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Tools & techniques - programming wishlist

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Programming for

InterDimensional Astrology

Rev. Pam Crane

Several years ago I wrote the following, in the hope that the wonderful people who spend their time and passion programming astrology into computers might pick some of it up and run with it.

It is now 2010, and to my delight, whether my notes had anything to do with it or not, enough people have had enough technical curiosity and intitiative to get most of these ideas written into the best astrological software around so that we can all explore them. (In red are a few still high on my wish-list.)

Thank you all so much!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If you are willing to take note of the following suggestions and follow them up, you will greatly enrich your existing programs, as interdimensional astrology, especially when used together with selected asteroids, is the most precisely descriptive astrology I have ever come across. For vocational guidance there is nothing to equal it. For assessment of behavioural motivation and its source-level in the psyche there is nothing to equal it. Interdimensional work can include any other existing technique, and so is adaptable to the work habits of all practising and research astrologers.

You may already have many of the essentials; listed are features which I am using, now, plus many other suggestions for a fully-rounded and flexible Windows Astrology program.


Access on-screen to JACOB SCHWARTZ’ ASTEROID NAME ENCYCLOPAEDIA for interpretations


Fine-tuned Pluto, Chiron and Ceres positions for ancient dates.





Geo-, helio-, Moon- AND OTHER PLANET-CENTRED charts.

Complete range of USER-SELECTABLE ASPECTS INCLUDING GOLDEN SECTION or any other chosen fraction of the circle.

Unlimited Whole-number and Decimal/Fractional HARMONICS.

Unlimited Whole-number and Decimal /Fractional MIDPOINT WHEELS with rotating pointer.

ANY TWO MIDPOINT WHEELS MUTUALLY ROTATING with pointer for Midpoint Synastry.

One-click access to Ebertin (and/or other) midpoint interpretation for any structure.

For graphic Reflex work: Tabulated and plotted ANTISCIA AND CONTRANTISCIA (special wheel required: empty of any houses, aspects, etc so that a rectangle can be drawn tolink each planet & angle with its opposite and antiscion points. User-selectable coloured lines would be ideal for this, as the chart elements can be read purely as positional and colour energy. This works extremely well.)

FOUR-RING WHEEL to print out concentrically in any chosen ring Tropical, Sidereal (Fagan-Bradley), DRACONIC and Heliocentric positions, or positions in any “Planetary Zodiac”.

One-click instant display of ANY CHART IN ANY PLANETARY OR ANGLE ZODIAC.

A SWAP BUTTON (like Solar Fire) to change the concentric order of any multi-wheel.

Grids to tabulate aspects between any two of these levels - although all the key information is visually available from the axial contacts between them, the conjunctions and oppositions.

EXACT DEGREE/MINUTE CALCULATION AND TABULATION OF DWAD POSITIONS of all plotted bodies and angles for ANY type of chart IN EACH OF THE ABOVE ZODIACS (ie 12th Harmonic degs/mins, but phase-shifted so that each Dwad sequence within the radix sign begins with the radix sign and ends with the sign before it.) This is now available in Solar Fire Gold, but limited to radix charts. There are workarounds, but ideally we should be able to make instant dwads from all forms of progressed and directed chart as well. And asteroids!

OPTION TO SELECTIVELY PRINT ANY OR ALL MARKED DWADS in the four-ring wheel or any other chosen wheel format, to show the descriptive phrases that form axially across the levels.

OPTION TO SELECTIVELY PRINT as coded user points ANY MARKED ASTEROIDS and/or FIXED STARS up to a reasonable number - say 10 or 12 - in the four-ring or any other wheel, with interpretations available at a mouse-click.

FOUR-RING WHEEL for Radix/ Progressed /Converse/ Transits, either Tropical, Sidereal or DRACONIC. ( The Draconic progressed chart and the Draconic radix are both simply special variants of an arc-chart - the subtracted arc being the angular distance between the Spring Equinox and theMoon's True Ascending Node.) NB - Solar Fire Gold now offers a five-ring wheel!

