the gossip columnist Nigel Dempster on the relationship between Princess Diana and the Fayeds. He says: "I was with the Princess of Wales when she met Dodi Fayed. It was July 4, 1987, and we were chatting on a warm summer's afternoon at the Guards Polo Club on Smiths Lawn in Windsor Great Park....the polo match had just finished. ..... Diana .... showed little interest when introduced to Dodi ..... Dodi and Diana had no interest in each other, and it was to be another decade before they met again, with tragic consequences." He goes on to add that he had been a friend of Dodi's for ten years, and that one of his early lady friends used to call him not Dodi but Doo Doo no wonder asteroid Dudu works for him!

He makes some fascinating comments that link back to the Qcharts in October's Small World, vividly confirming the patterns found between the three and their implications "... Dodi was pressed by his father to continue pursuing Diana ..... Fayed's erstwhile brother in law, Adnan Khashoggi ..... laughing at the Mohamedinspired romance between his nephew and Diana, said, 'Surely it should have been Mohamed pictured with Diana. He's the one in love with her, but he's married.' (Remember all that Mars/Venus?) " And when Dempster encountered Dodi at Harrods early in August '97 and asked him "What's going on between you and Diana?" Dodi repled, "We're just friends". Remember, the Q charts indicated that this is how the relationship appeared to the couple, whereas they were blind to the more profound implications that would go down in history.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


..... Asteroid Stone is coming closer and closer to the conjunction with retrograding Jupiter, as Michael Stone begins his triple life sentence for the murders and attempted murder of the Russells. And now, too, the appeal process begins as one of the key trial witnesses admits to perjuring himself in court.

The newspapers of October 24th, the day after the majority Guilty verdict, obliged us with birthdata for Stone: June 7th 1960 at Pembury Hospital, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. His bio is a tale of abuse (yes, with a hammer), neglect, rejection; a four times married mother from gypsy stock; several siblings of whom one sister, Barbara, was someone he could identify with and fiercely defend; drug addictions, thieving, damage, bad company, Borstal, prison. Familiar stuff. Bear in mind that the jury is given no background at all. They have to assess only the facts of the immediate case.

Remembering the power of Qcharts, I have put up Stone's chart for 16h51 BST, the apparent time of the actual murders, suggested by that extraordinary clustering of names and concepts in mid Virgo/Pisces we looked at last month. I can now add to that list, by the way, the name of Josie's little dog that also died, Luce for Lucy, right up in the MC at that terrible moment at 15 Virgo with Josephina (Josie's full name) and chillingly opposite Janequeo at the IC in 16 Pisces, the name of his mother, Jane. This looks suspiciously like a textbook displacement of matricide.


Now, is there anything in Stone's own pattern that suggests the jury came to the right conclusion?

Well, Mars had just transited his Sun. This was at it's most acute, applying by one degree, five days earlier, that he told his psychiatric nurse Margaret Stewart that he was in a mood to kill someone and needed help. The next day, at the murder time, the conjunction of T Mars to Sun was exact and square the Moon in 16 Pisces conjunct Janequeo.

On the afternoon of the murders the Moon had moved to 10 Taurus; here it was conjunct Stuart (Stewart) in his own chart, and right opposite the midpoint of his Moon/Neptune conjunction in Scorpio.

A Rectified Chart

And this last is the pattern we get (at 7h00 am on June7th 1960) if we use the activity of asteroids to rectify the chart. New stuff again. OK. How do we go about this?

(1) Take all the asteroids that relate to both the murder scenario, to his identity, and his upbringing.

(2) Find the axis/axes around which the majority form significant, descriptive clusters.

(3) Adjust the chart so that at least one if not two such axes form the angles and then apply astrological common sense to a firm choice, noting the time.

(4) Test this chart against events using returns, annual and daily progressions, solar arcs, etc.

(5) If everything behaves as it should in relation to known circumstances, save as the Speculative Chart.

(1) and (2) Hard work with the asteroid database revealed first of all Barbara at 18 Scorpio 33, implying a birth between dawn and dusk to place this asteroid appropriately in orbs of the Moon. After all, his sister was the only woman he really felt close to. My experience is that asteroids 'work' up to 5 degrees either side of the Lights and angles, although most contacts lie within a degree or two.

His other lady, Rachele, turns up interestingly in mid Virgo, at 17 Vi 06, on the axis square Stone's natal Sun that carries the principal asteroids at the time of the murders. Then we find right opposite in 17 Pisces 08 Jose aligned exactly with Lucia her little dog at 17 Vi 10., and Josephina not far away in 22 Pi 36. Then Meges at 13 Pi 44 and Megaira in the same place at 14 Pi 14 with ArmandHammer, 13 Pi 52. Years before all this, on two occasions he smashed ornaments in a department store; Ornamenta is also on the axis at 18 Vi 12, Pounds (for both the expense and the pounding he gave them) at 18 Vi 56, and Siva too at 17 Vi 09. This last is a mere 9 mins of arc from asteroid Zomba; people high on a fix are often said to behave "like zombies", like the living dead who have no awareness of either their actions or their consequences, and the way this pattern is building up suggests that this man is extremely likely to have carried out these dreadful crimes in a state that left him with a total amnesia in respect of that day in his life.

