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Sign Language 06 - Directions and Life-Parabolas

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Playing With Fire

Three things. Parabolas resurfaced, Pluto was bugging me, and I was still fidgeting after 2½ years in the new house.

In the (unbelievable!) years before Astrology, I had noticed this odd  wave, an arc of events and images that mirrored each other across some indefinable surface of time. There were the lovers with damaged left shoulders, the black rabbits, the thing with Canada...

Astrology came, and didn't resolve the question.

Until the day in August when as usual I was playing with Fire (Solar Fire, happily) and near the bottom of Reports came upon, O joy! the DIFFERENCE LISTING. Two tables - one in planetary pair sequence, one ranked by degrees. It struck me how useful the latter was for quickly assessing  which pairs of planets/angles would be pulled together by Direction and when; each degree  of difference typically marked off a year of life, and pairs with the same separation would come into their own at the same time. You could tell when life would get busy!

And then I noticed the parabola. Obvious, really - take Sun/Moon, in Princess Diana’s chart.
Sun/Moon is 225°22' and  Moon/Sun is 134°38'. Ring bells? Here are the Reflex degrees again - explored in the last Sign Language  - whose sum is always 360°. Therefore, as this second Difference list contains all possible pairs in order of their angles of separation, they are bound to follow a sequence from conjunctions outwards. This creates a symmetrical pattern of cosmic energies, centred halfway on the pair which are most nearly in opposition. Related pairs such as Sun/Moon, Moon/Sun are always equidistant from the oppositions at that half-way point.

Now, Solar Arc and Degree-for-a-year Directions inexorably move the whole chart around, sequentially pulling the planets and angles together over these very distances. And if Diana lived to the fantasy ages of 134 and 225, she would experience twice the full effect of a Solar Arc or degree-for-a-year  ‘New Moon’.
But when we look at our Directions, don’t  we use a modulus? Don’t  we plot the natal and directed charts on a wheel or dial that lets us see not just the coming conjunctions over 360̊ but commonly the squares over 90°, or even the smaller aspects over 30° or 15°?

Dates with Destiny
You will see that the Difference Listing also offers a Modulus. We aren’t limited to a 360° view. We can display our celestial engagement chart any way we want to. After hours of experiment, it has become very clear that three moduli stand out: 90° gives an accurate overview of an optimum human lifetime, pinpointing the major milestones; 30° does exactly the same job but in greater detail as all 12th harmonic aspects are included; and 15° brings in the 8th and 24th harmonics to include regular challenges that crop up symmetrically every 7½ years. 90° is read ‘straight’,  with each degree marking its corresponding age in years; 30° takes you from age 0 to 29 (ie from your 1st to your 30th  years), and then you repeat the same sequence from 30 to 59 and 60 to 89. The 15° schedule reads from 0 to 14, 15 to 29, 30 to 44, 45 to 59, 60 to 74, 75 to 89 - etc! As you can imagine, with a detailed life history rectification can be very quick, pairing key dates in the c.v. with their corresponding patterns in the listing; at its best it works like matching graphs.

And of course there you have the parabola, the wave-form, the matrix for the symmetry of events. Looking through  my own 30° schedule at this period when we have recently moved house and I am still very restless, the obvious thing was to check the years when exactly the same group of planetary/angular stimuli were at work. Eureka! On nearly every other Sun-Uranus/Uranus-Sun, and Uranus-MC/MC-Uranus, Saturn-MC/MC-Saturn and Sun-Pluto/Pluto-Sun (including, it must be said, directions to their Midpoints, which don’t involve symmetries) I and my family had been in upheaval and on the move. Needless to say, the rest of my history slots neatly into place, Sun-ASC and ASC-Moon turning up together when home has been sorted and we are happily settling down. (Fig.1)

It is deeply satisfying to find this - but it immediately begs the question, “How does this relate to Harmonics?1 Because it must!”

The  Real Age Harmonic
You may recall that amongst all the excellent work done in the Harmonics field by pioneers and researchers like John Addey, David Hamblin, John Greig, H.M.Ishikawa, Jim Williamsen, Charles Harvey, Mike Harding, Ronald Harvey - all of whose writings I warmly recommend - one concept that arose for discussion was the ‘Age Harmonic’. Simply, if you had reached, say, the age of 28, in addition to the usual progressions and directions you would understand that year through a study of your 28th harmonic chart. So at first I assumed that the directed or Solar Arc planetary contacts active at that age would be just the same as the planetary aspects visible in the corresponding harmonic chart. Not So! To display the symmetrical pairs in the round, you would simply plot them on a dial with the chosen  Modulus, eg. A 30° dial.  But to show their impact as an harmonic chart, you need to employ the complementary harmonic found by dividing 360 by the required age.

Thus, 360  ÷ 28 = 12.85714285714! ...