Direct and Converse SECONDARY, TERTIARY, MINOR and PRIMARY Progressions with precise angles for any chosen epoch.

Display of the EPHEMERIS DATE AND TIME BEFORE OR AFTER BIRTH upon which any selected type of progressed or directed chart is based.



Precise CONVERSE TRANSITS as wheels as well as on graph.

Direct and Converse SOLAR RETURN CHARTS - Tropical, Precessed, Sidereal and DRACONIC (Geo and Helio)

( This is not the Draconic level of the Tropical Solar Return chart, but THE RETURN OF THE TRANSITING DRACONIC SUN (or any other chosen body) TO ITS NATAL DRACONIC POSITION which occurs every 11 months or so.)

RETURN CHART OF THE MOON'S TRUE NODE every 18 years or so - current standards of accuracy should make this possible.

PLANETARY RETURN CHARTS - Tropical, Precessed, Sidereal and DRACONIC (see note on Solar Returns.)

CURRENT DRACONIC: this is a terrific system of Directions, and ever so simple:

It is just the fresh positions of the natal/radix planets and angles as they relate to the transiting True N.Node instead of the natal Node! - this marks periods of the life lasting for approx 2 degrees travel of the N.Node, during which the major karmic commitments are encountered and undertaken. There is absolutely no doubt of this. Therefore it is another first-class tool for rectification and correct chart verification.

Finely-tuned rectification and forecasting is done using what I call THE DAILY PROGRESSED ANGLES, but in at least one program is known as "Daily Houses", where the Secondary Progressed MC moves 361 degrees over the year, so each day is marked by a new MC/ASC combination, picking up the energies of related radix, progressed or transiting planets at any of the Interdimensional levels. So DRACONIC DAILY PROGRESSED ANGLES are essential.

( Using this system I was able to get control back over my schedule after years of disruption through unpredictable and severe migraines. Tracking Mars/Angle and Mars/personal planet contacts Interdimensionally and on these DPA's made the illness totally predictable. PAFC.)

It is important to have an option to use the DPMC based on the birthplace, with related DPASC calculated for the current latitude. This works perfectly; the Identity (birth MC) is retained, as the surrounding circumstances (current ASC) alter.

All the above should also be available as CONVERSE.

The option is required to map 2 radix charts and their composite in three concentric rings; also to map in 3 rings the Tropical composite, the DRACONIC COMPOSITE and the Sidereal Composite - or even to add the HELIO COMPOSITE in a fourth ring.

Also multi-wheel display of PROGRESSED OR CONVERSE SECONDARY, TERTIARY ETC ETC COMPOSITE CHARTS AT ANY ZODIAC LEVEL - complete user flexibilty would be ideal.

It would be excellent to be able to do the fine-tuned DWADS of the above composites and selectively print them in the wheels as well as have them tabulated ( as for the radix.)


It would be good to be able to RECTIFY ALL ZODIAC LEVELS OF A CHART SIMULTANEOUSLY by the editing and/or visual, incremental rotation of only the central chart in a multiwheel (natal or progressed.)

Up to nine ON-SCREEN MINI-ASTROCLOCKS to show simultaneously the current Transits, Daily Progressions, Daily Converses, Solar and/or Lunar or other Return Daily progressions and converses (for both Direct and Converse Returns), Current Draconic etc etc, User-selectable, for the default Nativity. Four of these also viewable as an active multiwheel.

POINT AND CLICK ERASING/RESTORING of any chosen chart symbol or line.

DRAG AND DROP LAYERING, ROTATION AND RE-SIZING of any wheel over any other wheel.

Unlimited User file creation and management.

User palette of 50 - 100 colours; OPTION TO DISTINGUISH DECANS AND DWADS, NOT JUST THE SIGNS, by colour.

One-click access to SABIAN SYMBOLS (AND OTHERS) for any chosen degree.

Ability to draw freely on screen wheels and write one’s signature on the finished page.