Even those names which aren't on the killer axis connect to it: Russell at 21 Leo 18 is the sidereal position of 15 Virgo 29, the Lane in which the events took place conjoins this at 21 Leo 34 (15 Vi 45), and his mother's Janequeo, 23 Leo 16, relates in the same way to 17 Vi 27. So, all the asteroids on the Virgo Pisces axis line up with the last three from their sidereal positions in Leo. Even Linda Susan is tied in from 16 Libra 08, as this is the antiscion of 13 Virgo 52, Meg's degree axis. Both died. Lina, 14 Aries 55, is antiscion to 15 Pisces 05. Time in penal institutions is aptly described by Purgathofer, 16 Pisces 24.

Finally we have direct alignments with his Gemini Sun: the name he took early in life, David (18 Sag 57) conjunct his erstwhile partner in crime Johnny (20 Sag 11) aligned with Coco for the cocaine habit (19 Gemini 31) and Couteau (knife) with which he attacked at least one friend (15 Gemini 10).

I defy anyone to lookat this lot and dismiss it all as mere coincidence. Not only are all the correct ideas linked to Stone through the cross to his Gemini Sun, but intimately to the very same ideas on the very same axis at the time of the murders 38 years later. (Just as the same ideas turned up on the same axis between Diana's birth and tragic death.)

(3) Solar Fire 4 allows direct adjustment of both MC and ASC in rectifying a chart, so it was very soon that a plausible birth time turned up, 7h00 am, giving this pallid, insecure, volatile young man a mid Cancer ASC, the lonely, potentiallyanti social Capricorn Saturn setting, and the crucial mid Pisces/Virgo on the Meridian close to the Moon's Nodes. The Sun is at home in institutional House 12, and the Moon Neptune conjunction in 5th which fits his mother's dominant sex life and unreliability, and his own self gratifiying flight from reality through recreational drug use.

The Moon at this birth time falls in 14 Scorpio conjunct Antares; this usually highlights the proper use or the abuse of power. Sidereally it is right opposite tropical Mars from 20 Libra. And the draconic Moon goes to 23 Taurus next to the sidereal Sun at Taurus 22. In July 1998 Michael Stone's Solar Arc Mars was in 24 Taurus and on the Desc of the murder chart so this is looking pretty convincing, especially bearing in mind that he had been experiencing a rising tide of aggression within himself for quite a long time before the murders took place. When the helio chart is added, another jigsaw piece falls into place, for not only do we have an Aries Mars in coelo squaring the Asc/Desc and Saturn (typical of a person who feels threatened and lashes out at the world for want of self awareness and self control) but also now helio Mars in 12 Pisces 44, squaring Earth, conjunct the MC!

(4) The acid test is to progress and return this chart to the summer of 1996.

The Solar Return, 6/6/96 at 23h52 for Gillingham, Kent where he was living, is very satisfying indeed. Mars, in 25Taurus56 (so close to draconic Moon etc!) is conjunct the IC with Mercury the Sun ruler. Pluto is bang on the Midheaven. And the Moon itself has swung into a strong T square with this violent axis from 26 Aquarius. Neptune trines the Mercury/Mars from the Capricorn Asc ... easy to feel powerful if you are out of your head on a cocktail of illegal and prescription drugs.

This year's return finds the Nodes across the horizon, a conjunction of Moon/Chiron in Scorpio on his natal Moon in the 3rd squaring Uranus, that 24 Taurus/Scorpio axis on the meridian, and a high profile trio of Sun/Mercury/Mars (what else?) in the 10th.

On his birthday, p.Moon was conjunct S.Node r. in Pisces. By July 9th, the Moon had moved into alignment with the converse conjunction of S.Node and Mars. P.Mars was closing a square to natal Uranus and trine the setting Saturn r.

The daily progressions for 9th July give an exact conjunction of Puto/Asc and the DPMC at 26 Taurus! The daily converse Asc is close to radix Mars and square conv. Saturn. Stone's converse Sun at 11 Taurus was joined by the transiting Moon opposite the midpoint of that natal Moon/Neptune.

Chase The Dragon...!!!

What seems less satisfactory is that the Birthday p. angles are not contributing to this otherwise vivid picture. However, when the full progressed Interdimensional wheel is set up we find what we should: p. draconic MC con. p. Tropical Neptune, p.Sidereal Mars con. p.Tropical MC, and P. Sidereal Pluto con. p.Tropical Asc. Michael Stone becomes globally, historically angry.

Then, having found that he had a Draconic Solar Return on June 30th at 11h57 am with a nasty T square of Sun/Saturn/Chiron and the Nodes, Moon near the IC close to natal Trop. Sun, and Mars not far from the MC a new thought what if one was supposed to set up 'annual' draconic progressions for the date/time of the Draconic Solar Return? Having never tried this, there was no time like the present!

............ and Lo! there is Return Mars e.conj. progressed Mars conj. p.MC; Return Asc and p. Asc conj. Pluto; converse Asc at 14 Taurus opposite conv. Neptune, on natal tropical Moon/Antares, converse MC a couple of degrees from Return Uranus.

(5) So there we are.

This looks like Michael Stone, and it still looks like a guilty Michael Stone, however many lies may have been told in court. I rest my case. You can be the Jury.

God Bless,

pray for this disturbed man,