This not only does the trick and pictures vividly the year’s developmental dramas, but - crucially - validates again the use of decimal harmonics (as so successfully demonstrated in Arc Transform charts.2) At this point it is worth noting that Solar Fire will only accept a decimal Harmonic input to 7 significant figures, so you would enter the above as 12.85714.
However, if you enter a decimal figure into the Difference Listing Modulus, you are not limited in this way - which is an enormous advantage, because the next thing is precision dating.

Precision Dating
In the list, our ‘schedule’, N 00°00' always represents the birth date. Every 5' of arc of increment (12x5' being 60') adds a month of life. This will help you find any exact or close correspondences between patterns and milestones.

Next, find the difference between a major event and the preceding birth date, express this as a decimal of 365 days (N days  ÷ 365), add that same precise decimal to the age elapsed in years, and type it in as a Modulus. Hit ‘Enter’ and look at the list in a totally new way: it is as if your life was complete at the moment of this chosen event, whose key conjunctions fall at the very end of the resulting list.

Now divide 360 by the same decimal figure as your Modulus.. The result gives you the precise complementary decimal harmonic to generate a chart of the event date, to display those operating aspects.

Here are some favourite examples.

It’s useful to test out this kind of thing with well-timed data - so -
My very best chart, as accurate as any on record (because I was poised in front of the TV with a perfectly synchronised stopwatch!) is the moment the Church of England Synod in London agreed finally to ordain women priests, at 16h59m47s GMT on November 11th 1992. One year and 121 days later on March 12th 1994 in Bristol the first C.of E. woman priest was ordained at 17h46. The modulus becomes 1.331506849315 (1°19'53") with the complementary harmonic 270.37037.
The Age Harmonic chart and the list’s final four patterns (which we might call ‘Omega Pairs’) show the final stage (Asc-Sat) of the selection process as vocational commitment, at the triumphant climax of an historic year - Jup/MC  1°19', Asc/Sat 1°19',  Sun/Jup  1°19', Chi/Sun 1°19'. Sun, Jupiter and Chiron sum up the religious ministry.

(FIG 2)

If you then check the 30° schedule for the Decision, you will find in its first year all the rejoicing (Mon/Jup  00°48') and discussion (Asc/Mer  00°55') that ensued on the granting of priestly powers (Plu/Chi  00°18'). The second year brings that breath-taking step onto a spiritually transformative path (Nod/Plu  01°02', Ura/Nep  01°40')  with the wave of women’s ordination to full priesthood
( Jup/Asc  01°02',  Nod/Chi  01°20',  Mon/Asc  01°50',  Jup/Mer  01°57').

This system is wonderful for rectification. All you have to do is use the decimal age in the  way shown as a modulus for any useful  milestone, and check whether the final planetary/angular pairs match the event. If they don’t, then rectify until you have a time at which they do. Next,  produce a 90°, 30° and/or 15° schedule for the rectified chart to see if all the main life-events have fallen into place. Keep tweaking the time till they do!

I didn’t have to do much to mine, but the resulting true Age Harmonic chart (10.50612) for the day I met Gerard is amazing - the Sun in this AH chart conjoins Mars in Sagittarius on Gerard’s natal Sun opposite MC and N.Node, all square the Pisces Moon ‘rising’ on my own Descendant!

(FIG 3)

Alpha and Omega

The other chart I want to show you, because it was given, has been exhaustively tested, and therefore - again - is as accurate as any I know, is the Nativity of Jesus.

His Crucifixion date is known, and so we can now look at the decimal Age Harmonic for the Son of Man. Which is awesome. Jesus was led to the Cross at 36 years and 331 days. Moving his chart with a modulus of 36.906849315068 or 36°54'25", the Omega Ω pairs at the end of the list are Pluto-Moon, then Asc-Saturn. “It is finished.” But the consequent Alpha α energies as the cycle continues at the top of the list are first the Moon’s Node, then Asc-Pluto and Jupiter-Sun, then Saturn-Pluto, before returning to Sun-Venus and Moon-Mars. The picture laid before us is precisely of his physical death, followed by the glorious Resurrection that he promised - even echoing the words of the Creed, “He descended into Hell ... he ascended into Heaven”, into the realm of spiritual love and power.


As I write, it is the 12th Solar Return of the discovery of his chart. Uranus on the Ascendant, Pluto on the Midheaven. There is more going on here than I could even begin to tell you. It has been an extraordinary day, and an extraordinary 12 years.


One thing you will notice is that as soon as you  work with decimals, the bi-lateral Rorschach-like symmetry of the listing vanishes. In fact it is still there but disguised, because it has been phase-shifted, sometimes so far off-centre that it nearly meets the final event! If you want to see something really tantalising, enter a modulus of 18.97366596101 (18°58'42"). Why? Because this, my friends, is the square root of 360, which I looked at out of curiosity, because by degree-for-a-year it would mark the only decimal age - 18 years, 355 days, 9 hours and 18.8 minutes (!) - at which both the modulus and its harmonic complement were identical. In real time, it falls close to the Saros Sun-Moon-Earth cycle and not long after the first vocationally important Nodal Return (at 18.6 years) after reaching legal adulthood at 18 years in the UK. You would think that perfect symmetry would return here - but not quite! It is offset by just 18' of arc, reflexing over degrees 18°41' and 9°11'. The moment should, one feels, be pivotal; and in harmonic terms it is.

The Learning Curve
It is pivotal because of the way the patterns move. In the first year of life, the complementary age harmonic is 360. There are no years stretching ahead yet, only a host of stimuli from 0°00' to 0°59' packed into twelve months of raw acclimatisation. From this point of view, the 360th harmonic chart must have something useful to say about our earliest experience and its mark upon us. (In fact the really accurate ones I have studied so far are more like a Mission Statement. That  of Jesus already, vividly, carries the drama and beauty of his life; that of Mary all the love and pain of her extraordinary destiny as a mother.)

(FIG 5) and (FIG 6)

So much is happening that time is slowed to a crawl. As we grow up through the childhood years, this stretching of time continues; each year is still packed with developments and personal dramas with the age degrees running minute by minute from 0 to 2, then 0 to 3, 0 to 4, 5, 6, etc. Only when we are well into our teens does growth begin to slow, and our experience of time start speeding up. Until, after the pivotal 18.97-year watershed, we get into our adult years which then rush by faster and faster as our inner pace slows down and there doesn’t seem enough time in each day to get through even the essentials! We have reached the extended schedule - and the low age-harmonics. The longer the schedule in years/degrees, the more spread out are the paired planetary energies, and the fewer events are marked for each year. This parallels exactly our common experience of remembering;  much detail gets lost, and only the major incidents stand out. I wonder, does the phenomenon of symmetry have a direct connection  with our long- versus short-term memory, and the ability to be reminded of things past by events in the present? At any stage in adult life, our current patterns have happened at least once before, giving us repeated  déja vu; and the older we are, the more likely we are to be living on our 90° list, and so the more distant will be the recall...  We know that one of the best  ways to retrieve past detail is (as under hypnosis) to become that earlier self again; we would gain access to the smaller moduli of the higher harmonics , winding back this extraordinary cosmic clock.

Full Circle
Winding. Curves. Spirals. Helices. We start at Harmonic 360 with all our energies curled in a circumference of one degree and day by day, year by year, degree by degree ‘unwind’ into full selfhood at Harmonic 1. The further we travel, the easier it is to see where we have been - and what may lie ahead. It looks as if each of us grows through not only the spiralling cycles of  progressions and transits, but a cone of personal time, the constantly active matrix for our unfolding till we come full circle and this incarnation is complete. One more thing to tantalise: go beyond the circle, beyond its 360° bounds, exceed the scheduled limit, get off the Wheel  - and the Harmonic falls to less than 1. As the decimal diminishes, the planets close in on each other until, at an harmonic of 0 - the infinitely small - all energies coalesce onto the Aries Point in undifferentiated unity with the Creative Source. We go back, fulfilled, to God.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Princess Diana: 1st July 1961, 19h45 BST, Sandringham UK (52N50, 0E30) - source Clifford 2000
Women Priests - decision: full data in text - source, the author monitoring live tv news.
Women Priests - ordination: full data in text - source, the author monitoring live tv news.
Jesus - Nativity: 7th May 5 BC, 18h43m55s local apparent time, Bethlehem (31N43, 35E12) - source  Rev. Pam Crane, researcher. Published in ‘The Draconic Chart’ (Flare, 2000)
Crucifixion of Jesus: 3rd April 33 AD, 18h20 local apparent time, Jerusalem (31N46, 35E14) - source Prof. Colin J. Humphreys and W. G. Waddington, “NATURE” 22/29 December 1983                            (Christmas issue): paper entitled “Dating The Crucifixion.” Plus biblical account.
Mary: 4th August 24 BC, 12h33m LMT, Nazareth (32N42, 35E18) - source Rev. Pam Crane, received from spiritual intelligence and rectified (see Mary, Mother of Jesus on this website, section - The Birth of Jesus.)
Finding Jesus: 25th October 1992, 17h25 GMT, Ospringe UK (51N19, 0E51) - source Rev. Pam Crane, researcher

Note1 - harmonics:
An harmonic chart for a given number is created by multiplying the position of every planet and cusp by that number, then subtracting all multiples of 360̊. The resulting positions in degrees & minutes of ‘absolute longitude’ are converted back to Signs, degrees, minutes to form a new chart whose significance depends on the chosen harmonic number.

Note2 - arc transform chart
: A special form of harmonic chart in which the distance between a pair of planets and/or angles is expressed as a decimal fraction of the 360̊ circle, and then this decimal number is used to multiply all chart factors as in Note1 to create a new chart. This chart’s meaning is specific to the paired planets, and in it the chosen pair will appear as an exact conjunction.

* * * * * * * * * * * *